LUSH 2017 Easter Collection Preview

Welcome back beauties!

We are now well into March (urgh), and unless you’ve been living in hibernation you would have seen the Easter themed products, chocolates and decorations in stores recently in the lead up to the Easter season. Which means, it’s time to prepare yourself for another limited edition range from LUSH!



As with all limited edition ranges from LUSH, the Easter collection is hugely popular. This year however, along with some old favourites LUSH has released many new and exciting products that are sure to surprise you this Easter and I’m here to give a little preview into the new products.

Golden Egg Bath Melt ($8.50)



So this one is a returning favourite from LUSH as it seems to be loved by so many during Easter time. It’s a fun, insanely glittery bath melt that is littered with cocoa butter for an exciting bathing experience that leaves your skin softened and smoothed. The surprising thing about the glitter however is that it just glides off when you wash it off, it’s a plastic-free lustre and not that pesky type of glitter that seems to glue onto everything in it’s wake. So yes, your bath will be full of glitter but no it will not stick and a quick rinse will get rid of it all and to me the experience would be totally worth it.

The scent is BEAUTIFUL and is my favourite scent of the bunch. Some people liken it to the Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance but to me its sweeter and creamier with a hint of citrus from the sweet wild orange and bergamot oil. I like this melt because to me it seems to be somewhere in between a bath melt and a bath bomb. Oh and because it’s full of glitter.

Which Came First? ($9.95)


So this a new bath bomb to the Easter range, and you can get it in either the spots or stripes version. Unfortunately mine arrived pretty banged up, but it allowed me to see inside the bath bomb which actually has another mini bath bomb inside it in the shape of a chicken! Insanely cute! It adds another element of surprise to the bomb. This bath bomb boasts cleansing Sicilian lemon and grapefruit oil waters. The cool thing about this bomb is that you can split open the egg, and that way you’ll have both sides to an egg and the chicken inside to use for three seperate bath bombs. I went full steam ahead and used it all in one go though.

This bath bomb really reminded me of the ‘Never Mind the Ballistics’ bath bomb released during Christmas. The colour of my bath water and the scent were pretty similar to it, however there is no cocoa butter.

Chick ‘n’ Mix ($11.95)



Another new addition, this bath bomb is huge and has a pretty similar concept to the above bath bomb in that it is composed of three seperate bath bombs. At first glance, what you see is the head of chicken popping out a blue shell. But when you open it, you’ll find another mini bath bomb inside in the form of a baby bunny! Impossibly cute! Again, you can get three magical soaks in it or all at once for a vibrant bath with blue, green and orange tones.


The scent isn’t overly sweet but it is a little zesty as well. It has bergamot oil and tonka absolute for a creamy caramel-like fizz and even hints of dark chocolate!

Bunch of Carrots ($10.95)


This is one of my favourites of the Easter collection because of how darn cute it is and the scent. Plus, it is a re-usable bubble bath bar which are among my favourite products from LUSH. I like the presentation of this product mostly because you can cut one carrot away and only wet one bar at a time – prolonging the life of the other carrots. It’s really important to keep your bubble bath bars dry after use so this will really come in handy.


The scent is a refreshing and sherbet-y blend of buchu (which is anti-septic and anti-inflammatory), bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils for a tropical and zesty aroma. And no, you can’t eat them ๐Ÿ™

Chocolate Easter Egg Soap ($6.95/ 100g)

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This soap bar is a new addition to the Easter Collection which previously didn’t have a soap bar. Soap bars are pretty self-explanatory, and I generally don’t gravitate towards soap bars as I prefer shower gels or shower creams. But this soap bar has a super interesting scent and is the most unique from the range, I’m super keen to give this a whirl.


It smells like a lemon and white chocolate tart to me, owing to the inclusions of lemon oil, grapefruit oil, vanilla absolute and cocoa butter. Coconut oil also features in this soap to give it a really softening and moisturising finish. As with some other LUSH soaps though, it doesn’t have too much of a lather.

Chocolate Lip Scrub ($9.95)


All this talk of chocolate is making me sad that I can’t eat any of these products. But wait! This next product you can actually let it enter your mouth, although I wouldn’t recommend having it for a snack. The Chocolate Lip Scrub is a new addition this year, yay for another lip scrub flavour! It has a delicious combo of chocolate and orange with tangerine and sweet orange oils, with castor sugar and dark chocolate and cocoa powder to pair with.

