A real-life Dad reviews the LUSH Father’s Day range

It’s time for another LUSH Cosmetics limited edition range, and this time we welcome the LUSH Father’s Day collection. I thought it would be insightful to get a realistic view and opinion of the range so that if you’re thinking of purchasing something for your father you can be more confident in your choices (and so you can stop asking your Mum for gift inspiration). I enjoy bringing my family into the mix here on The Beauty & the Geek. My partner Sam has been a guest reviewer on my blog before (read his ideas on the men’s Bellobox here), but it’s time for me to introduce my Dad to the blogosphere. I’ve asked him to trial and review the LUSH Father’s Day range, a challenge he graciously (and very surprisingly) accepted.

Now, a disclaimer. My Dad is certainly not your average Dad. He’s a middle-aged hardcore wog who has been a tough working man his whole life. He has never really put much thought into taking care of his skin, nor is he one for a long relaxing bath. Which is why this project sort of scared me, but I really didn’t want to review the collection from my point of view considering this is for fathers, so this was the only option I had. While I took down notes in his own words of what he thought of the products, I have had to paraphrase his views so I don’t come across as a blunt ‘middle-aged hardcore wog’. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it just wouldn’t make for an interesting and engaging post, especially from a man of little words. But rest assured, the opinion he had is definitely being communicated through my words, as hard as it was to do!


Super Dad Bath Bomb ($6.95)

I don’t have baths, so I am not sure I will use this. I like my bathing short and simple, an ‘in and out’ process. So instead, I will just comment on the smell and novelty of this bath bomb. I like the super hero theme to this. The smell is interesting, not something like anything I already have. It’s not a typically masculine scent, but it is fresh. I think this bath bomb would give off bright colours in your bath. For men who like to bath, I think they’d like this.

Modfather Bubble Bar ($7.95)

Again, because I don’t take baths I will just comment on the smell and novelty of this. The idea is that it is a reusable bubble bath bar. I am not familiar with the concept of a bubble bath bar, nor one that is reusable so while I am not going to use this I was still intrigued with the way you are meant to use the bubble bath bar (Felicia: sorry guys, I tried to get him to take a bath with these items but with no success). This one has a really nice citrus scent but it’s sweet. It’s probably the least ‘masculine’ scent from the range, but still not too feminine to deter men from using it.


Dirty Styling Cream ($19.95)

I don’t do my hair often, so rarely will I use a hair styling product but I do know lots of other fathers (and men) who do use them more frequently and I think they would like to use this. I really like how the texture of this means it is not sticky or oily when you put it in your hair, and it has a nice smell to it so it doesn’t smell like your usual men’s hair product. I like how it doesn’t look so shiny in my hair either. I noticed I still had a little bit of it in my hair after washing it once, so it might need a better clean then the one I gave it.

Dirty Shaving Cream ($14.95/100g; $23.95/225g)

I was happy to try this shaving cream. Felicia bought me the Five O’clock Whistle shaving smoothie for Christmas and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t think I would use it all up, but I did. So another shaving cream from LUSH is welcomed. The Dirty shaving cream has a different texture though, it’s more creamy then the other one. I think I preferred the smell of the Five O’clock one because the coffee in it masks the strong lavender scent, and I do really love coffee (Felicia: no joke, he has about five cups a day). But otherwise, it worked just as nicely. With these shaving products it’s important to keep rinsing out your razor well to avoid clogging.


Smuggler’s Soul Multipurpose Cream ($29.95)

I don’t really moisturise or take that good care of my skin, so the products in my bathroom cupboard are limited. For a man, it’s good when a personal care item can serve multiple purposes because it makes everything a bit more simple and men like simplicity. This one can be used on all skin surfaces, and even as a shaving cream as well. I really like the smell of this so I think I will use it for shaving as well. I like this product for a cream even after shaving because it feels soothing and once rubbed in doesn’t feel like there is anything on your skin. Again, important for a man like me who doesn’t like the feeling of using creams on their skin. But this product had my favourite smell from the range I tried. I like the smell of timber so anything with sandalwood in it appeals to me.


