Tis’ the season to be jolly, because the Lush Christmas range for 2017 is upon us! And by ‘have yourself a merry little LUSHmas’  I mean to surround yourself with as much of their sweet and festive aromas as you can. Sleep on a cloud of it, wash your dishes with it, bath your pets in it, anything you please because you probably won’t be able to get enough of it.

The limited edition LUSH Christmas range for 2017 sees many favourites return, and introduces new items and scents for us all to fall in love with to make Christmas just that little bit more festive.


Christmas Sweater bath bomb – a new addition. Image courtesy of LUSH Australia

This year LUSH has 22 bath products from bath bombs to melts to bubble bath bars, 12 of which are brand new additions! This category is perhaps the most exciting for me this year, with the introduction of the Snow Fairy jelly bomb as well.

Man in the Moon Bubble Bar ($11.50)


Take a voyage to the moon with this brand new bubble bath bar featuring lime and neroli oils. If you’ve read my previous LUSH posts, you’d know how much I love anything with neroli and this is no exception. It’s coated in a golden lustre that LUSH is famous for some extra bath-time pizzazz.  It has the usual cocoa butter for a moisturising soak and produces a lot of bubbles. The texture is unlike any other bubble bar I’ve had from LUSH, it’s not crumbly and airy like the others, it’s very soft, dense and buttery in texture which I actually enjoy. It leaves a bright, crisp green colour to the water, not swampy or forest green. It’s also vegan! Plus, look how friggen cute the guy is. A really enjoyable bubble bath!

Butterbear ($5.95)


The scent of Butterbear is super comforting for me, it’s creamy and vanilla-ry and for some reason I feel really warm and snuggly when I smell it. I feel like this would be the perfect ‘White Christmas’ bath bomb. It’s a very simple product, again featuring cocoa butter, ylang ylang and musk so your bath will be a calming and moisturising experience. Cocoa butter makes up a lot of this formula so you will definitely notice it in the bath and on your skin when you get out. Your bath may be left with a film of it too, something to be aware of. I love how it makes you feel like your soaking in bath milk though, and I love bath milk.

Luxury LUSH Pud ($8.95)


Another favourite returns with the Luxury LUSH Pud! My favourite thing about this is the addition of tonka absolute, another one of my favourite scents from LUSH, paired with soothing lavender for some good wind-down time. I’ve seen this being hailed as having a likeness to the ever-so popular Twilight scent. I love the bright rainbow colours and I’m really looking forward to putting this to good use after a long day’s work.

Golden Wonder ($8.95)


To me, this is the most hyped-up LUSH bath bomb but I have never been blessed to have it in my hands until now. I am super excited to use this! I am completely intrigued by the cognac oil in this formula, and love the sweet citrus oils in it that seem quite smooth and toned down by the cognac. I remember being educated on the complicated and multi-layered approach to the construction of this bath bomb so I really appreciate what’s gone into this. I’m reserving this for a very special occasion (translation – when I’m home alone so I can selfishly take it all in by myself with a glass of wine by the bath).

Magic Wand ($11.50)


This truly magical reusable bubble bath bar returns this year, one of my favourite items from last year’s Christmas release. Snow Fairy in solid bubble bath form, this really brings out the little girl in me and makes me think of the days when I used to dress up like fairies. It bubbles really well, for me I get probably 5-6 uses out of this (I like my bubble baths super bubbly), just keep it under the running tap and then store it in a dry place. Of course, the glitter only lasts one use as it’s just a coating but the vivid pink comes back for each bath. It makes for a really fun and girly bath.



santa's christmas naked
Image courtesy of LUSH Australia

This Christmas we see the introduction of the ‘NAKED’ range, a solid form of the liquid soaps we are used to seeing and a bid to help reduce the waste burden of the cosmetics industry. Containing most of the ingredients that are in the liquid forms, the Naked range is solidified by the addition of sodium stearate. I can’t wait to go and pick one up for myself!

Santa’s Christmas ($19.95)


This a new addition for this year’s range, and I have to say it’s definitely my favourite product I’ve tried so far. I bloody love this! I’m generally a huge fan of shower creams after trying my first one in Yuzu and Cocoa (so sad it’s leaving us). I find them to be much more hydrating and softening for the skin, and not a stripping formula at all. I did let out a bit of a squeal when I opened the package to find this and I’m not afraid to admit it at all. It features a lot of scents I thought I wouldn’t like together like coffee, cinnamon, black pepper, lime and aniseed oils but somehow I’ve fallen so in love with it. It reminds me straight away of vanilla coke because it is still sweet. I love the shower cream formulas and I go nuts over the scent, so it’s the winner from the range in my opinion.