I’m such a fan of the LUSH lip scrubs and I’m really glad there is now a Chocolate flavour!

Flopsy Face Wash Jelly ($19.95)


Lastly, and certainly not the least interesting product is the new ‘Flopsy’ face wash jelly. So I’ve used the body wash jellies before but never a face jelly, so naturally I was completely perplexed by this product.


In the tub, I was repeatedly poking it with my fingers and a smile on my face because it felt like marshmallows. It was only until I took it out of the tub I realised it was meant to be folded out into the shape of a bunny’s head. I did it ever so carefully however my limited face wash jelly experience proved to be a struggle. Flopsy = 1, Felicia = 0.


The way you are meant to use it is either stroke it over your face repeatedly until it laters or warm it up in your hands by rubbing it between them and creating a lather which you can then apply to your face. A really weird but totally exciting product to use. What an experience! The scent is again a unique one, with fresh carrot infusion and Carrageenan extra which is hydrating. It was a nice wash, left my face feeling really smooth and fresh without being stripped.

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And there you have it! A small preview of some of the Easter range hitting LUSH stores Australia wide. Some I am still yet to use, but I’ve been totally excited by the products I did use and I’m keen to see how they are received by everyone. There are also some really cute gift sets available so make sure you check them out! The range is available from 23rd of March in store and online until April 17.

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*These products were sent to me for editorial consideration. The generosity of the providing party has not influenced the material presented.

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  1. Jeez I luv lush and all their new additions and their special additions too, I know now what im buying my nieces for Easter with a few little chocolate eggs.. Just perfect .. And maybe one or two for me as well

    1. Haha, you just have to get some for yourself! I’d tell you to get one of everything, but if you were to pick a few, the Chick ‘n’ Mix is such a vibrant colour in the bath! And the chocolate lip scrub is amazing. So many favourites!

    1. LOL me too! I would have put the whole thing in the bath without realising there was a chicken inside! I almost don’t want to use my chicken, it’s gorgeous!

    1. It’s a subtle scent, but yes to me the most unique in the range. A lot of these products has chocolate and citrus as their theme but this is a lot different. Go have a smell once it’s in store! It also looks INCREDIBLE as a whole without being chopped up from a photo I’ve seen. I’m going to go in store just so I can see it as a whole piece! And the Chick ‘n’ Mix has the most vibrant colours!!

  2. Thank you for explaining about the Golden Egg! I’ve always been hesitant about trying it because I didn’t want to deal with the washing up. I’ll have to try it out xx

    1. You really have to feel it to believe it. Go in store, touch one and see how much glitter gets on your hands and then get one of the staff to let you wash your hands. It comes right off! I am so surprised!

    1. They really do! It’s no wonder everyone is obsessed with them when they get released! Thanks for the love x

    1. It’s impossibly adorable! So many cute little surprises. I think the Chick ‘n’ Mix will be absurdly popular because it is huge!

    1. *GASPS* Shame on you, haha. In all seriousness, they are completely overwhelming with their range of products and it can be really hard to know where to start. All the employees are so helpful though and they always seem to knuckle down into a few products to try. I suggest you go in and try at least one thing!

    1. It’s just such a whimsical and fun range isn’t it. I love it! But I still love their Valentine’s Day range better ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It’s one of the weirdest products I’ve ever tried to be honest. But in a good way, I like ‘out of the box’ products. Plus, the rabbit face is totally cute!

    1. It’s one of the most interesting products presentations I’ve ever come across that’s for sure haha

  3. The whole collection is adorable!! I love Flopsy and almost wanted to get it but finally I thought it would be a bit difficult to use so I got the 2 shower gels ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. It’s definitely not as simple and easy to use as your regular face wash but it adds a little spice to the mix! I know that we are getting ‘Wash Behind Your Ears’ shower gel, but what other one did you get?

  4. These are incredible!! I totally want the bunch of carrots, they’re lovely!! Thank you so much for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ I totally LOVE this brand, they always have incredible products!!

    1. I know! Every collection has something totally adorable and surprising. I think my favourite is still the Valetine’s Day range, but this probably comes in second! So many cute surprises.

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