Everyone is different, and products & services may work differently for you then they do for me. I am not here to give professional advice, as I am not a professional and have not been professionally trained in health, beauty or lifestyle. So I ask that you do not take my opinions and views as substitute for professional advice. What I can do though, is provide general information from my experiences ONLY. The opinions that are expressed on the blog are mine only, and are not those by an advertiser, company or affiliate, even when the products written about have been sent free of charge and are discussed with/without payment.

It is important to you do further research in products or services that are discussed on my blog, if you are interested to use them for yourself. You can speak to a professional eg dermatologist or pharmacist if you are unsure about how a product will work for you. Alternatively, you can contact the product manufacturer/company to gain some more knowledge about products you are interested in.

Copyright protects the content that I publish on my blog. I work hard to produce content that is unique, and mine own. Any unauthorized copying or reproducing of my intellectual property without my permission is prohibited. Therefore, if you would like to reproduce any of the work on my blog, please first ask permission by emailing me at felicia.bardan@hotmail.com

Disclosure Policy:

At times I am sent products or I receive services from brands to feature in my content. Where this is the case, I will explicitly detail this in the relevant post. It is important to note that where I am sent products, my personal opinions and judgements are not swayed by the generosity of the sender, and the opinions I express will always be authentic and mine own.

Those who know me well will know how much I value honesty and genuinity. This is true for both my daily life, as well as through my blog. Because of this, sponsored posts, if any, will also be clearly detailed in the conclusion of the relevant posts as well. Where this applies, my opinions and views will still be honest and with integrity. I vow to remain transparent with relevant details to my readers and brands involved.

If you would like to discuss further the policies listed above, please contact me by email and I will gladly respond.