His & Hers: Bellabox Unboxing

I find coordinated gift sets some of the cutest gifts going around, so when I found that Bellabox released their ‘Bellobox’ subscription service a few years ago for men to go along with the female ‘Bellabox’ counterpart I instantly became interested.


Beauty isn’t just for us women, men have their needs too but often they don’t spend half as much time and effort on their personal appearance, beauty routine and grooming as we females do. It was through this realisation that Bellobox was originally born from – in the hope to encourage men to start taking better care of their skin and really just themselves in general. Men these days are becoming increasingly aware of their grooming options regardless of their age. And because my partner is often using my beauty products like shampoo and conditioner, face wash and body wash, (and he might not appreciate me saying this, but secretly he loves joining me on my facial mask nights and actually looks forward to them), I thought it was time he was introduced to the Bellobox service and had products of his own to explore.

This post will feature both the Bellabox and Bellobox editions for Summer. Bellobox is a quarterly subscription at $30 per edition, and the box featured in this post will be the ‘Summer’ edition. Bellabox on the other hand is a monthly subscription at $17.95, and the box featured in this post will be the January edition.

This post is going to be a little bit different and just a little more exciting for me to write because my boyfriend will acting as a ‘guest blogger’ of some sorts. He was actually quite excited that he was receiving something in the post when it’s usually me!

Bellobox Summer Edition 2017


My partner is what you would call a man’s man. He’s hands on, active and generally is the type of guy that spends more time taking care of everyone else rather than himself. So what better way to give him the incentive to do so than a quarterly men’s grooming and beauty subscription!

The Summer Edition products

DMAN Shave Cream (RRP $19.95)


“I really don’t pay too much attention to buying good quality shave creams that you can get in shops other than supermarkets. I usually just stay with the standard affordable products like the BRUT stuff. So I’m pretty happy to be trying out something that is higher quality”

Lab Series Multi Action Face Wash (RRP $28 for 100ml, $1.96 per 7ml sample)


“This smells really nice and it cleans my skin really well too. I feel like my skin is smoother too after I use it. The sample is small but I can definitely get a few good uses out of it and will probably save it for when I go away so I don’t have to take up so much room in my bags.”

Buck Grooming Face Moisturiser (RRP $35 per 100g, $3.50 per 10g sample)


“Nice. I liked the sound of this moisturiser and liked it even more when I tried it. It smells really fresh and zingy, and natural. It might be too zingy for some guys though. The packaging is pretty cool and different, even for a small sample in a tin. My skin wasn’t so dry after shaving and trimming when using it a few times too.”

De’Bee Signature Balms Pucker Up Peppermint (RRP $7)


“It’s pretty cool that I have my own lip balm and it’s not girly like most of the other lip balms around. I’m not sure how many guys would use it but I definitely will especially because I get chapped lips from working out in the tarmac every day. I also like how the ingredients are really simple and easy to understand because there is only 3 of them.”

Boutique Heidi The Modern Man’s Hankie Bundle (RRP $12.90)


“I’m going to bring back the handkercheif with these! I’m going to make them trendy again. They look a bit alternative but that’s what makes them cool. It’s also a good thing to have nowadays when people are more conscious of the environment and are trying to avoid so much rubbish.”

Invisible Zinc 4hr Resistant SPF 50+ (RRP 21.95)


“I’ve never tried zinc, let alone an invisible zinc. But having sun protection in a Summer box is important. Especially one that is water resistant. This is going to be used a lot this Summer and it’s something that every single guy can use.”

Sukin Hydrating Facial Masque (RRP $15.95 per 100ml, $7.98 per 50ml)


“Awesome! Again, I think it’s pretty cool that I have my own face mask to use. I like the smell and the feel of the mask. I also think it’s good that it’s half the size of the standard mask. I don’t think guys would use it as much as women would so there would be less chance of it going bad before using it up”

Olive Hand Flowing Liquid Soap (RRP $14.95 per 250ml, $0.60)


“Hand soap is always going to come in handy, but I’m going to need a lot more of this to clean my dirty hands after work. I like the smell of it too and seems like it would be a good staple to have in the house”

Avon Life for Him Cologne (RRP $59 per 75ml, $0.50 per 0.6ml)


“I don’t have many colognes so I’m always up for trying some new ones. This smells manly and classic. I’ll use it when I go travelling so I don’t have to take my big glass bottles”


“I think it’s really cool to have a guys subscription box we can get every few months to remind us to stay on top of our personal care. It’s also pretty good that I get to try out new brands that I’ve never heard of. My favourite products are the handkerchiefs, the face mask and the lip balm. We calculated the value of the box to be $76.35 for 9 items which is more than double what you actually pay so that’s good value. I think something like this would be a good gift to get brothers, Dads and boyfriends. It’s something different that guys wouldn’t get for themselves”

Bellabox January ‘Beauty Resolutions’ Edition 2017


This month’s box is all about celebrating new beauty beginnings or helping you to fulfill your beauty resolutions for the year. It was a pretty exciting release, as their past boxes have been pretty awesome in my experience! It was also an exciting box as it was including a BB branded shimmer trio!

