Brand Spotlight: Milani Cosmetics

Welcome back beauties!

This blog post was incredibly exciting to explore and write, as I was reviewing one of America’s most loved drugstore brands, Milani Cosmetics. Milani Cosmetics is definitely hard to come by in Australia, and while some online cosmetics boutiques do stock some Milani there is a very limited product and shade range and stock levels are always low.

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I Got My Face Tattooed Pt 2: Brow Tattoo

Well… it’s that time again! Many of you have been following me on my brow tattoo journey and have been patiently waiting for my update on my brows. I’ve FINALLY written up my well overdue post, and I’m so excited to show you all the final result! I got my brows feather tattooed from the girls at Exotic Beauty and Brows, and if you read my first installment of my brow tattoo journey, you would be aware that I was going to go back for my touch up session and that I was going to report the final result to you all. If you haven’t read it, you can catch up on it here.

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VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate Steam Straightener

Well wasn’t I super lucky to be given the chance to trial the NEW VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate Steam Straightener by none other than the beautiful people at Beauty Heaven! I submitted a video review to BH about this product and thought it was worth a dedicated blog post.

I must say this unique product introducing steam as a way to straighten hair intrigued me to no end! I was super excited by this innovation and couldn’t wait to try it. VS Sassoon claim that the steam is used to help open up the hair cuticle to provide you with a more effective straightening process and glossier hair. But it just doesn’t use steam to help straighten your hair, it also uses the regular heat plates so that you get the best results with these two methods of straightening hair. My hair is long and frizzy, so with VS Sassoon’s promise of unbeatable shine, sleek and manageability I knew I was in for a treat – I had high expectations.


The straightener itself appears true to VS Sassoon’s standards – a deep purple case with gorgeous sparkles through it. It comes with a super handy heat protective mat and drawstring storage bag. The long swivel cord is another plus! However, because this straightener accommodates for steam and multiple functions, it’s is a lot heavier and bulkier than my usual straightener so I probably wouldn’t take it travelling with me. The extra wide plates make this straightener a thick-haired girl’s dream! A down-side to this is however, you can’t use this particular straightener for curling your hair.

With this straightener, you have the option of using just the heat plates, or you can opt in for the steam function as well. I love that the product gives you this versatility that other straighteners do not offer. The tongs also have a lock function to keep the straightener in place throughout storage or travelling to prevent damage. I love straighteners with a lock feature! The straightener also has 4 different heat settings from 170 degrees to 230 degrees, which is super important when catering for people with different hair types as everyone’s hair has different needs. This extends from the regular straightener which usually only includes 3 heat settings. I chose the 170 degrees setting because my hair long and frizzy, but still fine. I decided to opt for the light steam setting as well. I felt like these would be the best settings for my hair, especially when my ends are much drier than my roots or mid-lengths.


To use the steam, you have to remove a water reservoir in the casing and add water. This process can be a little tricky. I feel like VS Sassoon should have included a little funnel-like product to help fill the reservoir. Once you turn on the straightener, you can choose 3 steam options: no steam, light steam or high steam. You do have to wait 2 minutes for the steam function to kick in though, so it does take longer than your average hair straightener to prepare for straightening, well in my case anyway.

The Styling

I do have to say, when using the steam my hair straightened fairly quickly, and the steam gave a super glossy sheen to my hair. I loved it, sleek and shiny! There are some negative though, sometimes the steam would leave big drops of hot water on my hair, instead of generating steam it generated hot water. Another issue was, my hair caught in between the plates a fair bit and caused my hair to sometimes break off. Thicker sections of hair was needed to prevent this but then it was harder and longer to straighten those sections.

My fine hair is a very ‘slippery’ type of hair and generally heat-styled hair does not last long in my world. But, the great thing about this straightener was that even after 2 days my hair was still pretty much straight and shiny. I’m not sure if that’s because of the steam, or the new heat protectant I was using but either way I was pleased.


Overall, the style of my hair was the best thing I loved about the straightener. I had less flyaways, less frizz and it lasted a good amount of time.

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