Innoxa VoluLip Lip Crayons: Review & Swatches

Hello beauties!

Innoxa is one of my favourite Australian affordable and cruelty-free cosmetic brands, and I totally feel like they aren’t spoken about enough. I fell in love with them back when I tried their 5-in-1 BB cream foundation, honestly that stuff is amazing. So I was absolutely over the moon to receive a few of their new releases, including their new VoluLip volume lip crayons which includes 6 shades that are perfect for Spring and Summer.



Volulip is a trademark, so it’s not as easy to find out what makes up the Volulip component – but I’ve had a look at the ingredients in detail and I can guess as to what makes this product a lip plumper. It doesn’t have the usual stimulants in lip plumbers like menthol, cinnamon, capsacin, ginger or caffeine. I actually prefer this, because lip plumpers that contain those types of ingredients tend to make my lips feel really tingly or numb and I actually don’t like that sensation! On the other hand, these lip crayons contain Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 and a plant extract, known to stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis. I saw that it also contains a huge amount of skin conditioners and hydrating agents like shea butter, argan oil and sucrose cocoate to provide up to 50% hydration.

Application & Finish

These are packaged exactly like a large crayon. Applying them was super easy with the crayon tip, however I can see that as I start to use more of them they will wear down to a thick cylinder so may not be good for getting a precise line after prolonged use.

They were like silk to apply, glided on so beautifully onto my lips and had no drag at all to them whatsoever. A few swipes was all it took to achieve full opacity, even though they are classed as a sheer formula.

I wouldn’t call them a lipstick, they are more like a lip balm that’s really pigmented and creamy. They are incredibly comfortable to wear. Extremely lightweight, and super moisturising. They wear down beautifully throughout the day to leave a pretty stain on the lips – so they don’t just disappear!

Do They Work?

As a topical treatment, the effects of lip plumpers like these are subtle. I didn’t notice a huge difference in the volume of my lips, but what I did notice was that they looked more full. Sounds contradictory I know, but you know those little wrinkles in your lips? I felt like they were filled out after I used these crayons, as if my lips were pulled taught. Not completely gone, but they were less prominent. So in that way, my lips weren’t bigger, but they appeared fuller. The effects were also greater the longer I left them on for.


Before – no lip products
Swatches L to R: Almost Nude, Soft Pink, Orange Tango, Coral Crush, Real Red, Magenta
Swatches Top to Bottom: Almost Nude, Soft Pink, Orange Tango, Coral Crush, Real Red, Magenta


I really love these lip crayons, they are so comfortable to put on and to wear. So hydrating, lightweight yet full of colour while adding some fullness to my lips. I would definitely recommend these, like every other Innoxa product I’ve tried. They always seem to create really good quality and affordable products. My personal favourites are Coral Crush and Magenta, I feel like they really suit my skin tone well. You can pick these up easily from Priceline or on their website for $16.95 each.

Do you have any personal favourite lip plumpers? Let me know! I’m always up for trying some, just not ones that irritate my lips!

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*This product was provided to me for editorial consideration. However, the generosity of the providing party has not influenced my views and opinions of the product. All opinions expressed are genuine and mine own. As always, I am no expert so please don’t substitute my opinions for professional advice.

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    1. Thank you Beth! I have used some before but as I said those ones tended to irritate my lips or give me a weird sensation so I tend to stay away from lip plumpers. But these don’t give me any of those feelings so they are a winner for me!

    1. I know all too well our shared love of the 5-in-1 BB cream foundation, so this post is perfect for you! Innoxa is a great brand! You should try out some testers in store, these colours would look so lovely on your skin tone. x

    1. The muted pinks woukd be perfect for your skin tone by the sounds of it. I think Orange Tango would be amazing as well! But it’s hard to tell without knowing your skin. I’d love to see of you do purchase them and how they look on you πŸ™‚

  1. High time I explored more from the Innoxa range – I do love their lipsticks, but I haven’t seen these yet, will definitely check them out next time at Priceline. Love the colours, love your swatches! β™₯β™₯β™₯

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