If you didn’t already know that Youngblood Cosmetics is one of my favourite makeup brands, I’ll come right out and say it. Youngblood Cosmetics is one of my favourite makeup brands. I first fell in love with them years back after trying their base products in a salon with my Mum, and we’ve both been hooked since. In fact, their mineral powders are one of the few mineral foundation powders I can use without getting irritated (think itchy skin). Youngblood already have an extensive repertoire of cosmetic products, from foundations to eyeshadows, highlighters and lipsticks. Recently, they have expanded their collection by releasing an exciting range of retractable matte lip crayons in seven shades: The Colour Crays Matte Lip Crayons. In this post I’ll go over the range, and we get up close and personal with a little Swatchfest for you all.


Youngblood Cosmetics Colour Crays lip crayons

If you want to know more about the Youngblood brand, their philosophies and my take on their base products, be sure the check out my previous post on them here. The lip crayons come in seven beautiful, intense shades to suit any occasion. My favourite thing about these is that they are retractable, and there is no need for sharpening, the packaging does it all for you. The packaging is sleek, elegant and easy to sort through thanks to the shade indicator on the bottom of the casing. The design of the product allows for the lip crayons to serve a double purpose: to be used as a lip liner and/or lipstick colour. They retail for $36 each.

The formula is ultra-hydrating, featuring skin conditioning agents that provide a comfortable formula to wear on the lips so say goodbye to the undesirable dryness that comes hand in hand with a matte formula. Isononyl Isononanoate features as the top ingredient for these crayons and is a super emollient ester that is commonly found in cocoa oil and lavender oil. It’s also skin softening, and will give your lips a silky, velvety finish. Humectant properties of glycerin will also help your lips to feel hydrated and smooth, and tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E) will help protect your lips from exposure by acting as a free radical scavenger. For some extra spark, the formula contains a hint of diamond powder. Ooooooo, fancy! Overall, the lip crayons provide gorgeous, intensely pigmented colour that’s healthy and comfortable for your lips.


Surfer Girl

Youngblood Cosmetics Colour Crays Surfer Girl

This bright, peachy hue is perfect for those hot, fun Summer days or can be used in the cooler months to add a little sunshine to your complexion. I’m a neutral skin tone, but I think this shade would look stunning on warm-toned girls because when I pair this shade with a warm, shimmery bronzer it looks incredible. It’s bright, fun but wearable at the same time.

Santa Cruz

Youngblood Cosmetics Colour Crays Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is probably the most wearable, every day shade in this range. It’s a gorgeous neutral nude that has just the right balance between cool and warm tones. Any skin tone, with any makeup look could pull this beauty off.


Youngblood Cosmetics Colour Crays Angeleno

If you’re after the perfect soft, muted and feminine pink shade this will be your girl. It was a super flattering shade on me. I don’t usually wear too many pink shades on my lips but this will be my go-to for whenever I want a pink lip. A gorgeous, subtle shade.

Hollywood Nights

Youngblood Cosmetics Colour Crays Hollywood Nights

Hollywood Nights is a cool-toned mauve-brown shade. It wasn’t a favourite for me because I don’t think it was flattering on my skin or particularly enhanced my features much. But I think I need to experiment with makeup looks using this shade to really bring out the beauty in this one.

Valley Girl

Youngblood Cosmetics Colour Crays Valley Girl

They couldn’t have picked a better shade name for this one. The perfect Valley Girl shade. Bright, fun. A vivid, intensely pigmented fuchsia-berry shade. I’m not one to choose a fuchsia shade out in store but every time I get the chance to try one I always love the result on me. This one is a favourite for me, look how bloody bright and pigmented it is!  It complimented and brightened my complexion a tonne, love it.

Rodeo Red

Youngblood Cosmetics Colour Crays Rodeo Red

Say hello to one of my new favourite reds! Oh lord, if you want a bangin’ Hollywood style red you will want this in your arsenal. It’s a crazy-pigmented true red, doesn’t pull to blue or orange on me and really brings out the ‘creaminess’ in my skin. And this is one of those reds that I think would literally suit anyone and everyone. I don’t think it could look unflattering on anyone if it tried! This was the man’s favourite shade too. It made it into my ‘Favourite Reds’ pile straight away. This is definitely my favourite shade from the collection.

Napa Wine

Youngblood Cosmetics Colour Crays Napa Wine

Definitely the most ‘out there’ shade from the collection goes to Napa Wine. It’s an intense, deep vampy purple. Perfect for when you want uber dark but don’t want to go black on the lips. I don’t quite have a colour like this in my collection so I welcomed this with open arms. I think this colour really makes your eyes pop and looks amazing with gold shimmery lids. The only thing is, being a really deep colour it can tend to be patchy so I have to work with this shade more than the others, but the result is still gorgeous. I think would be amazing on medium-dark skin tones.

