The new baby of the people who brought us Proactiv, Rodan + Fields has seen a huge surge in exposure and business in the US. Now, Australia sees it’s first encounter with the brand, being recently released on our shores.

Interestingly, Dr Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields sold the brand to Estee Lauder to be in higher end stores like Nordstrom in the US, but due to the quick success of the brand, they bought back their retail rights and brought in their own business model.

Speaking of business models, yes, they do employ an multi-level marketing (MLM) approach to their business which I do have reservations about, similar to Mary Kay, Nutrimetics, Avon etc. I’m not one to get involved in the business side of things, but I am always open to trying out new products if I believe the formulations will be beneficial for me, whether they are from an MLM model or not.

Thanks to Kristi from @australiasunshine, I’ve been trialling the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, Lip Renewing Serum, Multi-Functioning Eye Cream and the Active Hydration Serum for well over two months now. As I’m finishing up the products I thought it was about time I share my thoughts.

The Active Hydration Serum isn’t released in Australia yet, given it’s only been launched in North America this May, but let me know if you want to hear my comments on that and I’ll share it on a seperate post before it launches in Oz.

ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste ($109 AUD, 125ml tub)

Rodan + Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

They have described this product perfectly, featuring a silicone base with a sugar and salt exfoliating agent, it really feels like a balm or paste in texture and I love the feel of it. At first the paste seems quite abrasive (do not wet your face beforehand) but as you work it into your skin, it feels quite smooth with the high-glide and oil-free formula. You can add some drops of water to suit your desired level of exfoliation. It also features lipid soluble Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) and Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate), some of my favourite skincare ingredients! Be mindful that the first ingredient listed is Isoparaffin (mineral oil), which can turn off some people as this is a ‘filler’ ingredient, but it is emollient which is a plus!

I love the resurgence in my skin after using this exfoliating paste, and as you can expect from micro-dermabrasion products, my skin is left smooth and clear. I use it twice a week after cleansing and drying my skin in my night routine. I don’t experience any irritation or adverse effects from this paste, but it’s not recommended for sensitive skin. Nor do I recommend it for those who experience acne, given it could aggravate inflammation.

REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream ($84 AUD, 15ml)

Rodan + Fields Multi-Function Eye Cream

My favourite product from the range, this eye cream has a heap of peptides and skin-conditioning agents that address a whole range of eye area concerns like fine lines, dark circles and dehydration. I do suffer from dehydrated skin around my eyes so I’m looking for something really hydrating. I find that eye cream targeted towards fine lines for some reason don’t offer enough hydration for me, so it’s nice to see a product designed for multiple functions.

This eye cream lasts for aaaaaaaaaages, even after using for so long it barely looks touched! A problem with this though, is obviously the longer a product lasts the higher risk of bacterial contamination, something the tub packaging doesn’t help to reduce either. The texture is super creamy, and feels quite hydrating and emollient. Star ingredients that feature in this formula are macadamia seed oil, honey extract, and some Tetrapeptides for stimulating collagen production and reducing fine lines. Interestingly, an ingredient called N-hydroxysuccinimide is used in this formula. I’m not familiar with this ingredient, but a quick research saw that this ingredient is helpful in binding to and removing iron and bilirubin which are left behind when blood pigment degrades in the delicate vessels around your eyes (which can lead to dark circles). I’ll definitely be looking more into this! Overall the formula is super-charged with ingredients aiming to improve the overall brightness, clarity, moisture and plumpness of the eye area.

My skin knows when it’s not using it, and in fact I think I prefer this over my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex. There’s only a handful of products where this happens, you just know the difference in your skin when you’re not using a quality product! I find this eye cream really does live up to it’s claim of helping to fight dehydration and increase the plumpness of the eye area. My eye area is a lot brighter and leads to an improvement in overall appearance of a healthier eye area. It’s not a migrating formula either so you won’t be at risk of it slowly seeping up into your eyeballs and causing irritation. I can’t comment too much on it’s fine line-reducing properties, since my eyes are quite good at the moment in that respect, but I’m definitely not seeing more of them!

REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum ($77 AUD, 60 capsules)

Rodan + Fields Lip Renewing Serum

Since my Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment was used up, I was looking at something else I could use as an overnight lip treatment. It’s important for me to maintain the health of my lips and perioral area as well as my skin during my night-time routines. The thing I love the most about this serum is it’s packing in single-use capsules which make it convenient for hygiene (and for travelling if you don’t want to take the whole tub). It’s best to use after exfoliating your lips for increased penetration but I find it works just as well for times when I don’t exfoliate. I actually find I get two uses for each capsule so I use it at night before bed as well as when I first wake in the morning and it really helps to maintain hydration and prevent cracked lips during colder times or when I am dehydrated.

The consistency of this serum is thick but does in no way feel sticky or uncomfortable on the lips. There is a very slight touch of vanilla fragrance so I think it would be good for people who are also put off by highly fragranced products. It’s enriched with peptides (palmitoyl tripeptide), tomato lipids (strange!), tribehenin (glyceryl triester) and Vitamin E for a mix of goodness to sink into your lips and repair and hydrate overnight.  I really notice a difference when I don’t use a lip balm or treatment overnight as I feel the first sign of dehydration starts with my lips, so a product like this gets used up fairly quickly by me.


