A very special LUSH Rundle Mall media event!

A few weeks ago I opened my emails to find an invitation that excited me to the ends of the Earth! The LUSH Rundle Mall store was reopening and was set to be the BIGGEST LUSH store in Australia. Right here in little Adelaide! Promote SA worked with LUSH to put on the media event. We were chosen to be the first people to see it, a night before it’s official opening day. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!


The night started off with greetings from the lovely public relations girls from Sydney at the door, being handed a very generous gift voucher to use in store. Also being served were themed cocktails that were inspired by some of the Christmas releases; ‘Bubbly’ shower gel and the ‘Shoot for the Stars’ bath bomb! I chose the Bubbly themed cocktail. It was delicious!

The next stage in the night we heard two speeches, and we were lucky enough to be in the presence of Peta Granger, the director of LUSH Australia. She spoke of the values and ethics of the company as well as the success of LUSH not only on a global scale but within Australia (turning over 60 million per year) and also specifically the support they receive from South Australia.

After the speeches concluded we were given time to explore the store, which is absolutely massive! I was so blown away at the size and design of the store, it is just gorgeous. Previously, the store in Adelaide was tiny, and this 4 times the size of it! It’s double-level (bath bombs, bubble bars and smaller items on the lower floor, and makeup, skincare, haircare and shower gels on the top) with so many different fun areas for product demonstrations, including an activity area where you can make your own smoothies by cycling on a bike!


First floor set up. Photos courtesy of LUSH Australia


Second floor set up. Photos courtesy of LUSH Australia

We saw demonstrations of the new releases from LUSH for their Christmas Exclusives range. First one up was the Lord of Misrule bathbomb, which turns your bath water a really deep blue.


Next one up was the reusable bubble bath bar ‘The Magic of Christmas’. I wish I was able to capture the glitter better, this thing was absolutely gorgeous! And she was just as excited by it as I was. 14963501_1217962828251405_1341843791_o

We were also given the chance to make our own ‘Shoot for the Stars’ bath bomb, but I didn’t have the chance to. Instead, I explored the store and all it’s beautiful products, focusing on the beautiful new releases.

Steph and I were intrigued by the smell of Granny Takes a Dip bubble bar

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 9.56.39 AM.png
Courtesy of LUSH Australia

Pictured above is ‘Never Mind the Ballistics’ (inspired by the Sex Pistols) and ‘Shoot for the Stars’ bath bomb.

I am obsessed with Snow Fairy! And the cult favourite ‘The Comforter’ bubble bar is a staple. The ‘Golden Wonder’ is one of their Christmas release bath bomb and has quite a complex production process too.


I ended the night perusing the store for my gifts, I was so overwhelmed with the all the choices! I ended picking these products:

  • The Comforter bubble bar $10.95
  • Dragon’s Egg bath bomb $6.95
  • The Comforter Shower Cream $10.95
  • Twilight bath bomb $6.95
  • Honey Trap lip balm $9.95
  • No Drought dry shampoo $13.95
  • Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar $14.95
  • Snow Fairy shower gel (Christmas release) $9.95
  • Magic Wand bubble bar (Christmas release) $10.95
  • Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb (Christmas release) $8.95

I’d like to thank Promote SA and LUSH Australia for putting on this event for us South Australian bloggers. We really are deprived when it comes to media events for bloggers so we jump at any chance and are really grateful for them.

The store is seriously incredible, I couldn’t stop talking about it to everyone. We are very lucky to have this here in Adelaide and I’m really excited about what it will do for us LUSH addicts here.

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  1. How fun to be able to make your own Lush bath bomb! Too bad you didn’t get the chance – would have loved to read your how-to!

    1. I saw it being done. The ‘powder’ was already made up, you just had to put the gold stars in the semi circle moulds and then add the blue powder. Then press the two semi circle moulds together to get a circular bathbomb and voila! A LUSH bath bomb!

    1. Oh did I ever? It was such a great night. The staff were so beautiful and made me smile at every turn. And we were all so excited to be in one place again. Adelaide doesn’t have any bloggers events like this often so we all appreciate every one of them x

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