Karen Murrell Lipsticks and Liners: Kissed by Nature

Welcome back beauties!

Ever since I received my first Karen Murrell lipstick in a Bellabox a few years ago, I’ve been continuously adding to my collection and I think it’s about time I mention the range on my blog.

Karen Murrell, is a natural ingredient-based cosmetics company heralding from New Zealand. Karen started making her own lipsticks from natural, sustainably sourced and responsible ingredients and packaging that would be on par or even better than some of the mainstream lipstick brands. Her formulas are rich in pigment, emollient and boast the addition of candelilla and avocado oil, sweet orange and cinnamon, while her recyclable and biodegradable packaging is made from sustainably sourced paper printed with vegetable-based dyes. Ingredients are cruelty-free and the products are never tested on animals. She has a dedication to providing consumers with a responsible and natural lipstick solution that would perform, condition the lips during wear and be better for our environment.

Karen Murrell has recently expanded her lipstick collection to now include a range of matching lip liners to some of her most popular shades, so what better time than now to share the collection with you all!

The Lipsticks ($30)


Karen Murrell has 20 lipsticks included in the range starting from a moisturising balm through to flattering nudes, dreamy pinks and seductive reds. Whatever skin tone you are, you’ll find a shade for you because her shade range is versatile and stunning!

I just love that the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable, made from Polylactic Acid that is sourced from a renewable supply of corn starch. Anything to help us looking and feeling pretty whilst reducing the environmental waste-burden of cosmetics is a massive tick in my books.

The formula is emollient and creamy, but it doesn’t compromise on colour. None of these shades were particularly sheer on my lips although I did have to swipe a few times to reach full opacity. The finish is, in my mind, towards the satin end of the spectrum although they could probably be described as demi-matte as well. Although made with cinnamon (the scent of these lipsticks are just divine if you love cinnamon), these lipsticks actually don’t have a sensation like lip plumpers containing cinnamon.

The Lip Liners


The presentation of these liners are beautiful. I love the black shafts and rose gold embossing. They also have a lip brush at the other end just in case you want to blend the lip liner in. As with the lipsticks, these are creamy. But they do have a little pull to them during application. However they aren’t crumbly or flaky and last for yonks! I can easily wear these alone as a lip colour if I want a budge-proof day, or with a gloss to up the shine factor.

The formula is made from naturally-derived ingredients again and features carnauba wax from the Brazilian palm tree, jojoba seed oil, candelilla along with Vitamin E.

The Shades

I’m featuring 5 of the shades in this post for the matching liners and lipsticks:

Cordovan Natural – This is a universal nude shade featuring notes of burnt cinnamon and warm peach. A truly beautiful shade that I’ve been wearing more than any other of her shades


Camellia Morning – A dusky cerise pink, which is quite muted and very feminine. This is such a beautiful shade for Spring and Summer for a happy pop of pink to your lips. I wore this for the Melbourne Cup spring racing carnival and got a fair few compliments on the day!


Violet Mousse – True to the name, this shade is mauve-nude and is one of the best sellers in her collection. She describes this as the ‘little black dress of lipsticks’ and it’s definitely an essential shade.


Coral Dawn – I looove coral shades because I think they are so flattering on everyone I’ve seen them on. This colour is literally a sunset on your lips, so warm and inviting and something that can be worn all year round with ease.


True Love – This lipstick is a special one. As her 20th shade, Karen has packaged this in a unique gold cannister and it was created to honour the love she felt when she wore her first red lipstick. The perfect blue-based red and one of the most flattering reds I’ve ever worn.



I just couldn’t write this post without sharing some swatches. Get ready for some serious lipstick envy. These shades are just beautiful.

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That completes this post!

Have you tried any Karen Murrell before? What’s your favourite shade? Or if you haven’t tried them before, what shade from the swatches is your favourite?

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* These products were sent to me to trial and I am under no obligation to post about these products. All opinions expressed and material presented is genuine and my own. 

