Hands up who is a sucker for a good deal! *Raises hand*

Hands up who also searches intently for a good discount code? *Raises hand and waves it above head*

Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve put all my deals that are created especially for you, my loyal readers right here in one place. It’s about time I give back more to you lovely people!

McArthur Skincare*

Click the link below and you will get transferred to McArthur Skincare website and receive 15% off your order with the code ‘15OFF‘!

Or, you can use the links below (and add code ‘SOAP25’) to purchase the 3 pack of soap OR the body wash for 25% off!


Body Wash


Kismet Jardin Hydragem Serum*

Kismet Jardin are an Adelaide-based skincare and natural perfumery company boasting natural, pure ingredients and green chemistry. You can get 30% off my favourite Hydra Gem serum using the discount code ‘FELHG30

Belle Botanicals*

You can save 10% off your entire order on the already ridiculously low-priced skincare goodies from Belle Botanicals by using my code ‘beautygeek‘ . Pssst, the Green Clay Mask is heeeeeeeaaaaven!

Eye of Horus Cosmetics

Oh my, one of my favourite eye and eyebrow cosmetics companies have generously provided you with 20% every order using my code ‘FELICIA‘. A tip? You’ll find many ABH dupes!


You all know I love getting Bellaboxes! And now you can get your first box for the special price of $10! Use this link to get your special offer!

Furless Cosmetics*

Yeeesss, their brushes are so good! Click the picture below to see their range and get 15% off your order!



*specifies affiliate links