What do you think of the new Youngblood lip crayons? If you could choose one shade to wear, what would it be? Show them some love in the comments below. You can pick these up from the Youngblood Cosmetics website now, or shop the post below!

*Products were provided for editorial consideration. All opinions expressed are genuine and my own. The Beauty & the Geek AU is no expert so please do not substitute my opinions for professional advice. 

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    1. Angeleno really surprised me. I didn’t think I’d like it that much from first glance but once it was on my lips I fell in love with it!

      A few online stores seem to have a bit of a sale on them at the moment, might be a good time to try them out!

    1. For me, Rodeo Red is my must have! But if I was to pick a second shade it’d be Angeleno!

      It’s a hard decision when they are all so pretty!

    1. Aww that’s so nice of you, thank you! I tried to look pretty for these swatches haha. So much pressure when your lip swatching!

    1. I’ve definitely learned from he best lip swatcher around, you know who you are! Haha. I can only imagine how good Rodeo Red would look on you!!

    1. Oh, you absolutely must. Youngblood is one of my favourites and a brand I always go back to which is impressive for how many brands and products I’ve tried! And yes, so hard the decision is. Top two are Rodeo Red and Angeleno!

    1. Santa Cruz is a great all-rounder shade. Perfect for any look and any occasion! You can’t go wrong with it. It would look beautiful on your skin too.

    1. Oh I know right, my heart melts every time I try something new from Youngblood. I just love everything they put out! they nailed these lip crayons!

    1. I know right, even more handy when you don’t have the sharpen them either!

      Surfer Girl would look AMAZING on your warm skin tone! I can just imagine it 🙂

    1. That seems to be a crowd favourite! Nudes will always win over most people hey. For me, I loved something a little more bold in this range which is why Rodeo Red came out on top!

  1. Firstly, DAMN GIRL you’re gorgeous! All of those shades look great on you, but I reckon Surfer Girl & Rodeo Red looked the best. I’d dearly love to pull off Surfer Girl personally, but having cool-toned skin means I can’t. :o(

    As for me, I haven’t tried any Youngblood stuff yet (keep meaning to though) but if I were to choose some favourites out of these lip crayons, my eyes are firmly on Santa Cruz (yay, a nude that might work for me!), Angeleno, Valley Girl & Rodeo Red.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot! Especially when I tried so hard to make nice lip swatches, haha! Surfer Girl looked so beautiful in the bullet but I was worried it wouldn’t suit my skin. Once I put it on I was converted though! Using my usual contour and bronzer made it look nice, but when I went for a really bronzed, warm complexion it made the lip colour stand out so much more so I would have to agree that this might not suit those with cool tones.

      I think Angeleno would look like heaven on cool-toned girls, because it’s quite muted and slightly mauve. Also, Santa Cruz would be your best bet for a wearable nude. What’s your usual issue with nudes when you wear them?

      1. My usual issue is worrying that I’m going to look washed out. I can’t do concealer-type nudes as I literally look like a cadaver wearing them. I’m pretty sure I can do a nude pink (also sure I can do a rosy nude), so long as it flatters my skin tone.

        1. I get the whole ‘washed out’ issue, which is why I’ll only really wear deeper nude shades. On others it can look beautiful, but it doesn’t work for my skin. Some people prefer nude pinks, but that doesn’t suit me well so I go for nude beiges and browns and find they are more flattering on my skin. It can be really hard to find that perfect nude! For me, Velvet Teddy and Spirit (both from MAC) suit me the best.

  2. Wow, all the shades look AMAZING on you. It’s simply not fair. I’m so glad you put in the effort to swatch them properly on your lips. Swatches on the arm are good, but the best indicator is when they are photographed on the lips I think. I’m a lover of Youngblood for years too, and find their foundation to be the best for my mature skin that needs a little more…nurturing.

    I must admit I’ve never explored their lip products, didn’t really think of it. But you’ve made me interested in these lip crayons and I think I want to try out Angeleno the most out of all of these shades.

    1. Firstly, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      To be fair I was very surprised all the shades looked this nice on me (not trying to toot my own horn, here). I put it down to the careful shade selection! And thank you so much. I agree, I much prefer swatch posts when they are on the lips and not on an arm, especially since the skin on our arms can be so different to our complexion.

      Youngblood foundations are amazing! Definitely one of my top picks for base products. You should try and branch out more in their collection, they really do have an amazing array of makeup for the whole face. Their cream highlighting palette is to die for, I’m not sure if you are into cream products but if you are you must check them out. I’m keen to try their eyeshadows next, that’s one product I haven’t tried from them yet!

    1. Thank you so much! The shades are all so beautiful. They have a fair few retailers worldwide you can check out!

  3. Hi there!
    Love the article and love youngblood!
    Would you mind if i reposted this or used some of your pictures on imstagram/facebook if i credit you for my salon, as we sell youngblood?

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