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  1. This packaging is what gets me! I love that it’s so simple, yet stunning! The ingredients are great and I love that she’s conscious of the environment.
    Love the swatches. While I fell in love with True Love, Cordovan also ranks highly on my list. Wonderful post Fel!


    1. Thanks Lubz! Yes, so simple and understated yet the lipsticks are so amazing! The biodegradable plastic packaging is what got me. Such a freaking cool idea for packaging considering the waste burden of cosmetics!

    1. Coral Dawn is stuuuuuuuning! I love coral shades and this just made the top of the list!

  2. LOVING True Love! I think that’d be a perfect red for me. Violet Mousse could be a good nude for me too. I haven’t tried any of her lipsticks due to my issues with citrus scents (although some of my Bite Beauty ones have a faint hint of orange & I can tolerate that), but I might test one & see how I go, The colours look lovely.

    1. Oh! Interesting! Are you sensitive to them or just don’t like citrus scents? These don’t smell really that citrusy at all, they are more of a cinnamon scent to me so they might be fine for you! And yes True Love is such a perfect, true red.

      1. Unfortunately I’m sensitive to them, just like I’m sensitive to Vitamin C. I like citrus scents, but my skin CAN be irritated by them. (I say CAN because it depends on the product – I recently used a serum with a tangerine scent & wasn’t affected by it at all, whereas other products I react to straight away.) It’s a pain in the backside having to test everything, but on the upside at least I know what works for me & what doesn’t!

        1. Ah that sucks! The citrus in this product is a Sweet Orange Oil. Have you had tried any products with that in it? For some reason I think you wouldn’t be so sensitive to it because it’s so stable and naturally-derived. But there’s always a risk given your history.

    1. They are stocked in a few chemists so keep your eye out! They are also online at Pharmacy Online and on Ry.com.au (but they are all sold out except for Fuschia Shock! Or you can get them direct off their website 🙂

  3. These lipsticks are stunning! I love the packaging a lot and that nude shade Cordovan Natural has got me sold! The True Love red shade is lovely too, they look so creamy and smooth! What I love in a lipstick! And they’re conscious of the environment, thats even better!

  4. Oh my gosh Fel, stop giving me more reason to buy more lipstick 😛 I love your swatches – lip swatches are always SO helpful. Of curiosity, given the sustainable focus does that mean these are palm oil free? Because if so sign me right up. I love the thought put into the sustainability of the packaging too. Just so many wins!

    1. Well, see that’s where I’m a little lost. Because an ingredient is actually sourced from Brazilian Palm trees. Whether that has the same effect or not is the question but considering her environmental stance I guess not. Thanks for your comment Steph! 🙂

  5. These are so gorgeous on you! I’ve never heard of this brand before, so I’m going to have to have a closer look into the range. They have a really professional, sleek look to them, which I love, and the shade ‘Cordovan natural’ is STUNNING. Thanks so much for sharing Felicia! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. Oh thank you! Yeah they are a relatively small brand in Australia and New Zealand and are just starting to make the rounds in Asia. The shade range is just beautiful isn’t it.

    1. I’m totally enamored by the shade range, it’s just perfect! Some of my favourite lipsticks at the moment!

    1. It really is the perfect red on me. As soon as I put it on I just melted haha. It’s a special lipstick too being her 20th, so I have a lot of love for that particular shade. Really beautiful lip products.

  6. The swatches look beautiful on you, I love them all especially Violet Mousse. I’m intrigued by the lip pencils with the brush on the end. What a clever idea 🙂

    1. Aww thanks Amy!

      Yeah Violet Mousse is freaking gorgeous and I love how she describes it as the “Little Black Dress” of lipsticks!

    1. Thanks Ellie! That’s so nice of you!

      Yes, these lipsticks are among my favourite in my collection! The colours are just perfect!

  7. I haven’t tried any at all, but if I had to pick one it would be the “Cordovan Natural”. It such a pretty shade and goes with everything. Browns and neutral have been in for me lately. I just might have to look into it.

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