First off, I just wanted to mention some of my observed downsides to the Rodan + Fields products. The packaging does not contain any information on the ingredients. The only way to keep track of the ingredients is to look up the list on the internet. Whilst a small inconvenience, I think it’s still important to have an ingredients list on skincare products. Also, I’m not fond of products that are packaged in tubs. The lip renewing serum capsules are a genius idea and I love the convenience and hygiene benefits of these, but I wish the micro paste did come in a squeeze tube. I’m thinking because it’s quite thick in consistency, a tube might be too hard to squeeze product out. The eye cream is a tricky one, since you’ll hardly find any eye creams that aren’t packaged in a tub, but I wish more companies would expand on their packaging for eye creams and make them a more hygienic product to use since our eyes are so prone to infection. Even though there are some really effective ingredients, I would also rather higher a concentration of their actives. And lastly, the products are not affordable skincare products for those on a budget, and while I believe it’s worth paying more for skincare, the price point may be a deterrent for some consumers.

But overall I really enjoyed trialling these products. I didn’t experience any sensitivity or irritation, but it’s pretty rare for me with skincare anyway. I feel like the products do what they were designed to do, and have some good quality ingredients among their formulas too which have a demonstrated history of being effective. I am so smitten with the eye cream and think it’s the best one I’ve used yet! I think the Rodan + Fields movement will gain some good traction here in Australia, and I am eager to see how the brand develops on our shores.

If you’re interested in browsing the Rodan + Fields range and getting hooked up with some samples, be sure to check out the link to Kristi’s page here. And if you do end up trying out something, let me know what you’re thoughts are! I’m always keen to hear what other people think of products I enjoy.

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Until then,

Rodan + Fields Canva

* These products were provided by a consultant from Rodan + Fields for editorial consideration, with no obligation to publish. All material and opinions presented are genuine and my own. The Beauty & the Geek AU is not an expert so please do not substitute material for professional advice.

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    1. You probably will for quite some time now I expect! They are very new in Australia and consultants will progressively be popping up here and there. I have really enjoyed all the items I used, would love to try the dermal roller when it releases in Australia though!

    1. Very true, they are talked about hugely! I guess that’s a danger with MLM companies, but I see hyped up products everywhere, whether they are MLM or not so I guess we can’t escape it haha.

      The eye cream though, is definitely worth getting hyped up over for me anyway. What that eye cream does for my dry under eyes, it’s really good! I mean it when I say I prefer it over my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex, and I do love that one too.

    1. I get it, it can hard sometimes to appreciate the brand and products themselves when the heavy marketing tactics are used. There are a lot of brands out there that use similar tactics but are approved by beauty bloggers (eg Arbonne, Nutrimetics, Mary Kay, Avon etc). But, similar to what I said in my post, I am always willing to give new products a try if I think they will do something good for my skin so based on their ingredients, and the research and development that went into these products I was pretty keen to give them a go and overall I’m happy I took the chance to try them out because the eye cream was an absolute standout product for me. I’m not getting into the business of it though, not for me!

      I haven’t actually tried Proactiv before, I’d be willing to try that out if I had acne prone skin, but I heard from a friend of mine that it ‘bleached’ her face. Weird!

    1. I did think similarly, but I find the products work well for me and does what they claim to do (ie especially the eye cream really is one of the best I’ve tried and I’m not saying it because I’m selling it or make money off sales, because I don’t), than I’m happy to talk about them on my socials 🙂 There are a lot of these types of brands around, and I’ve seen them all being talked about on beauty blogs.

      The tactics are pretty extreme at the moment because they’ve just been released in Australia, hopefully they die down a bit as time goes on 🙂

  1. Good to hear an unbiased take on these products – I think that’s so important (for all products obviously, but when marketing relies on word of mouth I think it’s even more important as it’s often harder to find reviews from non-interested parties). The eye cream sounds interesting – I too wish they’d do less in tubs though.

    1. Yeah, I agree! And thank you for your words, you know me, I always aim to be honest as I can and while I loved how the products performed on me, the packaging could use some modifying and they are quite expensive. Not to mention, I love high concentrations of active ingredients, and there are a few ingredients which I believe should be higher up in the ingredient lists for these products. But overall, some pretty good formulas!

    1. They have really grown hugely and very fast in the US, so it only makes sense that they want to be introduced to the Australian consumer market. I can’t wait for their dermal roller to be released in Australia, now that I reeeeeeeally want to try!

    1. Neither am I, but this post wasn’t designed to promote them. I wasn’t pressured into writing about them and saying all lovely, hand-wavey comments about the products. The post was to review the range despite the marketing because I dare say people will be wanting to read some unbiased thoughts on the range. I don’t have anything to gain from this post so I had nothing to hide behind 😊 but overall, surprisingly I did enjoy the products more than I thought I would! X

    1. Both very valid points that I do agree with! But the products worked really well for me, I can’t hide that! Thanks for stopping by lovely x

  2. Felicia – Thank you for your open and honest review of these products and I’ve loved our collaboration. I wanted an unbiased opinion on these products that I have enjoyed for so long but as an American living in Perth I was keen to get an Australians perspective on them as they made their way into Australia this year. Your blog has always provided detailed and thoughtful analysis of products and I’ve enjoyed reading it for over a year now. I knew you would tell me with honesty and no sugar-coating what you thought of these products and I’m thankful for that.

    As with all companies in this channel, there will be negative comments but irregardless of one’s feelings towards the selling model the products speak for themselves. Rodan + Fields wouldn’t have become a billion dollar brand in 10 years if the products didn’t work and deliver results. Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for your words of support! I definitely think there was a space in the online world for some more reviews from people who aren’t consultants or working for consultants, hence why I decided to take on the challenge of using the products and sharing what I really thought! Believe me, if they were poor quality products I would say it, that’s the way I am. It was just a good thing that I ended up enjoying the products, as much as I was hesitant to try them!

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