The BB Shimmer Trio (RRP $9.95)


This could have come in either two shades: ‘Nymph’ which is a metallic shimmer/highlighting trio of bronze, gold and rose gold, where ‘Unicorn’ is a ethereal trio of Pearl, Lilac and Champagne. I received Unicorn and I’m so glad I did! It’s so pretty guys! A beautiful light set of highlighters that can be used in so many ways. A really cute little product to have, and so unique. The lighter shade however has too much glitter for my liking and I’m worried the formula will crease if used in my eye makeup.

Cetaphil Suntivity Liposomal Lotion SPF 50+ (RRP $19.05 for 100ml, $1.90 per 10ml sample)


This sunscreen is designed for those who struggle to find sun protection for their sensitive skin. I don’t have sensitive skin but I find this product to be a really nice formula at the highest protection without being heavy and greasy on my skin. It worked perfectly for Australia Day on the beach! You can never have too much sun protection in the Summer months.

Kerastase Bain Discipline Fluidealiste Shampoo and Hair Masque (RRP $42 per 250ml, $13.45 per 80ml shampoo, RRP $60 per 200ml, $23 per 75ml masque)


Ahh, what a nice duo to see in this month’s box! Kerastase is such a luxe haircare brand. Their products are of such high quality and really work. I have tried a few of their formulations before but never this one. The duo I received is for frizz fighting which is definitely applicable to me as my fine hair is prone to getting frizzy in the humidity. I’m so keen to try these guys out.

Avene Lip Balm with Cold Cream (RRP $23.95)


Again, another high quality product! I know there are a tonne of Avene samples given out in Bellabox subscriptions and people may be over seeing them popping up all the time but they make such good products! I’ve never actually tried this lip balm and to be honest I had no idea it even existed until I saw it in the box. It’s a real treat in this month’s box because it’s valued at $23.95. It’s such a hydrating formula that adds shine and shimmer to your lips without overdoing it. This went straight into to my work bag!

EyePRO Eye Makeup Pads (RRP $14.95 per 10 pack, $1.50 per set)

These are made for the purpose of avoiding the mess that comes with doing eye makeup by sticking the pads underneath your eye area to catch fallout. They also help with creating precise eye makeup as the pads can also act as a guide. They are also infused with what is called a hydrogel as well so they are more gentle on the delicate eye area.


There was also a bonus sample this January which was a body lotion from Natralus but I used it as soon as I got it!


I think this is a really good box, the Kerastase products and the Avene lip balm are my favourite products of the bunch! I received 6 items (+1 bonus) and it had a total value of $75.25 which is so good considering the boxes are $17.95 per month including postage!


Did you receive a bellabox or bellobox this past edition? What did you think? I’m pretty chuffed with both the bellabox and bellobox and I think my partner is too.

If you want to get a discount off your first bellabox, you can use this link down below to get your first month’s box for $10, and you can cancel anytime!


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*These boxes were sent to us for editorial consideration. As always, the generosity of the providing party has not influenced our opinions or views on the products discussed.

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  1. How cool that the boys get a box of their own too! Hopefully it’ll encourage them to start using beauty products (there’s no shame in it fellas – I know my brother’s used moisturiser before) & stop them from stealing our stuff (let’s face it, we all know they do it).

  2. I’ve had Bellabox myself in the past, and my boyfriend has had Bellobox too and liked it. Great for people who need new products but since I’m overflowing with samples I had to give it up haha xx

  3. I was really disappointed in my january box, i didn’t receive the shampoo/conditioner or the lip balm, I seemed to be missing a product compared to the other boxes I have seen

    1. Wasn’t in my Jan box and have to say I’m not thrilled about the products I received this month πŸ˜” after watching the post on the possible items we’d receive I was so excited but just got my box in the mail with more moisturizer and oh more moisturizer….only good thing was the unicorn highlighter…I didn’t get the amazing face mask or hair mask that they talked about…super disappointed! Might just stick to lust have it box from now on, much better samples and at least 3 full size every month.

  4. I just received my first box and I was thoroughly disappointed. I am a 39yr old female and I received NEON HAIR CHALK!!!! I even checked my profile to see if I had clicked the wrong settings. I am hoping next month is better or I will be reconsidering my subscription. Your box looked lovely.

  5. sounds like i need a metrosexual man to gift the box to. My hubby is vain, but he wouldn’t be interested in Bellobox ToT

  6. Like the idea of the fellas getting in on the act. My husband has got to review some men care products on my blog and secretly enjoys playing at beauty blogger! Which reminds me, he owes me one on the pre-shave lotion . . .

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