I Got My Face Tattooed Pt 2: Brow Tattoo

Well… it’s that time again! Many of you have been following me on my brow tattoo journey and have been patiently waiting for my update on my brows. I’ve FINALLY written up my well overdue post, and I’m so excited to show you all the final result! I got my brows feather tattooed from the girls at Exotic Beauty and Brows, and if you read my first installment of my brow tattoo journey, you would be aware that I was going to go back for my touch up session and that I was going to report the final result to you all. If you haven’t read it, you can catch up on it here.


This was the result from my first round of feather brows. I wanted to go for a really natural look, so there wasn’t any major changes to the shape or thickness of my brows. I just wanted them evened out and filled in, so I didn’t have to every morning!

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After the first round, I had to wait at least 6-8 weeks for my brows to fully heal before going back for my ‘perfection session’. Following on from the first session, I was absolutely in love my with perfectly groomed eyebrows, yet I had a few things I wanted to tweak in my perfection session. To me, the heads of my eyebrows were two different shapes, so I wanted to get this evened out. My left eyebrow was also slightly more curved at the arch then my right eyebrow, so I also wanted to get this corrected in my touch up. The last thing I wasn’t sure about, was the colour of my brows. I was scared that they would heal too light or too warm, but I was going to make my decision after I fully healed.

This was the final result after my first session. As you can see, my eyebrow tattoo faded considerably lighter than my natural hair colour, and there is a slight difference in the shape of my brows (although it’s exaggerated in my last photo because my eyes are just, well… weird).

The Healing Process

Straight after the treatment, I was applying bepanthen cream onto the tattoo 2-3 times daily to protect the tattoo from infection and to keep the area moist. Scabbing is a natural aftermath of the tattoo but you want it to be ‘wet’ scabbing so that you don’t lose your scabs too quickly, which can cause pigmentation loss. I started to notice scabbing a little after the 1 week mark, but applied the bepanthen until I thought the scabbing process was fully complete. You can notice in this picture that there is some slight scabbing towards the beginning of my brow.image1

This was probably the worst that my brows looked during the healing process. Even though it doesn’t look nice at all, you have to put up with it and leave it be. Any scabs purposely pulled off can result in pigmentation loss.

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The hardest thing about the healing for me was the difficulty in washing my face! Obviously, you want to avoid water and chemicals around your brow area. So I only washed half my face as normal, and then used some micellar water on cotton pads to cleanse my forehead and my temples. This went on for a few weeks and it felt so good to finally wash my face properly!

Something that I noticed with the healing was that I felt like my brows were ‘shrinking’ and healing patchy in some areas. The ladies warned me that this may happen, especially because I have oily skin and it is more common in oily-skinned people. This is why it’s so important to have touch up sessions, so that any problems after the first round of tattooing can be corrected.

This is a close up of the healed brows after 6 weeks from the initial treatment.

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Touch Up Session

I went into a hell of a lot of detail about the actual tattooing process in my first installment, so if you want to read up on the process again, head on over!

This time around, because the general shape was already established in the first session, it was much easier for the girls to draw the outline of my brows again without going through the lengthy process of making reiterations of the shape drawn on before tattooing.

Because my eyebrows faded to a really light colour, I asked for a shade darker. The girls were worried it might come out too heavy, so we agreed that we would mix in the two shades to end up somewhere in the middle, and the resulting shade is pretty much spot on!!

The Final Result

Apologies for the really gumby photo, but this was the final result from the second round of tattooing, before healing.

As you can see, the heads of the eyebrows were corrected, however there is still a slight difference in shape. I’ve mentioned this to some people who then say I’m just being silly and they can’t notice it unless I specifically go up in there face and say, “Look here, it’s at about 5 degrees less of an angle than the other one!”

I now like to take brow selfies in my lab. Shhh.

Also, the curved shape of my left eyebrow was also corrected. The ladies really listened carefully to the changes I wanted made and they were apt in making those alterations for me. It’s safe to say, my eyebrows were more evened out, less patchy and darker, and I left the salon a happy girl.

After the second round of healing, this was my final result. Because my brow hairs are unruly, the only thing I need to do to my brows is just set them in place with a brow gel. So instead of spending probably about 6-7 minutes every morning just on my brows, it now takes about 30 seconds!

I love my new eyebrows, and adore the way it makes getting ready so much quicker and easier. Even though there are still a few tweaks I’d make if I were to do it again, they are pretty minor and it doesn’t take long to rectify if I want to go all out on my brows. They are really natural when just running an eyebrow gel through them, but for those times where I want to make more brow impact it’s easy and quick enough to do.

If you’re thinking about getting your eyebrows tattooed, I’d highly recommend it if you are up to putting up with the little inconveniences of the healing process, and if you’re willing to take a risk if you have oilier skin.

UPDATE: It’s been 6 months now since my procedure, and I’ve started to notice some pigment fading in patches on my eyebrows. While initially I didn’t need to do my eyebrows before going out for the day, I find that now I do have to spend time on my eyebrows every morning. The general shape is there, so there isn’t much work to do, but nonetheless with how it’s faded I still need to touch them up. I’m putting this towards my oily skin and my friction skin allergy I’ve mentioned before, which made the lines not as sharp as my skin was bleeding quite a bit during the second procedure, causing pigment to be pushed out, and disperse. Would I get it done again? Probably not, because I don’t think I am a good candidate for this procedure. Would I suggest you try getting a brow tattoo? Of course, because you don’t know how it will end up on your skin until you try it. The results are very individual.

Have you had your eyebrows tattooed? Let me know in the comments. If you still want more questions answered about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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  1. Love your posts on your brow experience! It is normal for us to compare & Ensure both brows are absolutely symmetrical, Glad yours was fixed up in the touch up! When will you require to go top up again?

    1. Thanks! I like to write really detailed posts. With the touch up, it really depends on how my skin holds the pigment. It could be in another 6 months or it could be 2 years! Everyone is different so it’s hard to say when. You don’t know until you try which is part of the ride!

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