You all know how big I am on maintaining my skin, and I’m always looking for the next intensive skin treatment with effective active ingredients to give my skin a little more TLC when I need it. Usually it will involve some deep treatments once a week or so, but I recently decided to embark on a structured, 28-day programme: the Jurlique 28-Day Radiance Renewal programme, and I wanted to share my thoughts on it, as well as share some exciting news on how you can nab this for yourself for free.

I kind of have a soft spot for Jurlique, not only have I always loved their products (their Rosewater Mist is one of my holy grails), but their farm is just a short drive from my home and I love supporting a brand that produces their own ingredients on our Australian shores.



Basically the Radiance Renewal programme is designed to work in synergy with our skin’s biochemical processes to facilitate skin cell renewal, giving plumpness, radiance and smoothness to our skin. It promises to exfoliate, refine and brighten your skin dramatically in just 28 days, which is the usual cycle of cell renewal in adults. This cycle slows down with age, sun exposure and can be influenced by hormones among other factors, so the programme aims to keep your cell renewal cycle in balance. I say structured, but really it’s only two products you have to use while on this programme, so it’s actually super user friendly and doesn’t complicate your usual skincare routine at all, you just have to remember to use the products daily for 28-days straight. The programme takes a more gentle approach to skincare. Rather than bombard our skin with a powerful and concentrated dose of active ingredients overnight (which can, at times overwhelm our skin), the programme is more a progressive approach to achieving smooth and radiant skin.

Step 1: Exfoliate and Even

The first step is to be used for weeks 1 and 2 for the programme, and aims to gently exfoliate, even skin tone and texture to renew our epidermis. Key ingredients include Spilanthes, Willowbark and Kakadu Plum. Spilanthes and Willowbark are totally new to me, but I’ve used Kakadu Plum as it has a strong reputation for being one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C – a strong antioxidant that has so many benefits for our skin. (If you want a refresher on Vitamin C in skincare, check out my Ingredient Spotlight post). Spilanthes acmella is also known as the toothache plant, and has some vasorelaxant (reduces tension in blood vessels and thus is thought to help keep skin firm) and antioxidant properties which helps to purify and tone the skin. It’s also grown locally in the Adelaide Hills farm! I’d like to see some more extensive studies on the ingredient, but it seems to be more widespread in skincare products than I originally thought! Willowbark also exhibits a mildly exfoliant effect on the skin, so don’t be worried about exfoliating too regularly as it seems safe for daily use. Interestingly, Willowbark is a source of salicylate, which can be oxidised to produce salicylic acid which is the exfoliating agent, a good way to promote skin renewal. Step 1 is to be applied morning and night, following your usual serum application. Use a small, ‘pea-sized’ amount and pat softly into the skin and décolletage (you can’t forget the décolletage!)

Step 2: Smooth and Replenish

Step 2 is to be used for weeks 3 and 4 and is designed to restore radiance and protect the skin. Key ingredients feature Kakadu Plum again, as well as Echinacea and Peach Leaf. Echinacea is an interesting one for me, I’ve never seen or used it skincare before. It has some phenolic constituents for protecting the skin from oxidative stress and can improve skin hydration, but again the literature out there is lacking in support. It’s also grown in the Adelaide farm as well. I’ve always said that whenever I use Vitamin C. my skin transforms almost overnight. It’s an ingredient that you can really tell makes a difference in your skin, particularly in skin clarity and brightness for me, so I’m glad to see it in here. Lastly, Peach Leaf extract is rich in alpha-glucans, which through a variety of biochemical processes in the skin, may facilitate the skin’s capacity to prepare skin cells to protect themselves against stressors. Alpha-glucans more importantly help to maintain healthy skin barrier function, which is beneficial literally for all skin concerns. Step 2 also contains a major component of glycerin and squalene to really help with maintaining hydration and replenish the skin. Again, use this in the same way as Step 1 (and you can’t forget the décolletage!)


My first point I want to make with this system is just how easy it is to use and incorporate into your usual skincare routine. You don’t need to replace any products you already use, you are basically just adding an extra step that complements your normal skincare efforts. It’s completely user friendly, and basically fool proof. Due to the more gentle and progressive approach to this treatment, the risk seems to be lower for those who suffer with sensitivity, as the active ingredients are present in a lower concentration than what you’d see for a deep or intensive treatment that you’d use on an occasional basis. But, this would have to be fully evaluated by those who DO have sensitive skin, because I don’t. But generally, the dose makes the poison. After completing the Radiance Renewal programme in its entirety, I saw that I had much more product left in each tube and I definitely think there’d be enough to have another round. I aim to do this after giving my skin a little break from it, just in case it becomes too much for my skin. Considering you could multiple rounds in one set, it could be a good investment and much more value for money.

