New In: L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation

The original L’Oreal Infallible has become somewhat of a cult classic drugstore foundation all over the world. So when L’Oreal revealed it would be bringing the next version of their Infallible range to Australia, many were anticipating the range to be one of the best drugstore new releases in Australia. With the Infallible Pro Glow only just being released in Australia (yet so popular overseas), we have now had the pleasure of experiencing the Total Cover range in our stores for quite a while now while we waited!


The new range features a new foundation, the Infallible Total Cover foundation, and their Total Cover Concealer palette, both of which boasts a full coverage and long wear. I think this range will be an awesome addition to the drugstore foundations already in Australia, because I feel something we are definitely lacking in, is affordable, FULL coverage and LONG WEARING foundations. I expect this to be a very popular release, especially when so many overseas beauty gurus have stated their love for the range. I really wanted to review both the concealer palette and foundation in this post but I have a lot to say about the foundation so I chose to focus just on the foundation in this post and I’ll probably review the concealer palette later on!

“24 hours of full coverage with a lightweight feel and a natural finish”

Packaging and branding

This foundation, retailing for $29.95 comes in a squeeze tube holding 35g of product and has such a beautifully designed package. I love how they have taken their idea of a full coverage foundation being a ‘camouflage’ for our skin and incorporated it into their packaging. It looks professional, sleek and fun all at the same time. It’s also good that they have negative space in their tube where you can see the exact colour of the foundation you are purchasing. Still, it doesn’t eliminate the need for shade matching of course! This packaging is different to the US version but to be honest I like our version a lot more.

Shade + Formula

I received mine in ‘Golden Sand’ which I thought would be perfect for my medium tanned , olive toned skin. But in choosing a shade, I realised only 6 shades being released in Australia, what?! Come on now, we are much more diverse than that. While I think it was the correct shade, I don’t think it’s the correct tone (if that makes sense). It comes off a little pink on my skin where it actually looks quite warm in a swatch. The joys of being olive toned.


The consistency is thick, but of course this is to be expected with a foundation that claims to be full coverage. It’s more a mousse than a liquid or cream to me, but it still comes out of the tube in a solid string of product, retaining the shape of the tube opening when it is squeezed out. But it still has this light and fluffy texture to it that makes it blend seamlessly into my skin. So it’s thick like a cream, but with a mousse-like texture.



Applying this foundation was as simple and easy as any other foundation. I found it worked beautifully with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush or my Miracle Complexion Sponge. Both worked really nice for me. I found no issues with compatibility against a few of my primers which is a plus. This foundation has a knack for blending right into the skin for a natural finish rather than just sitting on top of the skin. Totally was not expecting that from this full coverage foundation, as most seem to be ‘mask-like’ on my skin where it doesn’t really melt into my skin – just sits on top. It sets quickly though, so going in and blending immediately is necessary and it also means it is best to work in sections rather than going all out and doing your whole face at one.

What really surprised me with this foundation though, was how LITTLE of the product I needed to cover my whole face. You should have seen the first time I applied it, I way overestimated how much product I’d need and I applied it to my face and it was a dead set thick mask of product. Anyone see Chloe Morello’s video where she was doing a first impression of the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able and she said she looked like she ‘wearing a Jason mask’? That was me. Here’s the link if you want a bit of a laugh. But seriously, so little of this product is needed to achieve a medium to full coverage so I think this will last a long time, it’s so high in pigment!


The finish is a strange one. To me, it is neither matte nor dewy, just really natural. Although the back of the tube suggests a matte finish. It’s non-comeodgenic, a medium-full coverage finish that can either be built upon for a fuller coverage or sheered out with a sponge, I like how it offers that versatility. However I do have to recommend taking caution with building layers for this foundation. Considering it sets really quickly and is really thick, it’s not so blendable in layers and can look caked on. Instead, to build coverage I’d suggest adding more product in a focused area so that it’s more concentrated and apply in sections rather than just adding a little bit and going back in for another layer once the first layer is set.

