Winter is a time when my whole beauty routine goes slightly out of whack. I feel like it’s a period of time where the number of products increase, the number of steps in my routines increase, the amount of time I dedicate to maintaining my skin increases, yet still the overall health of my skin deteriorates. I know I’m not alone here, it’s a big struggle for everyone in these harsh climatic environments. Crafted from the best that Mother Nature has to offer, Embalm Skincare is filled with many Winter beauty essentials with ingredients I love to help you preserve your luscious, smooth and hydrated skin that you said goodbye to with the closing of Summer.

Now, you’ll know from some of my past blog posts that I have at times been impartial to the idea of natural ingredients in skincare. I’m kind of on the fence, some natural ingredients I back 100% not because they are labelled as ‘natural’, but because I truly believe that they are effective ingredients to address various skin concerns. Some natural ingredients I don’t support, and that’s mainly because there isn’t enough evidence out there to convince me of their benefits, or that the reason they are used as an alternative is because ‘chemicals are nasty’ (which you know I think is completely inaccurate because everything is a chemical). I’m an evidence-fuelled person, so some natural ingredients I really love because they do great things for my skin, not because they are derived from natural sources. In saying that, I do believe that the use of some natural ingredients in the beauty industry are beneficial to the environment instead of other synthetic ingredients (think of microbeads and plastics).

So considering my views you might be surprised to see a post dedicated to beauty products based on naturally-derived ingredients, but I have good reason. The reason why I like Embalm Skincare is their careful selection of ingredients that actually have a longstanding reputation for being effective. The range boasts ingredients such as raw sugar for exfoliation, olive oil for hydration, rosehip oil and matcha as antioxidants, as well as other powerful vitamins and oils. In this post, I’ll introduce you to Embalm Skincare by covering three products I’ve recently been incorporating into my routine to combat my Winter-plagued skin.

Invigorating Body Scrub

If you’re not using a body scrub in Winter, shame on you. While body scrubs ideally should be used all year round for exfoliation, our skin needs it the most in Winter. The combination of the cold, wind, perpetual pants-wearing and dehydrated air conditioning environments wreak havoc on our stratum corneum. I don’t need to dig into the benefits of body scrubs too much, but there are plenty! The Invigorating Body Scrub from Embalm Skincare features raw sugar as the exfoliant and olive oil as the base, with green tea and a heap of essential oils to release beautifully calming scents.

This scrub is generous in the proportion of olive oil. I’ve always been unimpressed with body scrubs on the more drier side, because when you rub them in to exfoliate it all just falls off your skin before you even get a chance to rub it in. This doesn’t happen with scrubs that are ‘oily’, as they tend to ‘stick’ more to your skin. As you rub this scrub into your skin you can really feel it at work immediately eliminating the rough dead skin. I do have friction skin allergy so I do get a fair amount of redness from the manual exfoliation but this dissipates within 20-30 minutes. When you wash it away, there is a fairly thick layer of oil left on your skin. You can either choose to wash away excess oil by using a body wash, or you can leave this layer on as an extra-hydrating treatment. I like to leave this layer of oil on, and wear long-sleeve tops and my knee-high bed socks over it to act as an overnight oil treatment. It works wonders for my skin the next morning. This way I feel like you get the maximum benefit from the scrub. Not only is it exfoliating, but it’s also super hydrating if you use it this way. The smell is definitely an earthy, aromatherapy-like scent and it really fills up the house when I use it, and lingers on the skin if you leave the oil layer on. The sugar dissolves really easily in the water so that you don’t have to worry too much about the mess that comes along with using some other scrubs like coffee scrubs. Overall I have been enjoying the incorporation of this scrub into my routine and it has helped to maintain hydrated, smooth and healthy skin on my limbs.

Soothing Lip Balm

If you’re not using a lip balm in Winter, shame on you. I have a very long obsession with lip products, and I used to boast that by Grade 6 I had already collected 62 lip glosses and balms. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had to have something on my lips. It’s a comfort thing. I feel like I am not myself when I have bare lips! As you saw from one of my recent posts, I also use nightly lip treatments overnight to ensure smooth, plump and hydrated lips. So a lip balm is an absolute essential for me. This lip balm from Embalm Skincare features Candellila wax as a vegan alternative to beeswax, with jojoba oil (my second favourite oil!), with Vitamin E, Lavender and Geranium oil.

This balm is more of an ‘serum’ balm than a creamy or ‘balmy’ balm. I hope that makes sense. It’s incredibly light on the lips and sinks in nicely. I do have to reapply this quite frequently though considering that the balm is quite light on the lips. It definitely helps with hydration, but in terms of the comfort of having a balm constantly on my lips, I do need to apply it often. This is a great balm for use during the day, but for an overnight lip treatment I do want something more heavy duty on my lips. It is now the new inhabitant on my work desk that helps to soothe the heat radiation from my massive computer screen during the day (anyone else get this?!).

