Oh Deer Sugar haul!

If you’re any sort of LUSH fan, you’re going to want to read this.

Introducing Oh Deer Sugar, a non-edible bakery that specialises in handcrafting completely vegan bath and body goods that look and smell like your favourite foods. They are an incredibly ethically minded store that sources high quality ingredients without hurting the environment, and NONE of their ingredients are tested on animals. It’s a relatively small company run by two (quite impressive) women who hand-make these goodies right here in Adelaide! They run both a physical store in the City, and an online store which you can find here.

Recently, I took part in a fun little Elf Hunt in the city where I was the winner of a $100 gift voucher for Oh Deer Sugar and jumped at the chance to indulge in the products in store. In my post today, I’ll go over what I picked up. There’s a lot to sift through!


ohdeersugarfeaturedBath Bombs

Oh Deer Sugar has quite a large selection of bath bombs for such a small store. I was overwhelmed by the selection but in the end I only chose 1 of their bath bombs to trial, but it’s a mammoth!

Candy Krush Waffle Bath Bomb ($9.50)


When I browsed their online store I immediately added this onto my list by the description,

“Smells like the sweetest candy you can only dream of”

I knew I had to have this – I’m such a sweet tooth when it comes to scents. I was quite lucky to get this though – it was the last one in stock! And it does smell incredible, like it was made for me!

This is a huge bathbomb, coming in a 185g so it’s good value for money. I’ve seen some of the bath art for these waffle bathbombs and I’m so excited to try it!

Bubble Baths

Okay, I went a little crazy with the bubble bath this time. I’ve resurrected my obsession with bubble baths recently so I picked up quite a few, 5 to be exact!

Pineapple Cup Bubble Bath ($7.50)


Gosh, how damn cute is this!? Look at that pineapple! It has a sweet but subtle smell, quite tropical. Not overpowering or in your face at all. And it’s reuseable! Just run it under a bath tap for as long as desired for your bubbles, and then leave it to dry for next time. Handy, hey. I would have to say though, it’s not the scent that grabbed me – it’s probably my least favourite scent from the bunch (doesn’t mean it smells like garbage though) – it was totally the appearance that made me want to buy this! Oh Deer Sugar are amazing at making their products look impossibly cute!

Lemon Lime Bitters Donut Bubble Bath ($8.50)


I’m usually quite picky when it comes to citrus scented bath products but this one makes me salivate! It’s soooo delicious. Citrus but with a hint of sweet, perfect combo for a refreshing bubble bath. It also comes decorated with some gold shimmer which adds a tiny bit of sparkle to your bath. I adore this bubble bath. It’s one of my new favourites.

Gobstopper Bubble Bath ($5.50)


This comes in 4 different scents: Forest, Peachy, Berry and Pineapple. I picked up the Forest bubble bath because it was the only one available – but I’m not complaining. It’s a super cute little ball swirled with vibrant blues and greens and has a really cool and refreshing, almost uplifting scent. But still – it has that hint of sweetness which I adore.

Marshmallow Bubble Bath ($5.00)


This little cube of bubble bath has notes of passionfruit and sweet pea. I think I may have picked up an older one though. The smell isn’t really strong is this one, and it’s starting to crumble off. Woops. Nonetheless is still has bubble making powers, and is also re-usable!

Meringue Bubble Bath ($3.00)


These gorgeous little peaks of bubble bath looks exactly like tiny meringues – hence the name! They are small but so cheap and are probably best for single use. They come in 3 different scents: Lavender, Strawberry and Blueberry. I went with blueberry for this one!

Bath Soaks


Achy Breaky Lavender Bath Salt ($16.50)

ODS have a gorgeous range of bath salts. I’ve previously tried their ‘Settle Petal’ bath salt which had chunks of dried rose petals through it – so I was able to bath in floating rose petals and it was just so luxe! This time though, I went with ‘Achy Breaky’. I recently started becoming quite active and my muscles are copping a hell of a lot at the moment so a bath salt that helps relax my muscles is necessary. It contains a soothing mix of dead sea minerals, epsom salts and lavender (again, that floats through your bath water) to really take you on a relaxing sensory experience. It’s just beautiful!