This foundation doesn’t adhere to any of my dry patches or problem areas. It’s not a dull or flat finish, and it’s super comfortable to wear. Another thing that really surprised me was how non-existent and light it felt on my skin not just initially, but for the duration of wear too. Totally surprising for a full coverage foundation because most feel heavier on my skin than usual.The finish is versatile and can be used for a whole range of complexion issues like redness, uneven skin tone, blemishes, pigmentation.

Longevity & Wear

The Infallible Pro Matte was much loved not only for it’s finish but for it’s ability to stay flawless for so long. So this new foundation had big shoes to fill.

This foundation MUST be set with a powder afterwards and preferably a mattifying powder that keeps oil at bay. I’m an oily skinned girl, so pretty much with any foundation I expect there to be shine and oil after a few hours. This foundation is no exception to that rule. The first time I wore the foundation I did not set with a powder because I wanted to see how the 24-hour long wear claim would hold up. After about 4 hours though, there was too much shine for my liking so I had to touch up with a powder and it was fine after that for the rest of the wear to my oily skin standards.

The next time, I used the Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional and definitely set with a powder and although it wore much better, at about 6 hour mark I had to touch up with powder. After that, at about 9 hours it started to break down, seperated in my T-zone but never really settled into my pores or fine lines which is one of my pet hates! I’m thinking that I probably could have worn it for another hour or two but I washed it off at point. I generally don’t wear foundations for very long so for me to go between 6-9 hours is adequate for me.


Overall, I do like this foundation for about 6-9 hours wear. The coverage and finish is really beautiful for short/average wear. Being oily skinned, I think this would have impacted on the longevity and wear of the product. I assume this would be better for those with normal or dry skin, however I am hesitant because I think this may have the tendency to cling to dry patches. Although I didn’t notice any of this with my foundation, my version of dry patches are probably a dry-skinned girl’s version of normal or oily patches, so I’m not sure how accurate that would be.

However, after trying the Infallible Pro Matte I think I favour that over this foundation. I think the reputation of the Infallible range will mean that this foundation may not fulfill expectations, as I said it had big shoes to fill.

I also don’t think the claim that it lasts 24 hours are held up, certainly not in my case anyway. I prefer medium coverage foundations over full coverage but I found the coverage of this to be quite nice. It was high coverage, eliminating redness and discolouration but still let some of my natural skin show through which I liked.

I still expect it to be a popular product though, and I reckon some people will love it. But for me I’ll make sure to always carry a powder with me or avoid wearing it for long periods of time.

Have you tried the new L’Oreal foundation? What were your thoughts? Wanting to purchase it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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*This product was provided to me as a member of the Beauty Crew Review Crew. This involvement has not affected my views and opinions of the product and as always they are genuine and my own.

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  1. I’ve only tried the L’Oreal True Match foundation and I like it for a light coverage look. I’ll have to try something in the Infallible range – I must admit I am a bit daunted by the thickness of the product 😅 I’ll have to pick one of them up when they are on sale next! Great review! 💕 xx

  2. I have the infallible matte and whilst I loved it I soon had to stop beside it dried my face up like no tomorrow. I have dry skin.. I wished they brought out the other one, I feel it would have suited my skin better. My skin tone is like your and I find loreal have the right colour until I put it on and looks pinky.. I hate how we don’t get the whole colour range or at least a better portion of it.. Fantastic review !!

    1. Ohhhh I can understand! See for me with oily skin, the finish of the infallible matte was perfect for me. But yeah I think pro glow woukd have been such a hit here in AUS! It’s such a shame they didn’t bring it out and silly me I was over in the US a couple of months ago and didn’t get it 🙁 thanks for your comment!

