I’m always in denial when I start to see the Christmas ranges spill out onto shop shelves. Surely it isn’t THIS far into the year yet? It can’t be! Where has this year even gone? There a few limited edition Christmas ranges however, that do make me happy and excited when I start to see them piled up in store every year. One of them, is of course from T2. In this blog post I’ll give you all a little rundown of what you can expect from this years T2 holiday range: Every Tea Has a Tale

Just from the name alone, I knew I would love it. I’ve always been attracted to the whimsical. Fairy tales, folklore, legends, and fables. I love getting lost in it all. In fact, I listen to a podcast called ‘Tales’ that features a new ancient fairy tale or legend in it’s original form with each episode or series. And I used to love watching the TV series ‘Once Upon A Time’. You also know how much I do love drinking my tea. So I really didn’t need much convincing to fall in love with the T2¬†holiday range after I knew the theme. And after exploring the range myself in store recently, I really wished I was able to pick up one of everything (damn you, student life).

T2 holiday 2018 range feature teas

This year the feature pieces in the T2 holiday range are inspired by fables and fairy tales, hence the name of the collection. Even the teaware draws inspiration from these stories and are created in collaboration with artists. For example, there is a mug drawn with cats all over it (a sneak peek is above) which in inspired by the ‘King of the Cats’ tale, and others inspired by the The Brothers Grim tale of ‘The Shoemaker and the Elves’, and ‘The Red Shoes’ by Hans Christen Andersen. Perhaps my fave tea of the night was ‘Lady Esmeralda’s Ultimate Dream Dictionary’, which of course, is borrowed from the fairy tale of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This tea was so unique in it’s flavour and I can really imagine myself drinking a cup of this in bed before sleep. I can’t quite put my finger on how to describe it, but it features apple, camomile, reship, lemon balm, apricots and valerian root. It’s sweet but zingy, warm and earthy all in one. This tea was something totally different to any tea I’ve tasted previously but at the same time had a familiar taste that was dancing on my tongue and plagued me trying to think of what it was.

T2 sand timer tea

There are new additions to the tea accessories range with the ‘Tall Tales Bookmark’ for the bookworms, and a sand timer for tea brewing (not part of the T2 holiday range but it is new!), along with the standard iced tea sets they bring out during Christmas. And this year they are bringing back tea-inspired candles too. A new one this year is “Palais de Fleurs” inspired by their French Earl Grey (in my top five fave teas ever from T2), and I swooned so hard over this candle. The scent was so gorgeous and the ‘jar’ is meant to be repurposed as a tea glass too which I just love.

I’ve always known T2 to release really fresh, bright and summery blends during their holiday collections to pay homage to the Australian Summer Christmas. However this year, I’m loving this range that leans more towards warm, creamy, comforting blends. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still have some of your favourite Summery vibes to indulge in this year, but I really love what they have created this year for the holiday season. And I also think this style of tea is more appropriate for the theme behind the collection too.

2018 T2 holiday range: Christmas Breakfast

My best bet for a warming, comforting and delicately spicy cuppa is the ‘Christmas Breakfast’ feature tea, which I was also generously gifted on the night, and can be likened to sweet gingerbread cookies. It’s literally Christmas in a cup and the packaging makes it look like a Christmas pudding. Or you can go for the Mulled Wine favourite, or Choc Molten Marvel. Either way, you are really spoiled for choice if you’re after bolder but warm flavours in the holiday range. Usually I am one for the sweeter, fruity and fresh teas but something about this year’s collection really made me appreciate the Wintery and soothing notes.

They have absolutely nailed the packaging this year. Out of all the Christmas ranges T2 brought out so far, this has to be my favourite yet. And they have really gorgeous teaware to match. The packaging and presentation of the collection reminds me of the fairy tale books I used to read as a kid, or all the animated Christmas movies I used to love. Very Nutcracker-esque. It made me feel like a kid again. That feeling of nostalgia is something quite rare for me to feel with ‘products’, so it really drew me in. Made me connect more with the range if that even makes sense. Clever marketing, T2. But everything about the packaging got me. The colours, to the font styles, to the patterns. The way the feature teas and were presented this year was really beautiful. I was really impressed. And check out this pumpkin teapot. Amazing.

2018 T2 holiday range: Next stop, Candy land

If you’ve been sitting in anticipation waiting for the 2018 T2 holiday collection to launch, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I don’t really have many negative words to say other than it might break your bank (especially when you’re me and want one of everything). The feature teas are valued at $30 so it’s definitely a ‘treat yo’self’ moment.¬†Overall, this really has been my favourite T2 holiday collection yet. They have really outdone themselves this year and I hope it returns in one form or another in the future.

Definitely head in store to check out the new T2 holiday range and have a taste tester!

T2 Every Tea Has a Tale

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    1. They actually bring out a fair few teas in tea bags, a lot of the standard favourites also come in tea bags too. You definitely should head in store to see what they have in tea bags if that is what you’re after.

      Christmas Breakfast is soooo lovely and comforting, so glad it’s come back again for another year.

    1. Oh yes! They do it every year! They have some pretty cool-looking advent calendars as well. I always love their Christmas ranges, but this one has taken the cake for me out of all of them!

    1. I absolutely loved the entire collection, I don’t think there was something I didn’t love. They totally nailed it in my eyes. And yes! The Candy Lane one was so nice too, will need to pick up that one next too.

    1. Oh absolutely, they are literally the best for making loose leaf teas in Oz in my opinion! I do try and branch out and try other brands but I always come back to T2. The Christmas Breakfast tea is such a favourite, I’m super happy that it’s come back yet again!

    1. Ohhhh yes! Please let me know if you pick up anything! I’m super curious to see what others think about the range this year, seeing as I think I’ve become quite biased (I’m totally in love with it) haha.

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