For me, generally when I use skin treatments I notice an effect immediately in my skin. But again, as this is a progressive approach, I only saw the real results towards the end of the programme, perhaps at about 3 weeks in after I started using Step 2. At this point, my skin clarity had improved and the texture was slightly improved. I have large pores, so I don’t find many products at all that help with this, so I wasn’t expecting my pores to be minimised with this treatment. But in terms of fine lines, particularly on my forehead I did notice the area was smoother. It didn’t eliminate them or reduce them significantly, but the area around the fine lines had definitely improved and I think this had a knock on effect which seemed to improve the appearance of the fine lines. As with any product that contains Vitamin C, I always, always notice an improvement in the brightness and freshness of my skin, so that’s what I expected with this treatment and that’s what I got. I think the most noticeable feature in my skin for me after the four weeks was the ‘plumpness’ of my skin. I definitely felt it was more hydrated, and full. That’s what I can describe, it was full and thus, appeared firmer (which leads to more youthful looking skin). The only thing I’ll comment on is that being an oily-skinned girl, using the products in the morning seemed to make my skin feel more oily throughout the course of the day. Considering this, I think it’d be better for those with normal or dry skin. I’m not saying it was horrible, just that those with oily skin may want to use less of the product in the morning, or skip the morning application and commit to applying it only at night. I’m not sure this is great advice, given that you aren’t letting the programme reach it’s full potential, but it’s just something to keep in mind.


Usually, the 28-day Radiance Renewal programme retails for $99. But, Jurlique are spoiling their customers by giving them the chance to pick up this set as a free gift with purchase. For a limited time (until stocks last), you receive a complimentary 28-day Radiance Renewal programme when you spend $120 throughout the Jurlique store. Just click the link below, shop to your heart’s content and use the code: 28DAY at the checkout to redeem the offer. My suggestions are of course, the Rosewater Balancing Mist, the Rose Hand Cream, the Activating Water Essence or any products from the Herbal Recovery range!


If you do end up taking advantage of the offer, I’d love it if you could return and let me know your thoughts on the Radiance Renewal programme and what benefits you saw in your skin. Everyone’s skin responds differently to skin treatments, so I would love to know what your thoughts are too! Or, let me know your thoughts on any of my suggestions above if you do pick them up! 



*Products were provided for editorial consideration. All opinions expressed are genuine and my own. The Beauty & the Geek AU is no expert so please do not substitute my opinions for professional advice. This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. I was a bit scared to try this as I didn’t want to disrupt my existing skincare routine. But I love that you don’t need to eliminate something else to introduce this but just add in an extra step. I think I’ll give it a go now. Thanks for your review x

    1. Thanks Rachel! Yeah I feel like it wouldn’t change up your routine too much, and as it’s only an extra product, perhaps it won’t have any negative effects. It’s quite gentle as well, something to remember!

  2. I’ve been really interested in these and was actually looking to start soon. I was in the Jurlique store at the end of last year and they recommend starting in late feb, early March to help my skin before my wedding, so maybe I’ll have to take advantage of the offer!

    Laura || http://www.thelifeoflaura.com.au

    1. Ohhh yes it would be good for your wedding skin prep! Would love to hear how you go if you do end up picking it up!

    1. Nothing like speeding up your cell renewal cycle hey! 😂 that’s the stuff I get excited about now haha.

    1. They are such a consistent and dependable brand hey, and such lovely products! You’ll have to head in store and speak to the ladies about it!

    1. Jurlique are a brand I always know I can go back to, they are a very dependable company with a beautiful range of products.

    1. That’s the first thing I noticed and perhaps the best thing about it! It’s so easy to use, and if you can pump up your cell renewal cycle in an easy manner without complicating your skincare routine. Why not!

    1. Yes! You’ll have to speak to the girls in store and see if it’s a good fit for your skin concerns. You’ll be able to feel how light in texture the products are too. Let me know how you go if you do end up heading in store to find out about it.

  3. Oh this sounds brilliant! I’ve been wanting to try out some Jurlique products for so long but I’m so nervous about my skin not liking it but I love the fact that you van fit it into your normal routine!



    1. It’s a well set out program hey, because then you aren’t bombarding your skin with a bunch of new products at once. You are just introducing one new extra product in each fortnight.

    1. It’s definitely skincare made easy! Such a simple and quick way to add some life into your skin!

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot. Jurlique is a fantastic brand, I always love trying out new products from them.

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