My jewellery collection houses some of my most treasured sentimental items in my life. While every piece of my jewellery is something I consider special, there are a few pieces that are close to my heart for one reason or another. These pieces are not my most precious because of their monetary value, rather they hold the most emotional significance.

Jewellery can be something really powerful to convey and symbolise memories, relationships and life events. This is something that’s always made me attracted to jewellery, it’s like a hidden language. A life journal in metal form. To me, jewellery is more than just personal style. The value of a piece of jewellery really is weighted on its meaning and emotional worth. And even when those items may be lost at one point in our lives, we always remember them.

I’m pretty darn sure my Mum holds the same appreciation for jewellery. She’s always been the biggest contributor to my jewellery collection, even from a young age. She has a flair for finding unique pieces, usually from a small boutique jeweller in our local hometown. She values bespoke workmanship over mass production, and distinctive pieces over those that are relatively widespread. And some of her gifts to me have become my most treasured items in my collection.

London Blue Topaz Ring

This stunning ring features a London Blue stone set in gold, and was my most recent gift from my Mother. She gave it to me as a thesis submission present, which makes this piece a reminder of one of my biggest life achievements. This was a piece from a small local jeweller back in our rural hometown. It’s not a stone you see very often, and the craftsmanship that went into this ring is noticeable. The colour and clarity of this stone is just perfect.

London blue topaz ring jewellery

You can tell how well this ring is made, and it’s very comfortable and sturdy to wear. I don’t have anything quite like this in my collection and it’s not hard to notice that it does catch the eye of those around me. It’s shot right up the list for being one of my most favourite items. Thanks Mum, you’re a gem.

engagement ring sentiment

If my engagement ring didn’t make it into this post than what kind of fiancé would I be? This is by far the most significant to me from my collection. Sure, it’s valuable, but the meaning and symbolism behind this ring is even more important and just too much to put into words. We all know the emotional meaning behind engagement rings: commitment, love, resilience, compromise etc. I don’t need to elaborate on why this is sentimental to me, it’s obvious! To me, this ring is 8 years of that. Again, this ring was a one-off from an independent jeweller in Brisbane when we lived there, so it also represents that part of our lives which was at time, tumultuous.

The gold is thick, robust and sits on the finger like it’s become one with my skin. The care that went into this brilliant cut shows when under lights – it sparkles just as much as my eyes do when I lay eyes on my fiancé after a long day (nawwww). It is just perfect – modest – and is exactly what I wanted in an engagement ring.

thomas sabo charm bracelet

This Thomas Sabo charm bracelet has been years in the making! My Mother bought me the chain and a single charm – the four leaf clover – as a gift for finishing high school and to bring good luck for the future. This bracelet started a chain reaction that went on for years afterwards until it was full. Charms were added on throughout the years from my loved ones – Mum, my Aunty, and Sam. Each charm was bought for a specific reason and symbolises something different. For example, my graduation cap charm when I finished my Bachelors degree, the lovebird charm holding a diamond heart from Sam, a phone charm with the tag ‘Call Me’ from my Aunty so that when I saw it, I would be reminded to pick up the phone and say ‘hey’. Literally even charm has a tale. And for this reason, if I ever lost this bracelet my heart would be forever broken and no replacement will ever suffice. It’s a very special piece.

smokey quartz ring jewellery

Turning 21 is considered a special event for many, but I didn’t really celebrate it though. Something memorable from turning 21 however is this ring from my Mother (told you she’s a major contributor!). I’ve always loved smokey quartz, and this one is a cushion cut set with a border of small diamonds. Mum sourced this from the same jeweller as the London Blue ring back home. And the same standard of workmanship and care has gone into this ring. Again with the same comfort and ease of wear. Another unique piece that I love just as much as when I first saw it.

My last piece is actually something I bought myself, can you believe it. This rose gold diamond band was a replacement for an old rose gold band I had that was begging to be replaced. So when I reached a milestone in my professional career, it gave me the perfect excuse to go treat myself. I bought myself this ring when my first scientific study was published in a forensic genetics journal. So for me, it symbolises all the freaking hard work I put into my PhD. Publishing a paper half way through your PhD is never an easy task! Another reason I bought this was because this is the design of the wedding band I would like to choose once Sam and I wed. It looks so pretty against my engagement ring, I love the antique look to it.

These aren’t the only jewels I consider to be sentimental or my most precious, to me, every piece of jewellery was bought or given to me with a purpose. But I thought I would nail it down to my top five. What do you consider to be your most sentimental piece of jewellery? Let me know in the comments below!

jewels, sentiments and memories


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    1. I used to wear so much more jewellery than I do now. These days, I only really wear the pieces that mean the most to me. Others are just for when I want to change it up or are better suited to my outfit

  1. I love how every charm on your charm bracelet has a special meaning to it.When I first travelled overseas after uni I collected charms from every country I visited. The first one was a plane charm which mum gave me together with the bracelet as I left.

    1. I love that idea. Every time I see a person with a charm bracelet based on countries they’ve visited, I want to make one myself! I’d love to see a pic of yours!

  2. You have some gorgeous pieces here!

    I’m not a huge jewellery wearer, but I do have 1 item that has some sort of sentimental value to me: my late grandmother’s wedding ring, which I received for my 21st from my Mum. It’s the only piece of jewellery I wear daily (in fact, I feel naked if I take it off for whatever reason) & despite it being slightly dented nowadays, it’s something that I know will constantly tie me to my family roots & to a woman who I (sadly) never got to meet.

    1. Ohh Shell, that’s beautiful. No matter how decrepit it may be, it will still be the most valuable piece to you. Sadly, we don’t really have anything that’s passed down through the family line. But I think it would be really nice for us to start something like that. I know for one, my charm bracelet will be, and I suspect my engagement ring will probably be another thing I’d like to pass on when I finally come to the point of being okay to part with it!

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