I’m slowly becoming more and more of a lip product junkie every day, so when I received a gorgeous package of the Luminous Lipsticks* from SASH Cosmetics Australia, I was so keen to dive in and try them out. You all know I’m fairly passionate at finding Australian cosmetic companies who deliver on quality and price!

SASH Cosmetics is a brand spanking new Australian Cosmetics company, their first release being their range of Luminous Lipsticks. Their mission statement is to basically eliminate the hardships of finding high quality yet affordable cosmetics in Australia. Their lipsticks claim to be of a superior quality yet retail for only $16.95. They have 12 shades in their range, from nudes to mauves, deep reds and browns. They are paraben free, and cruelty-free, using only candelilla wax and microcrystalline wax. Perfect considering more and more people these days are making the switch to cruelty-free cosmetics.




When I first looked at the lipsticks, it took me a little while to figure out how to actually open them. It turns out, you click the gold logo button at the top of the cannister, and the lipstick pops out from the bottom! I thought this was such a cool design, I’ve never seen anything like it around! The packaging feels sturdy and looks pretty damn luxe and is Chanel-esque. Black and gold is always a surefire way to catch someone’s attention.


These lipsticks are a matte formula, and claim to be long wearing. I was worried they would be drying on my lips, but these lipsticks glided onto my lips like silk and felt really smooth and comfortable. I wouldn’t say they were particularly moisturising or nourishing, but they weren’t drying either. Some ingredients include coconut oil, vaseline and Ethylhexyl Palmitate to give your lips a soft and smooth appearance. They are also incredibly pigmented, and achieve full opacity with only one swipe. The longevity and staying power of these lipsticks are something to talk about. They won’t come off unless you want them off, and after my swatches, and I had to work quite hard to wash them off by using a cleansing oil balm repeatedly. So if you want something that is going to last all day, or all night, these are your babies. These lipsticks are serious.


I received 5 out of the 12 shades available, including a nude, two mauve tones, a red and deep red-brown.

From L to R: Lost in Lust, Last Dance, Instigator, Light It Up, Kiss It Better

Lost in Lust

This is quite a milky, creamy muted pink nude. I can see this looking beautiful on people with really fair skin tones, and those with deep skin tones as well. I’m more medium, and I didn’t feel like it suited my skin tone, but that may be because I’m just not used to wearing pale pink on my lips.

Last Dance

This is a gorgeous rose-brown nude that is right up my alley. It suits almost any makeup look and flatters my skin tone. One of my favourites.


This shade is more of a mauve tone with a bit of warmth. It looks absolutely amazing in the bullet but strangely pulls purple on my skin tone. I think my skin tone throws off the colour. It would be amazing on pale skin!

Light It Up

A vibrant, neutral red. Such a classic red colour. I absolutely love this shade and it looks so good on my skin! Would suit literally every skin tone. Another favourite!

Kiss It Better

I am such a sucker for deep browns and reds, so this colour is absolutely perfect for me. I am so ready to rock this shade in Autumn and Winter. Just a note, mixing this colour with Light It Up makes an exact dupe for Jeffree Stars Unicorn Blood – perfect for when I want that colour but don’t want to wear a liquid lipstick. My top pick of the bunch.

From Top to Bottom: Lost In Lust, Last Dance, Instigator, Light It Up, Kiss It Better


I am quite impressed by the formula, packaging and quality of the lipsticks. I think SASH has done incredibly well for their first release and it makes me excited to see what else they will bring to the table in the future. The lipsticks are insanely pigmented and long wearing and I’ve been using them quite frequently since I received them. I’d really love to try some of their other shades and I’m eyeing off a few for a future purchase. Lost in Lust and Instigator will probably be my least used shades, while Kiss It Better will be worn religiously! Their shade range is really versatile though and they have something to suit everyone. Definitely worth checking out, and for $16.95 each I think these are great buy.


Have you heard of SASH Cosmetics before? Let me know in the comments!


*These products were provided for editorial consideration however the generosity of the providing party has not influenced my views and opinions of the product. All opinions expressed are genuine and mine own. As always, I am not expert so please don’t substitute my opinions for professional advice


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    1. Yep! I think they’ve done well with the formula in terms of not making them a formula that dries your lips out. I think Lost in Lust or Instigator would look amazing on you, but they do have some other nudes if you’re into getting some nudes. Other than that they have a good range of deeper colours.

    1. They are pretty brand new so wouldn’t expect too many people to know about them just yet – which is why I wanted to put the name out there! I choose to write about things that I am feel passionate about – whether it be passionately positive or passionately negative haha. These just so happen to be on my positives list! They have a gorgeous range of nudes as well so you should check out their website!

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