Have you been intrigued by the surge of facial crystal rollers on the market recently? Well, so have I. Thanks to Zudoya I’ve been lucky enough to trial one over the last few weeks and I wanted to share the concept with you all.

Crystal rollers are fashioned from, well, crystals. The most common that I’ve seen are from jade, rose quartz, and amethyst. They are shaped and rounded before attaching them onto a wand that can be used to roll them on our faces. The practice of using crystal rollers is similar to the art of Gua Sha, where specially shaped flat crystal ‘sheets’ are used to scrape the skin quite vigorously to produce until it becomes red (traditionally – almost to the point of bleeding). However, crystal rollers are an adapted, more gentle way you can use crystals to get similar benefits.

Zudoya Jade Roller

What are these benefits though? Like a lot of emerging beauty trends, there is some skepticism surrounding the use of crystals for facial massaging. Some of the benefits of using crystal rollers that are claimed include: increased circulation, lymphatic drainage, improving skin tone, increasing absorbance of skincare products and decreasing puffiness. Some even claim that the crystals themselves have healing properties, but I’ve never been one to believe in this. I do believe however, that the facial muscle workout of using crystal rollers has some merit, even if it is just the mindful relaxation that comes with the process!

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be many scientific studies confirming the benefits but I hope that with the increase in popularity this year sparks some groups to explore the practice scientifically. But I have found a study that proves the practice of Gua Sha increases microcirculation in the skin. The increase in localised blood flow brings oxygen and other blood-borne nutrients along with it for tissue healing. While the use of crystal rollers isn’t strictly Gua Sha, it seems plausible to extrapolate the findings to using crystal rollers based on the similarities, although I expect the results would not be as a strong. It also does seem logical to expect that more effective massaging of skincare products once applied on the skin will help with absorption. The ‘pleasant’ tactile process on the skin also has some neurophysiological benefits in reducing the pain signals that result from skin irritation or conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. This could be a form of relief to prevent you from scratching or damaging your skin further. Most of the other benefits seem empirical rather than confirmed by scientific knowledge and data. Do I believe they eliminate toxins? No. After reading up on crystal rollers and Gua Sha, I’d really love to see some future studies on using these devices on the skin to confirm or refute the claims.


Zudoya is an upcoming South Australian owned company that want to bring ancient beauty rituals into the modern age. They have a Greek mythology influence and feature crystals that were admired by the ancient Greeks. They currently have both crystal rollers, and Gua Sha tools.

Zudoya Crystal Roller

Mr Beauty & the Geek and I have both been using the crystal roller from Zudoya for the last few weeks. Sam has mild malar edema underneath his eye which is caused by a build up of fluid. So he has been using the smaller end of the wand to help drain the fluid. This involves pulling the wand over the under eye/top of the cheek area from the inside out, and then pulling it down his neck once it reaches the ear area. Although a temporary fix, he has admitted it’s helped to minimise their appearance after use. It seemed to reduce the amount of fluid, but ultimately did not eliminate them (which in fact requires more invasive techniques to treat that he’s not willing to do). For me, I don’t have any concerns over fluid build up, but I’ve really enjoyed using the roller to massage in my products after applying them. I think at times I can get too impatient with my skincare routine and layer on my products without waiting for the products to properly absorb. So spending a few minutes to really work the products into my skin (without using my fingers – yay for extreme hygiene measures!) before adding another product layer over the top is a way for me to get the most from my products. Plus, the repetitive massaging motion of the roller is a soothing and therapeutic process in itself, and another way to release tension before bed every night. For me, that’s a real winner on its own!


Using a Crystal Roller

The rollers usually come with two ends: one larger, more elliptical crystal on one end, and another smaller, more round crystal on the other. The larger crystal is for flatter and larger surfaces such as the forehead, cheeks and neck. The smaller end is for under the eyes, over the nose and around the mouth area.

It’s best to use the crystal roller with product, but you can use it on its own. You can use it with your serums, moisturiser or facial oil. When you’re using it outside of your skincare routine (just for relaxation or just need a facial massage!), I find it best to use with a facial oil. Even better if you have one that is based on aromatherapy just to take it up a notch – a good one is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

The best way to use the roller (especially for fluid drainage) is to work from inside out, and downwards up. That is, start from the chin area and roll outwards. Then move up towards your cheeks. Start from the nose, sweeping outwards over your cheeks ending at the ear. Once you get up towards your eyes, flip over and use the smaller end. And then repeat over your forehead with the large crystal. You can also add in the neck area if you desire. You can keep the crystal roller in the fridge to use if you’re more concerned with puffiness as well.

The Zudoya Crystal Roller can be found online, and retails from $64.99 but keep a look out for their frequent sales! The Zudoya rollers come in jade and rose quartz. Check out the Zudoya range of Gua Sha tools as well if you’re keen on trying those as well. 

Have you used crystal rollers before? Or Gua Sha? Let me know in the comments below! I’m super keen to hear of your experiences.

Felicia x


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*This post is sponsored by Zudoya. All views, experiences and opinions are genuine and my own. The Beauty & the Geek AU is no expert so please do not substitute my opinions for professional advice.

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  1. I have been loving my jade roller, but must admit I was just rolling around. My friend who is a beauty therapist provided the same advice as you did, you need to roll inside out, and downwards up and I found it really has helped with reducing fluid. I hope they do some scientific studies, it would be great to see what the results are longer term.

    1. Great to hear! And yeah, it really is some form of an art to master haha. I think it’d be hard to perform a suitable study, but measuring things like microcirculation would be a good start!

  2. I have been loving using my jade roller recently, especially when I apply oil based serums, I find they help the product absorb into the skin better and leaves less residue on the skin. Hopefully they start to do some scientific research soon xx

    Laura || http://www.thelifeoflaura.com.au

    1. Oh absolutely, great point! Definitely less residue, although I reckon if I put in just as much effort with my fingers it’d be the same LOL. There’s just something about the feel of rolling a smooth rock over your face, you know?

  3. This roller sounds great, I’ve heard such great things about using a crystal roller! Definitely, need to check it for my sinuses that tend to get quite inflamed. Love that you included in the further reading for more information.

    1. Urgh, sinus issues. I hear ya. I reckon this would feel good being run over the area when congested or irritated!

    1. Yeah they are definitely doing the rounds at the moment. Even being used in some beauty salons now during facials. Thanks Di.

    1. Thanks Ebony! There are heaps of variations of mechanical facial devices out at the moment. I do love the feeling of using one of these crystal rollers 🙂

  4. I’ve never used a crystal roller before, but I did have a rose quartz roller tested on me in Mecca once & I enjoyed it. Didn’t enjoy the price tag though (it was the Angela Caglia one that retails for around $100), but still, it felt soothing & cooling on my skin. I might look into the Zudoya one at some stage, but I too would like to see more scientific studies to see if this is just another fad/gimmick, or if it’s the real deal.

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