  3. Loved your review girl! Always so thorough and detailed!
    I felt I still got oily as well after wearing the foundation for a few hours – definitely had to use my Laura Mercier translucent powder 🙂

  4. I was actually watching a review of this just yesterday and I really want to try it – I’m not convinced that they’ve released my shade in Australia though T_T definitely need to go swatch it at some point and find out! Your thoughts were not dissimilar to those I’ve heard expressed about this from US gurus (particularly regarding how much you could/could not blend it) but I did find it really interesting that it wasn’t as long wearing on you. Now I’m not so certain! I’m more combo these days but my T-zone is still a stupid oil slick haha

    1. Yeah the shade range is pretty crap for Australia to be honest. They seem to have all the medium shades but are limited in the fair and deep tones. I haven’t seen the other shades though in person so I’m not too sure. Yeah I was a bit let down about how long it lasted on my oily skin before going super oily. At first I thought it was going to be a good alternative to the EL double wear because the finishes are really similar – but it definitely doesn’t wear as well as the EL as time goes on unfortunately. Your skin might be better suited to it, still give it a try in store!

  5. I haven’t tried any of the L’Oreal Infallible range, but I’m so keen to! I love mousse-texture foundations, but a bit concerned that you have to work quickly to blend it due to it setting fast. I don’t like the stress of that, haha!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  6. I haven’t tried this range but I love the sound of the formula and I a huge fan of a full coverage. I found the M.J mask look when I first tried the KVD foundation – not the foundations fault I just used way too much and a little really did go a long way 🙂 x

  7. I really love the original pro matte foundation and the pro glow! Hopefully they release the pro glow for you in Austrailia. I’ve heard mixed reviews of this foundation but it seems like people with dry skin seem to like it a lot more!

  8. I’ve been curious about this one! I’m really impressed with how quickly they managed to bring it over after it released in the US. I think I will probably pass on it though. I have combo/oily skin too and I have a feeling it won’t last amazingly for me, especially as I tend to not touch up throughout the day. I have the original matte version which I love though! Interested to hear your thoughts on the concealer palette too 🙂

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  9. Great review Fel! I am always wary of affordable brands because it’s hard to match my skin shade and tone (similar to you). I use the L’Oreal True Match foundation and it works wonders, but I’m a little sad that they only released 6 shades of this foundation.

  10. Love this foundation Fel – been wearing it for just over a week, and I can’t really fault it other than I don’t get more than 12 hours wear out of it. But that’s enough for my needs. Golden Sand is the perfect shade for me, and I love the moussey texture, finish and the fact that it covers all my freckles and spider veins. Didn’t realise they made a concealer to match so that’s next on my list – thanks hon! xxx

  11. I wish I got to wear this for the day to see how it lasted on my normal skin but the shade was so wrong I couldn’t leave the bathroom, let alone the house! I look forward to your concealer palette review, now THAT is a winner in my books!

  12. Great review. I get frustrated with foundations that look and feel amazing when they’re applied and are meant to last all day or control oil etc and then after a few hours my skin is oily or the foundation has broken down. The longest lasting in my book is still Estée Lauder double wear…not as affordable as this but lasts so well. Xx

    1. Interesting you say that! When I applied it I thought ‘hell Yeah this is going to be a dupe of DW’ the finish was the same and it felt the same on my skin (maybe even more weightless) but it just didn’t wear on me as well as my DW. Thank for the love! X

  13. I’ve seen so many people raving about this foundation and your review convinced me that it is really interesting! I’m really into full coverage foundation but I’d love to try it!

  14. The original L’Oreal Infallible is one of my favourite foundations of all time but I have been dying to get my hands on this one as well. Unfortunately, it’s not available where I live yet. So, that’s a bummer. Since I have oily skin as well it seems that it won’t be long lasting on me either. Great review! I personally love detailed reviews haha XOXO

  15. I’m loving this foundation Felicia, but it does need a setting powder, especially on my oily T. Still I’m thrilled with the coverage and the colour is a great match for me xxx

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