I’ve always felt like I’ve had good long lashes, but as they grow downwards I’ve always had to rely on using eyelash curlers to lift up my lashes to new heights and make my eyes pop. However, I don’t particularly enjoy using them, and we’ve all seen the horror stories floating around the internet of people ripping out their eyelashes or cutting their lashes with their eyelash curlers. Not to mention, the results are short lived, no matter how good a mascara claims to hold a curl. As an alternative, eyelash lifts have always excited and intrigued me, and I was finally given the chance to experience it for myself. In this post, I’ll go over my experiences with getting an eyelash lift treatment from Exotic Beauty by Liz here in Adelaide, going over what’s involved and what my results were!

What is an eyelash lift?

Basically, an eyelash lift is like a perm for your lashes (although don’t get too concerned – the modern lash lifting technique is much more natural-looking and much safer than the old-school perm). Firstly, the eye area is prepped by wiping away any residual makeup. Silicone ‘rods’ that are semi-circular in shape are placed on your eyelid close to your lash line. These silicone pads form the mold for your lash lift and curl, and vary in size and thickness. The choice of which one to use depends on the look you’re going for and the length of your lashes.

An adhesive is used to help lift back the lashes on to the silicone pad which secures them in place before the perming. A perming solution is then applied onto your lashes – which alters the chemical bonds in your lashes so that they can be ‘fixed’ in a new position. Lifting the lashes here with the semi circle silicone rods lifts the lashes up from the base and then gives the mid-length a natural curl as opposed to the previous over-curled look to traditional perming that uses a circular rod instead of semi-circular. Here, the processing time of the perm depends on the original condition of your lashes. Those with thicker and healthier lashes can tolerate a longer processing time than those with thin and weak lashes. A ‘neutralising solution’ is then applied on to your lashes for roughly the same amount of time as the perm.

My eyelash lift treatment

Liz runs her salon from her home and it is gorgeous. Feminine, airy and chic – it’s a pretty little space to get yourself a treatment. A patch test needs to be performed 24 hours before going in for the lash lift treatment to ensure you aren’t sensitive to any of the solutions. Liz uses the Elleebana lash lifting kit.

Natural lashes before treatment

After a brief consultation, I was given the medium sized rods for my lash lifting. Apparently I have thick, long and healthy lashes which I loved hearing. It’s completely opposite to my thin and weak hair! I probably could have gone for the largest rods, but we didn’t want my curl to be underwhelming so medium size it was! An interesting point here, Liz predicted that I slept on my left side – because she observed that the lashes on my left eye were shorter towards the outside of my eye than my right eye, meaning they didn’t have as much of that fluttery tapered look to my lashes. Apparently this happens when you sleep on your side. How cool is that!

The treatment wasn’t uncomfortable in any way. I didn’t experience any irritation or discomfort, and if anything was relaxing as hell as I all I had to do was lay down and close my eyes – I might have been tempted to fall asleep at one stage… My processing time was 8 minutes, but was told by Liz my lashes probably could have taken more because of their condition – but we didn’t want to risk over-processing them which can lead to fried lashes that look frizzy.

During the treatment. Note how the lashes are pushed back onto the silicone rods to mold the lashes into a lifted and curled position

The neutralising solution is then applied for 7 minutes, and then wiped away with water. And that is literally it! You can opt for a lash tint here to really take them to the next level but just be mindful that it is an extra process to your lashes and if you’re worried about over-processing them you may want to skip that. But it’s common practice to have a tint after your eyelash lift.

The Results

As soon as I looked in the mirror I was wowed by the result. My lashes were totally taken to new heights! If anything, they were almost too lifted. I was advised however that they do drop slightly over the next few days following a treatment. Now, they are just perfect! I didn’t get a tint, but you can totally see how long and lifted my lashes already look – so I wasn’t too bothered not having a tint.

One day post-treatment lashes

Using mascara on your lifted lashes makes them even more dramatic! Some days, I don’t even wear mascara on my lashes because they are already lifted and curled and appear longer as a result. That’s almost unheard of, I literally never walk out of the house without mascara.

Lifted lashes with one coat of Benefit Rollerlash mascara


As opposed to eyelash extensions, an eyelash lift only requires one aftercare rule: do not wet your lashes for at least 24 hours after your treatment. A little tricky if you want to wash your face, but I just cleansed the bottom half of my face as normal and then used a cleanser on a cotton pad to cleanse the top half of my face, avoiding the eye area. It’s also better to avoid using waterproof mascara or any type of mascara that is hard to remove (cough… They’re Real mascara). This is just to avoid any risk of pulling out your lashes from excessive rubbing.



I’m hooked, I can already see I’ll become addicted to this treatment. Say goodbye to your curlers! These provide a much more effective curl to your lashes that last for 6-8 weeks (depending on your natural lash growth cycle). The whole process takes about 20 – 30 minutes, so it’s a really quick and easy treatment to get.


Have you had an eyelash lift before? What was your experience? I’d love to know in the comments section below!


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*This treatment was gifted to me for editorial purposes. All material and opinions expressed are genuine and my own.

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    1. Haha thanks girl! I worked extra hard on my brows for these photos LOL! And yes, lash lofts are a thing! Have you seen Chloe Morello’s lashes? That’s what first ignited my interest in the procedure!

  1. Felicia, this made a dramatic difference and yet looks way more natural and real than extensions. Gosh you have the perfect face for these sort of tutorials. Simply stunning.

    1. Yes! I haven’t had extensions but having this lift makes me think this will be a better option than extensions. I love how it makes them lifted and longer just by using natural lashes!

    1. I definitely agree! I think you would look amazing with a lash lift too. It’s a relatively cheap procedure that lasts a while, and much better for your lashes than extensions.

  2. Wow your lashes look great Felicia! I think mine might be similar to your before photo – I’ve noticed they’re getting shorter as I get older. I think I’d still consider getting a lash lift at some stage, even though mine get better once I apply mascara. (P.S. Your brows are WOW too!)

    1. Liz only charges $55 which is actually pretty good! When I was looking around in Adelaide I couldn’t find any under $80! You should definitely contact her if you want to know more 😊

  3. Crikey what a massive difference – no wonder you’re happy with the results Felicia! I fear mine are too sparse and spindly, but hey, you never know till you try. Thanks so much for this article – I had no idea this sort of treatment was available xxx

    1. Yes very happy!! You know what I’d still give it a try. Just with a shorter processing time probably. Thanks for your comment x

    1. Yeah I reckon they’d be much easier on your lashes than extensions! Plus the upkeep is more taxing for extensions!

    1. Even if it’s just once, every girl needs to try this! I am so happy I’ve been able to experience it. I’m going to be an addict.

  4. Uhmm, okay, how have I not heard about this treatment before?!
    Even if I get half the results you saw I’d be ecstatic! Do you know how much it costs (roughly)?

    1. Liz charges $65 with a tint but I’ve seen other places charge up to $99. So I think anything within that range is the norm. And yes the results are fantastic! I love it!

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