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Since the hair straightening brush revolution started there has been so many new companies gracing us with their own version of this hybrid device. The number of hair straightening brushes currently on the market is enough to leave most consumers confused as to which one they should purchase. Two of these brushes include the Hairstyla, which I have actually reviewed in a previous post here, and the LVL hair straightening brush* which is a new product that has hit my desk! In this post, I’ll give you a comparison between the two to help you decide which one you should try out for yourself if you’re on the lookout for one.



The Hairstyla comes in a beautiful sturdy cardboard flip-top box with rose gold detailing. It also comes with the addition of a velvet travel pouch to use when you take your Hairstyla travelling with you. I love the box and I love the pouch, both handy for storing my Hairstyla.


The LVL (level) hair brush comes with a comparative visual appeal, featuring black and white chevron patterning. You can get the LVL hair brush in the ‘Three’s a Charm’ bundle which comes with a heat protectant and LVL branded hair sectioning clips. Again, the LVL brush comes with a travel pouch to store your brush and travel with.

Product Design

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The Hairstyla has a design that is so on trend at the moment, featuring a black and rose gold colour theme. It’s such a pretty brush to look at! The brush head is square in shape and the ‘bristles’ are a safe option, because the actual ionic plates are only at the base of the head and not on the surface making it less likely to burn yourself. The buttons (on/off; higher; lower) are placed on the bottom of the handle.

It has a total of 16 heat settings from 80 degrees to 230 degrees, making it suitable for all hair types and styling purposes. For thin-haired people like me, lower temps suit our hair whereas higher temperatures can damage our very fine and fragile strands! Those with thicker hair on the other hand, require higher temperatures for more efficient styling. It also has a safety feature where it turns itself off after 60 minutes of inactivity. The back of the brush stayed relatively cool throughout the whole process.


The LVL hair brush on the other hand is an oval shaped brush head, and in much the same way the bristles are designed to protect you from burning yourself during styling, tipped with heat resistant silicone. It has a black casing and white trim, or you can choose a gold trim. The buttons are placed on the side of the handle. I’m actually not in favour of the placement of the buttons because they sit where your fingers wrap around the handle. Because of this, when using it I was constantly inadvertently pressing the on/off button or the temperature adjusting buttons. The other thing was that the back of brush head definitely felt noticeably hot – not enough to burn you but enough to be aware of it. That’s the only design flaws.

It also heats up to 230 degrees, with customisable temperatures so again is a suitable tool for all hair types. You can switch between viewing the temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit on the LCD monitor.  To the best of my knowledge does not have an automatic switch off feature for safety.

Both the Hairstyla and the LVL brush feature long swivel cords for convenience during styling. None of them are particularly bulky or heavy (but the LVL is definitely lighter in weight), however it’s important to note that both are bigger and more bulky than a traditional straightener.


For both brushes, your hair needs to be dry when you use it. In both cases, your using a heat styling tool so it’s important to maximise the protection of your hair against any heat damage. Thankfully the LVL ‘Three’s a Charm’ bundle addresses these needs by providing a thermal protection spray (which smells too good!) to use before going in with your brush. You can buy the brush separately, but I’d still highly recommend using the brushes with a heat protectant.

Usually, when straightening my hair I’ll go in and section off my hair being going in. Even though the LVL comes with sectioning clips, my hair is so fine that if I’m using a straightening brush, it covers more of my hair and I really don’t need to section it off. Considering this, both brushes cut down on styling time considerably because I’m not going over individual sections until my whole head of hair is done.

A downfall of both these brushes is that because of the design of the brush heads, smoothing down the roots of my hair is not as easy as using a traditional flat iron. Despite this, both brushes do an awesome job of smoothing down my hair. The good thing about these brushes is that they don’t give you that flat, pin straight look a straightener does, instead they retain your natural movement and body. There really isn’t a difference between these two brushes in terms of smoothing and straightening my hair.