Nurturing Organic Rosehip Oil

If you’re not using Rosehip oil in Winter, shame on you (sense a trend?). If you’re up to date with my blog posts, you would know how devoted I am to using Rosehip oil in my skincare, not just in Winter but all year round. I really can’t live without it! There are so many benefits of Rosehip oil. It’s a strong antioxidant that helps fight reactive oxygen species from damaging our tissues and prematurely aging our skin. As another benefit, it’s a super good at repleneshing the oils in our skin for hydration. It’s an all-rounder wonder skincare ingredient that I believe everyone should be making a conscious effort to use (unless of course you exhibit a sensitivity). There are some things I like to note about the use of Rosehip oil in skincare: where the rosehip has been sourced from, and the extraction processes. As I’ve said in a previous post, cold-pressed extraction techniques are best to ensure the beneficial components and acids in rosehip oil are not destroyed by heating processes. For the Embalm Skincare rosehip oil, it is sourced from Chile, where most of the world’s supply is fulfilled. And it’s cold pressed! Yay for retaining the beneficial acids of rosehip oil! While it’s not absolutely necessary for everyone to know, for me I do like to know the quality of the rosehip oil extract used in skincare, it just satisfies my nerdy soul.

The rosehip oil from Embalm Skincare is more rich than my other rosehip oils I’ve tried, in that it feels to be a thicker consistency. It can feel quite heavy on my oily skin, so I only use at night underneath my moisturiser. As you know from my previous post on sleeping masks, our peripheral skin temperature is at it’s highest when we sleep so our skin looses a lot of it’s hydration overnight. For this reason, this roseship oil is extremely handy for night time use to ensure my skin is still hydrated when I wake. I like to pack on a heap of hydrating and active ingredients in my night time routine so this fits in perfectly. However I do not recommend for oily skin types like me to use during the day, unless you dilute it in your day cream which I find does help. Rosehip oil is one of those ingredients where I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I stop using it, so I can promise I will be using all of this up happily.

I like how Embalm Skincare has kept things simple and let the humble natural ingredients shine. I really enjoyed using this range because I have always been attracted to the main ingredients that are featured, not purely because they are naturally derived, but because in my experience, they do great things for my skin particularly during Winter.

If you would like to know more about Embalm Skincare or try them out, head to their website. PS, they have Afterpay!

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*These products were sent to me for editorial consideration however the generosity of the providing party has not influenced my opinions or material presented. The Beauty & the Geek is no expert in the field so please do not substitute my opinions for professional advice

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  1. This sounds like a really great line. The scrub in particular sounds awesome. I love my coffee scrubs but they’re so messy that I don’t end up using them often enough. Also love the long sleeves and bed socks idea. Never would’ve occurred to me!

    1. Yeah the scrub is my favourite from the batch! It’s funny how not so many people do this oil treatment trick, honestly it feels really good when you wake in the morning. For people who don’t like the feeling of oil on their skin between the sheets they might not like this trick, but it really does save my skin!

    1. It’s definitely thicker in consistency than The Ordinary on, so it depends on how much your skin drinks it! For those with drier skin types, they will probably love using this during the day but for my oily skin it doesn’t sit right. Overnight though, it’s beautiful! Plus, there is only one ingredient in this one so you know you’re getting all the rosehip oil goodness!

    1. It’s good for the daily grind, and smells lovely too. Those who are vegan will really appreicate it. The scrub is my favourite!

  2. So great that the lip balm is vegan, and I am loving the fact this is a “wetter” scrub. Sometimes dry scrubs can get a bit old and they don’t stick to the skin as well in the shower. Great post πŸ™‚

    Kate |

    1. Yes, vegan people will really appreciate it! Because even though a lot of companies are natural, they still use products derived from animal and insect life.

      The scrub is definitely my top pick. And yes, have to agree with you on the wet scrub idea. It’s also a good idea when companies package dry scrubs and you mix it up yourself, that way you can make it as wet as you want!

    1. I’ve come across some scrubs that don’t have enough liquid or oil in them to satisfy me, so this really makes me happy. It’s full of oil! I love that you can let the oil soak into your skin for hours afterwards!

    1. I get the idea of a more drier scrub formula but they just aren’t as easy and pleasant to use as one packed with oils! I really do love this scrub!

    1. Oh my gosh, I’ve heard so much about that lip balm! I need to try it I think. And yes, I was crazy. It was mostly cheap glosses from the $2 shop or lip smackers, but they were still my prized possessions

  3. Enjoyed the read Felicia, I’m an avid body scrubber and agree that the moist ones are easier to use and leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated too. This companies products sounds lovely and worth trying

    1. So you understand what I was trying to say? Haha I was trying to figure out the best way to say it but had a brain fart!

  4. This range sounds beautiful! I especially love the look of the body scrub and my skin definitely needs it this winter – no matter how much I hydrate and scrub my skin, it just isn’t enough!

    1. I feel like my skin needs a 24hr dry skin patrol haha! No matter what I do, I need to moisturise every few hours in Winter!

  5. That rose hip oil sounds good !! And the scrub is really speaking to me , with this dry winter we are in this could help
    Loved this post

    1. We need all the help here in Adelaide, the climate is so much drier than other Eastern states. I miss the humidity of Queensland Winters!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I don’t know if I can agree with you on the Winter comment though haha. I hate Winter! I’m a real water and sun baby so I’m happiest in Summer. Nonetheless, I still have to try as hard as I can to take care of my skin during Winter as products like these help so much!

  6. This is so informative post. I always look forward to your posts as I always get to know a new thing from you. This brand sounds so good, I would love to try the Rosehip oil, I am a fan of it.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! That’s what I aim to do with my posts so it makes me happy! And yes, Rosehip Oil is a must!!

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