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Korean Beauty (or K-beauty) has become such a popular field of beauty products in Australia recently, mostly due to the reputation of Korean’s having beautiful, hydrated and youthful looking skin and makeup. There have been a surge of K-beauty stockists in Australia as a result, one of the most recent being Chaylee Cosmetics.

Chaylee Cosmetics aims to stock only the best and most-loved K-beauty products, and they do this through a two-step filtering process:

  1. K-beauty experts on their team select a range of Korean beauty products
  2. Australian beauty experts (i.e. bloggers, beauty gurus) rate the products and select what they think are the winners

What they hope to do with this process is to curate a high quality selection of only the most effective and highest rated beauty products to offer to Australians. What I find really interesting about their experts is the backgrounds they have, with some coming from backgrounds in Perfume & Cosmetics marketing for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy and Estee Lauder. So I’m expecting big things from them.

I’ve been trying some products from Chaylee Cosmetics distributors and my favourite picks are these REGEN Aqua Bio face masks. I tried the Balance, and Damage solution face masks.

REGEN Aqua Bio Sheet Masks: Balance and Damage Solution


These sheet face masks were designed and manufactured in a Korean cosmeceutical laboratory, and gosh I wish I could read the packaging because I’m intrigued by the R & 5 complex they claim as their wonder ingredient. What I can tell from it is that it contains fermented saccharomyces/yeast (and in a good portion of the formula) which is a weird but totally exciting and recent development in the skincare industry, however has been around forever in Korean skincare. Among other ingredients are some naturally derived products like walnut seed extract, blueberry extract and camellia japonica.

Whereas the Damage Solution contains quinoa seed extract to help tighten the skin and minimise damage from external aggressors, among the same R & 5 complex.


Fermented ingredients in Koren skincare hold the claim to solve almost any skin concern you have, and were probably made most famous by SK-II. This is actually my first go of using fermented ingredients in skincare so I was completely enamoured by the whole thing.

For me the sheet masks were the perfect size for my face, and held so much serum that they really stuck to my skin and didn’t peel off halfway through. I always feel like I can’t move when I sheet mask on though, and so I’m not as mobile and active when using sheet masks as I am with say, a clay mask. I can’t exactly have a cup of tea with it on either – trust me I tried once and it just ended up in me drinking the serum instead of the tea.

Chayleeaquabiomasks copy

For a skincare product that contains fermented filtrate, the Balance sheet mask didn’t have a weird smell at all which is a common response I hear from others who have tried products with fermented ingredients, especially the SK-II treatment essence. There is added parfum in these masks though, so if you’re not a fan of added fragrance you may not like these. The scent isn’t strong though! And it’s definitely not an ‘in your face’ scent which is funny considering it’s on my face.

I left these on for about 15 mins and when I removed the sheet masks there was so much serum left on my face that I just sat there massaging it in until it was all absorbed. I don’t believe in washing off the serum left on your face after a sheet mask, there is so much goodness in there! There wasn’t a sticky residue or greasy feeling to my face afterwards which is always a plus with sheet masks. I must really say I was surprised at how soft and hydrated my skin felt after using them. I hate giving those motherhood statements out, they are words you hear all the time in skincare but trust me my skin was soft and it was hydrated.


Overall I really enjoyed using these face masks and I reeeeallly want to keep using them. Chaylee makes it easy for us though, they retail at only $4 a mask, and are currently on sale for two freaking dollars at the moment, $2! It’s a fairly decent price when you consider they contain fermented saccharomyces. To be honest I am not a big sheet mask user, I usually go for clay masks out of conveneince but using these were a pleasant experience and one it which I wasn’t sticking the sheets back to my face every 30 seconds. I can’t really make any judgement on whether they do what they claim to like minimise damage because you can’t really tell from one crack at it.

Nonetheless I’m super excited to see what Chaylee Cosmetics will bring to Australia. I haven’t seen these face masks around but I’m not really that knowledgable in Korean Beauty. I really want to try more of their skin care products though, and they do stock some interesting makeup products from brands like Holika Holika, Innisfree, Iope etc. If you’re keen on K-beauty, you may want to try these guys out, I think they are fairly well priced for the products on offer.

And lastly, Chaylee Cosmetics want to give my readers a little somethin’ somethin’ if you want to make an order. For 10% off your order, use my non-affiliate/non-comission code:


Products are available from the Chaylee Cosmetics website here.

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Have you heard of Chaylee Cosmetics? If not, do they stock anything worth trying out? I want to try more Korean beauty products! Let me know in the comments!

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  1. What an interesting concept! I’ll definitely have to check these out, especially at that price. Plus I love sheet masks. I, like you, don’t always find them convenient but I do find my skin looks better when I remember to use them.
    “And it’s definitely not an ‘in your face’ scent which is funny considering it’s on my face” – I laughed way harder than was appropriate in my crowded office at that ;p

    1. Lol!! I couldn’t think of another way to put it at 9pm at night after a long day. Glad it made you laugh though. And yeah the price is so reasonable!

    1. I know hey! Ridiculously cheap especially for a mask which contains fermented saccharomyces too! And Korean skincare has such a great reputation too. Thanks for your comment x

  2. The sheet masks sound amazing, I’m yet to try one! I hope you kept the packaging because you can translate writing with the Google Translate App on your phone! Seriously when I found out about it, it seriously changed my life when I travel!
    X Izzy

  3. I haven’t heard of Chaylee Cosmetics before. After taking a squiz at their website they have so many products I don’t even know where to start! I do like the sound of the masks you tried. Thanks for sharing x

    Isabella |

    1. You probably haven’t because they are so new. They’ve just pretty much started which is exciting!

  4. There is some amazing beauty products coming out of Korea. I have a student from China living with me at the moment and she visited Korea a couple of months ago and returned with all manner of sheet masks (included ones that are quite quirky). The Chaylee ones seem very good value!

    1. Absolutely! I would absolutely love to visit Korea and see their skincare products in all its glory. I’d love to get a facial treatment too!

  5. I love sheet masks, but its so disappointing when you finish battling with them for 30 mins only to find the residue mixture gross and greasy.
    Will have to try these, and at $2 how can I not!

  6. I’ve never heard of these but they sound interesting! I usually prefer clay masks but I picked up a couple of sheet masks recently and I was surprised at how nice they’ve been so far. I have a couple of weird looking ones to try next! Great review!

  7. Finally, a place that I can try some Korean products! I always look for reviews before trying anything and I have always been hesitant of trying K-Beauty because so few people have been willing to try it. Thanks for sharing! If you review any other products I would love to give them a read haha

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