I constantly come across things in my daily life that I love to tell all my friends, family and followers about, and I thought it would be nice to have these recommendations communicated in regular blog posts since most of them are shown through my Instastories or instant messengers, which are fleeting moments!

So here we are! A new series that will share my top recommendations I’ve come across in the last month or so, that will span a heap of categories and not just skincare or makeup! So there will be something for everyone. Let’s get stuck into it.

Netflix // When They See Us

I love a good crime show just as much as the next person, but this one will stay with me for a long time because it was an extremely emotionally demanding series to watch that played on my feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, empathy, and finally, appreciation. When They See Us is a Netflix Original miniseries that follows the story of lives of The Central Park Five, which, if you didn’t know, was a case where five young men in the US were wrongfully convicted of a brutal attack on a woman, and later exonerated after the real perpetrator gave a jailhouse confession. It’s agonisingly difficult to get through the first episode which shows how authorities coerced the young men into confession, and what follows is a series of events that describe how the system completely failed these poor teenagers, and the devastating impacts on their lives during and after incarceration. The final scenes in the last episode got me good though, telling stories of what these men are now doing with their lives and it made so bloody proud of them for what they’ve had to endure and what good they made of it. Tears galore. An absolute must-watch.

Makeup // Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip*

On a lighter note, my top pick for a makeup product lately is the Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip, specifically the shade Ambre which is a warm, deep nude brown. I’ve been after shades like this for this season since my Winter shades have previously spanned across the deep berry/wine shades so it’s hit the spot for me. Plus, the formula and texture is really beautiful and comfortable. It’s not a matte liquid lip so doesn’t have huge staying power, instead it’s glossy and emollient with rich pigment. I’ve leaned away from the matte finish this year so this suits my preferences well right now which is why it’s made it into my recommendations!

Felicia's Recommendation: Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip

Movie // Yesterday*

Thanks to Universal Pictures here in OZ, Sam and I went to see a preview screening of ‘Yesterday‘, where an unsuccessful but talented musician wakes up after an accident to find that the world doesn’t know that The Beatles and their music ever existed. So he starts to perform their songs as his own and becomes crazy famous across the globe. Sam and I loved it! It is a genius storyline really, and an unorthodox tribute to the legacy of The Beatles. It has romance, humour and an awesome soundtrack that everyone can appreciate (I mean, after all this time their songs still live on and have such impact). Plus, it had Ed Sheeran in it and I loved his character in the film. Another must-watch!

Music // RY X

Oh my, I have so many new music loves for my recommendations list which makes it hard to give just one but I just have to go with RY X on this one. If you’re a fan of Bon Iver style music you’ll die over RY X. Soft, mellow, and downright hypnotic, his falsetto vocals and smooth electro-acoustic sound will serious draw you in. His music is totally meditative. I’ve been a fan of his for years since his first EP in 2013 and he just keeps getting better and better and I just love him. Praying he’ll come over to OZ because I’d drop everything to see him live. For your first introduction I recommend giving ‘Yayaya‘ a listen. And watch the official track video! Pure perfection.

Skincare // Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel*

I do love my glycolic acid for keeping my skin properly exfoliated, but I usually use it in the form of a glycolic acid scrub from Skinstitut. I recently got sent a box of the new Glow Tonic skincare range from Pixi which now includes multiple other skincare products other than their cult classic Glow Tonic toner, and I’ve been trying out the new Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel since. I usually go for a standard, no-fuss cleanser with no actives in it but I found this to be gentle enough to do it’s job. A fresh, clean feel is what I get from it without it stripping my skin or interacting with other products that contain active ingredients. And it’s not an abrasive exfoliation either. I didn’t have any tingling or reactionary effects, but in saying that I do have pretty tolerant skin. Plus, the packaging is just so pretty!

Felicia's Recommendation: Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Cleanser

Podcast // The Lady Vanishes

The Lady Vanishes is a true crime podcast which focuses on the Australian case of Marion Barter, who disappeared after she abruptly resigned from her job and left for a trip abroad in 1997. She sent a few postcards to her family and had a few short phone calls shortly after leaving, but after that, no one has heard from her since. This is an investigation that spans internationally and since it’s production there has been people from all over the world offering information and potential leads. Interestingly, money had been found to be withdrawn from her account multiple times in Byron Bay, Australia while she was meant to be overseas, and that her passport had been shown to have been used to get back into Australia afterwards, but still, she has not been heard of or seen. A very interesting and puzzling case, and I recommend giving it a listen if you enjoyed Teacher’s Pet. I have another list of true crime podcast recommendations I’ve published earlier, check them out if you want more binge-worthy podcasts to listen to!

And there is my latest list of recommendations! Do you see anything you’ve been loving lately too? Let me know! Have recommendations of your own? Drop a comment below!

*Denotes products that were kindly provided. All views, experiences and opinions are 100% genuine and my own. The Beauty & the Geek AU is no expert so please do not substitute my opinions with professional advice.

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  1. You’ve got so many great recommendations Felicia!

    ‘When they see us’ is definitely one I’m very intrigued about.It is so unfortunate what happened. I’ve been putting it off because I know it is something that takes a while to digest. But knowing there is a happy ending definitely does help. It’s horrible that this stuff happened and still happens today.

    I’m sooo keen to see the film’ Yesterday’. It looks like such as fun and quirky premise. I’m excited to check it out! You’re sooo lucky you got to see the premiere!

    The music by RY X definitely sounds up my ally. I’ve been in search of some new music and this sounds like such a great one!

    Rochelle || http://www.simplesocialsister.com

  2. So many good recommendations. I really enjoyed When They See Us – not for the enjoyment factor (because it’s horrifying and definitely made me very angry) but I just think it was SO well done! Also love the Pixi Cleansing Gel so much!

    Laura || http://www.thelifeoflaura.com.au

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