Overall, I really don’t mind the grooming products. The smells are nice and they each don’t leave any residue when you use them. My favourite scent is the Smuggler’s Soul, but my favourite product is the shaving cream. I never thought LUSH would be a contender for shaving creams but after trying two from the range now, I am impressed. However, I am not too fussed on the bath products because I don’t take any baths so will probably pass these back to Felicia. I think however for fathers and generally any man who likes to groom himself and relax in long baths, they will enjoy the whole LUSH Father’s Day range.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading a review on the LUSH Father’s Day collection from a father’s perspective, and that it gave you some gift inspiration for your own father. Did you enjoy my Dad being featured on my blog as a guest reviewer? I’d love to hear some feedback, as I must say it was quite a challenge for me to compose this post with his words!

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*These products were sent for editorial consideration without an obligation to post. The generosity of the providing party has not influenced the views and materials presented. As always The Beauty & the Geek AU is no expert and opinions expressed should not be substituted for professional advice

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    1. Yeah, it’s just a ‘man’ thing hey. I mean younger guys these days enjoy baths more than say, someone who is my Dad’s age so it’s probably a generational thing as well. For example, my fiance loooooves a long hot bath but he’s half my Dad’s age.

    1. It’s totally a middle-aged man thing hey! As Dad said, he’ll be sending back the bath products because he doesn’t want them to sit there and not use them. So Sam is pretty keen for the bath bomb!

    1. I know, it makes me laugh to think of my Dad having a bath really, haha! And yes, he does love the shaving cream!

  1. I love that you got your dad to review the collection. And I love how honest his views were, because I think a lot of dad’s would share similar views. Get papa on the blog more! He’s great!

    1. Papa is pretty cool haha. And yes, I knew if I reviewed it, it wouldn’t have been reflective of how the range would be received by all the Dads out there so I really wanted to get him on board for this project. It was a challenge, but fun nonetheless! I’ll let him know it was a success!

    1. I think a lot of women would like the smell too. I had a whiff before I sent it off to Dad and to be honest I didn’t really want him to have it haha

  2. I love that you got your Dad to review this! I’m not sure if my Dad would do it. He’s not big on baths either & trying to get him into some sort of skincare regimen (aside from some occasional moisturiser) would be like pulling teeth. He’d probably use the shaving cream, that’s about it. That said I gave him a facial over the weekend using some of my products (because he’d been complaining about how dry & flaky his skin was & I’d agreed to do it weeks ago) & I think secretly he absolutely loved it, even though it took some convincing. His skin’s smooth as now!

    1. My Dad loves using after shave balms and creams rather than the liquids with alcohol in them – ouch! So he’s going to use the Multi-purpose cream as the aftershave as he really loved the smell of it. But I know what you mean, he isn’t the type to sit in front of a mirror rubbing his face with moisturiser and applying eye cream etc haha. Yet my fiance likes doing that stuff, he wants to take better care of his skin. It’s probably generational. In any case, we both enjoyed the project and I hope I can bring some of my other family members on here more frequently! Glad you enjoyed 🙂

    1. It smells so sweet and citrusy too, I love the scent of this! And it gives off a beautiful blue colour to the bath water. I love it!

  3. such awesome looking products ya…. LUSH always brings the best collections. hey I noticed that a ‘wordpress.’ word beforeur blog ID gives a completely diff site.

    1. Thanks Renji! They do have amazing limited edition releases don’t they!

      I’m not sure what you mean by the blog ID. Are you able to private message me?

      Thank you!

  4. Love your posts, you always have something unique. My father is also the same as in and out kind of person, not the bath kind of. It is so nice of your father to review the products.

    1. Thank you Preet! I always want my posts to be unique and interesting so I’m really glad to hear that!

      Yeah I loved featuring my Dad on my blog! It get’s a real Dad’s perspective on the range which I love.

    1. My Dad loves the shaving creams from LUSH which surprised me! You should definitely get them for your boyfriend to try out.

  5. Ah! Found it! I’m an idiot! Lol sorry! I love this so much! I might try this for my husband! He’s so mot into this kinds of stuff i can already see the look in his face! Lol

  6. I have a feeling that my dad would say almost exactly the same things that your dad said to these products! He’d definitely hand off the bath bombs to Mum 😂

    1. Yeah I expect there’d be a lot of Dad’s like that! But things will change because younger guys these days love taking baths!

    1. This was quite gracious for him I must say. He does love their shaving creams, so he was keen for the range just for that!

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