Until I get to the bottom of my strands. One issue I had with the Hairstyla was that it was great through my mid lengths, but wasn’t so effective at the ends. This is where I think the LVL brush comes out on top. It does a better job at giving my ends a more straighter look. You never get that pin-straight look with either brush, but the LVL hair definitely makes them smoother and straighter than the Hairstyla.

In terms of the time it takes to style my hair, again there isn’t too much difference to dismiss one over the other. But because I have to work my ends more with the Hairstyla, the LVL hair seems to be the quicker tool.

Price and Accessibility

The Hairstyla comes as a standalone product at $119.98 and can be found on their website, or in The Good Guys, Myer, David Jones, Big W, Harvey Norman and Target. So it’s pretty widespread.

The LVL brush however can be purchased alone for $89.99 or for $105.99 you get the ‘Three’s a Charm’ bundle. At the moment it seems you can only purchase it online through their website.

LVL is cheaper but less accessible, whereas the Hairstyle is more expensive but can be found at many stores so most likely you will find it on sale in some store at some point.



I didn’t write this post to say which one you should buy, however I hoped to give some pros and cons for both the brushes for you to consider when making a decision to purchase a hair straightening brush. I like the design, features and packaging of the Hairstyla better, but the finish of the LVL more. Which one would you get? The choice depends on your own specific needs and which one would address them better. Let me know in the comments!

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*This product was sent to me for editorial consideration. True to my values all my material remains honest and opinions are not influenced by the generosity of the providing party.

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  1. Great thorough reviews! I’ve found that straightening my hair reduces it to nothing, lol, well it just looks really thin and like there’s not much there, so my styling usually involves scrunching to build volume. But this is great for those who can use these hair tools!

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I’ll only straighten my hair if I wear my clip in extensions for extra volume but that is quite rare!

  2. Hmmmmm I don’t know which one I’d choose! I’d probably end up going with the Hairstyla because it’s easily accessible, the button placement is better (I’d be turning them off too if I had the LVL) & I have heat protectant & sectioning clips anyway (both of which haven’t been used for a while)….plus I’ve read heaps of reviews for that one too. Can’t see myself buying a hair straightening brush anytime soon though, I’m so lazy with my hair!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Having it more accessible is definitely a plus. I’ll use these much more than my traditional flat iron!

    1. They both work really good to be honest! Just a few things here and there to pick at but overall I love both devices!

  3. I was thinking of doing a comparison post too, but I found it too difficult to choose. You did the right thing by letting the reader decide which option would suit them better. Great review and photos as always.

    Lubz ||

  4. I have the LVL Hair Brush Straightener and while it is the only one I have tried I find it works really well for my hair. It makes straightening my hair so easy and saves me so much time 🙂 x

  5. My wee girl has extremely thick hair and when she gets up in the morning it has big waves so I heat up the brush and run it through the front of her hair and it’s brilliant, takes the frizz out and makes her hair look nice and soft, great post lovely 😍😍😍

    1. They definitely don’t get your hair as straight as a straightener but for everyday wear I’m not really after that. This works really well to just smooth down my hair a little while still allowing my hair’s natural volume to remain (however little that may be haha).

  6. Great post hun! I am on a straightening ban from my usual GHDs because my thin hair was breaking off at the ends quicker than it was growing, so I do wonder if this would be a better solution for me… I’m nearly 3 months in and already noticing a difference in my hair. However my ‘straight DIY blow dry’ looks awful and I feel like I look scruffy all the time!

    Fine hair problems eh?


  7. My hair’s too short for a straightener, but I always appreciate your in depth reviews Felicia, and will be sending some long curly haired friends direct to this post stat!

  8. Great post. I have seen brushes similar to this on Facebook videos and they seem interesting. I use straighteners every now and again but it can take ages with thicker hair so I’ve been tempted by these before. x

  9. Great review, I have fine hair also I can’t even use a flat iron because it flattens my hair too much. I’ve been curious about these brushes and if they would suit me. I think they actually might be better than blue drying and give my hair more body.

    Thankyou ☺️☺️

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