The Naked range also enters the Face and Body category this year for lush, featuring solid body conditioners and lip scrubs which are also packageless. We also see some new scents like Buck’s Fizz, Christingle, and Once Upon a Time (an apple scent – I definitely need to smell that).

Santa Baby Naked Lip Tint – Image courtesy of LUSH Australia

Christingle Body Conditioner ($34.95)


Now I looooove the formula of LUSH’s body conditioners, and Ro’s Argan is one of my favourite products from LUSH, so I was very keen to try out more. This Christingle scent is a new product in this year’s range and smells strongly of mint with a kick of grapefruit oil. While I do love the body conditioners, I’m not a fan of the scent and that has to do with the fact that I’m a die-hard sweet tooth and quite obsessive over fruity and sweet scents. This is for those who loves zingy, fresh and crisp scents and one I think the males will appreciate as well.

Santa Baby Lip Scrub ($9.95)


Yeessssssss, another lip scrub to add to my collection and it just so happens I love the scent (it’s like a lip scrub version of Santa’s Christmas). There aren’t many lip scrubs on the market I think, but LUSH seems to do them really well. Plus, they always taste so good and I do have to hold myself back from taking a little chunk to eat every time I use one.


I generally love all the LUSH lip scrubs, especially those that contain little surprises (think back to the Kiss Lip Scrub from the Valentine’s Day collection). Just look at the cute little hearts in the scrub, bless!

Snow Fair Body Conditioner ($34.95)


Completely contrary to Christingle, the Snow Fairy body conditioner hits me in all the right places. With cocoa butter, mango and avocado, this formula really hydrates the skin while leaving the sweetest scent lingering on your skin. It has a very subtle blue pearlescent shimmer through the formula but isn’t something that is very noticeable on the skin so don’t be scared of resembling a disco ball afterwards. One of my top picks from the Christmas collection!

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Tint ($9.95)


Sugar Plum Fairy returns with the lip tint this year that leaves a not-so-scary purple sheen on your lips. The thing I love most about the LUSH lip tints is how bloody long they last on your lips!


They last hours and hours, through eating and drinking and even then try and wash your face at night and you’ll still see a lingering tint on your lips. I’m a pretty big fan of the lip tints from LUSH and find them a really affordable option with a gorgeous shade range too.

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into the 2017 LUSH Christmas range and thought of new ways you can really up the Christmas spirit this year. What are you most excited about picking up this year?

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Until then,

Love, Felicia xo


*Photographed products were provided for editorial consideration. All opinions expressed are genuine and my own. The Beauty & the Geek AU is no expert so please do not substitute my opinions for professional advice. 

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    1. They are always on point with their limited edition ranges, haha! Anything sweet, floral or fruity, and they’ve got me! What did you end up picking up?

    1. Oh you will love Santa’s Christmas then! I love all of their shower creams, so if you love the scent of Santa Baby and the shower cream formulas, you will love this!

    1. Haha, I do the same!! I’ve already gone to pick some up as well. It’s such a girly scent that really does bring out the little girl in me.

    1. As always, hey! I’ll be picking up some of the Once Upon a Time products, and I’m going to try out some of NAKED range too. They seem so cool!

    1. I know I am so excited to see it again!! It was one of my favourites last year too. I love feeling a little princess haha

    1. They do things so right don’t they. All the time!! Yes I am thinking now I’ll head in and try the Christmas Sweater. I also want to pick up Once Upon and Time and the Naked range!

  1. Lush’s xmas range is sure to get anyone in the spirit! I’m super curious about the new naked range – so cool to see them be packageless. I wonder if the soaps are more moisturising than their typical bar soaps. I agree with you on Christingle – it’s too mentholy for me! Like if it’s on my hands and I touch my face in the shower it’s not pleasant! It doesn’t sting but like…it’s too mentholy haha.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Absolutely, they nail it every time! I think the Naked movement is really going to gain some traction. I love any product or company that helps to make the cosmetics industry less of a burden on our environment, I value that much more than those who campaign for ‘natural’ ingredients. I think being more environmentally conscious is more important than having natural ingredients to be honest so I am absolutely chuffed for LUSH to go packageless for some of their products! I may do a blog post on some of the Naked range!

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