Body Scrub


(OH) Ultra Body Fruit Tingle Body Scrub ($19.00)

Oh, I thought I was set on their Coffee and Coconut scrub but when I was in store I tested out all the scrubs and just melted when I smelled this one. It’s a massive hit of sweet, sweet candy and immediately made me feel happy. It’s a mix of rough Aussie sugar crystals softened with coconut flour, and scented with candy, pure lime and peppermint. So Summery!

By the way, these are some of the best body scrubs around. I can literally see dead skin balling up into little chunks and falling off when I use these body scrubs. Yet at the same time, they aren’t drying or harsh. It’s magic, I swear it.

Facial Care


(OH) Turkish Delight Face Mask ($18.50)

Oh my heavens, if you’re going to try something from Oh Deer Sugar, you need to try this at least once in your life. It’s soooo beautiful! If you’re anything like me and you love Turkish Delight, Rosewater and basically anything to do with roses – you are going to be obsessed with this. It smells absolutely gorgeous. No word of a lie, I can still smell this on my skin the day AFTER I’ve done a face mask using this product. It’s a blend of rosewater, cold pressed refined avocado oil, jojoba oil with a base of Kaolin clay – a face mask that is best suited for oily skin but I think would work with all skin types well.

It is on the thicker side and I struggle to apply it with my face mask brush, so I have to use the dreaded fingers to apply it. But it’s such a lovely face mask and I love the soft and hydrated feeling of my skin after I use this. The downside? It’s only recommended for 30 days of use (due to no preservatives being used) and you do get quite a bit in the tub (100ml), so I am frantically trying to use it up before it goes off.

Soap Bars


(OH) Fairy Floss Chocolate Soap Bar ($5.50)

These chocolate block soaps are gorgeous and I was really struggling to pick up one scent! Oh Deer Sugar make really interesting scents like Milkshake, Popcorn and Melon. I reeeeeeaallly wanted the Christmas release Rocky Road though, but it was sold out. My boyfriend liked the Fairy Floss scent so I picked up that one. How cute is the packaging? Exactly like a block of chocolate. You can get them in the singles, or in the family sizes.

Fairy Floss is a sweet, mellow scent of rose and strawberry. And the soaps are quite nourishing with ingredients like castor oil, coconut oil, safflower oil and cocoa butter.

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I got a pretty good bunch of products hey? I can’t wait to use them all – some I haven’t yet. The ones I have tried have been so good though! I’m keen to try the bathbomb – some feedback I’ve heard from other people have been that their bathbombs need some work but I’ll be putting that to the test. It’s safe to say though, my house is smelling pretty damn good right now.

Have you tried any Oh Deer Sugar before? What’s been your favourite product? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. Thanks Beth! I know right – first I won the big LUSH prize pack at the BUA event in Marion, then we got gifted the voucher for the reopening event, and now I got this! I have soo many handcrafted bath products and my spare room smells incredible!

  1. oh man! i walked pass it on Sunday but didn’t go in because it was choked full of people. Judging by your selection, I should have went in

  2. Oh my gosh, I keep reading rave reviews of this brand and yours is sensational Felicia – way time I indulged methinks. Congrats on the win! Love everything you chose (and reading about why you did) – probably just as well there’s no store here in Sydney or else I’d go ballistic ha ha. I’ve just checked out their website and I’m a goner lol xxx

    1. Hahaha thanks Kat! Yes it’s so easy to get pulled in! They had a hike in sales with the Christmas season naturally, so a lot of the stuff is actually sold out but I was lucky to get some of the last products in store. They are definitely worth checking out.

  3. All their products are just amazing! I remember the first time I bought some of their things was for my own birthday and as soon as I opened the box I could smell how good they were! 😊

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