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I’ve been against shaving for as long as I can remember, purely because I did not want my leg hairs to grow back progressively thicker and darker over time. Of course, I have never completely avoided shaving (because let’s face it it’s definitely the most convenient form of hair removal)- but it’s generally my last resort and I usually put it off for a very long time (sorry boyfriend). I have myself to thank for the state of my current leg hairs – they are thin, light in colour and there is generally quite a good amount of time before my hairs grow back. There is no ‘secret’ behind this – but I will say it’s most probably due to the fact my most preferred method of removing hair is either waxing or epilating and has been for a long time (and if I’m honest I’d almost kill for laser!).

I’ve owned an epliator since I was a teenager, it was an Emjoi Gently Gold Caress epilator (now ancient). Last year, I was given the Babyliss DuoFlex 700 epilator by Beauty Heaven to trial. But the epilator that has trumped them is the new Braun Silk-epil9 SkinSpa* epilation system. I like to consider myself somewhat of an epilation junkie now and wanted to give you all the low-down on this new system. In today’s world – there are so many epilators out there it could make your head hurt when making a decision, so I hope this will make it easier for you. Even though this won’t actually be a comparison post, I have kept the other two epilators in mind when I trialed this Braun epilator.

Epilator? What’s an epilator?

Glad you asked! Let me begin by saying it’s basically a collection of dozens of tweezers which quickly pluck the hairs out from your skin, including the root! They are pretty nifty devices. The main part is this ‘rollerball’ type of thing which when spun around quickly,  two sides of each tweezer come together to squeeze the leg hairs and pluck them out. Just imagine a bunch of tweezers pulling out multiple leg hairs at once.


Epilators will vary in the number and size of the tweezers, and also in the size and speed of the head. The Braun Silk-epil9 SkinSpa however, is 40% larger than their other epilators, which means more hairs removed in one swipe for faster epilation!

What’s so special about this one then?

This is not just an ordinary epilator, this is much more (cue in angelic harmonies). So, it is well known that waxing or epilating will result in a higher risk of ingrown hairs. What better way to avoid ingrown hairs? Exfoliation of course! Braun has recognised this and has provided an absolutely genius idea to help us avoid ingrown hairs, and to also keep our skin super smooth. They have added two extra exfoliation heads, one for lighter exfoliation and one for a really deep exfoliation. They work by using Sonic Exfoliation Technology which is based on 3,000 micro-vibrations per minute of up to 10,000 bristles for more effective exfoliation, apparently delivering 6x more effective than your manual exfoliation at home.

Let me give you a list of the features so you know what you are really getting.

  • You can find this in the shop with 6 extras, including a bonus facial cleansing brush as well
  • The epilation head features a high frequency massage system – like tiny little massage balls on the base of the head which make it a less painful experience
  • A pivoting head for ease of adapting to the natural contours of our body
  • A sensitive exfoliation head for removing dead skin on delicate areas like the decolletage
  • A deep exfoliation brush for a rigorous exfoliation on much needed areas like the legs, knees and arms.
  • A skin contact cap for maximum epilation
  • A ‘smart light’ to reveal every little hair left over for maximum efficiency
  • 2 speed settings for gentle or more efficient hair removal
  • It’s also 100% waterproof meaning you can use it wet or dry!
The deep exfoliation head (front) and sensitive exfoliation head (rear)

So what do I think of it?

Short story? I love it!

Long story?

Well, since I’ve been using epilators for nearly 10 years I like to think I’m well versed in voicing in my opinions. Truth be told, I was underwhelmed with the Babyliss DuoFlex, and my Emjoi is fantastic and removing my hairs but HURTS LIKE HELL! I don’t know why since it’s doing what every other epilator is doing by pulling out hairs. I was really after something that would deliver the same efficiency in removing hairs but without the astronomical pain factor and I think I’ve found it.

I say this with as much honesty as I can muster – the Braun Silk-epil9 Skin Spa is a godsend! I cannot believe how much less painful it is than my other epilators. The first time using it, I sat there with eyes clinched, holding my breath with my epilator in my hands because I struggle with the first bout of epilation pain, but when I used it – that burst of pain never really came. Initially, I was skeptical, because usually when it’s less painful it compromises on epilation efficiency – in the case of the Babyliss, it was less painful than my Emjoi but quite poor at removing my leg hairs. This is my favourite part about the epilator. I can remove my leg hairs with speed and comfort with this baby I am stoked! Braun recommend epilating the shower so that your skin and hair follicles can be softened before epilating for maximum comfort – but I prefer to use it dry because I have trouble seeing if I’ve missed any hairs in the shower, plus my longer hairs stick to my skin so don’t get pulled up by the tweezers.

I really love the addition of the exfoliation heads – it’s something other epilators have avoided in the past so Braun has gone above and beyond to cater for the aftermath of epilating. It’s so easy to use – like using a facial cleansing brush but for your limbs! They have a clear and distinct 4-week epilation and exfoliation guide for you follow to make sure your avoiding ingrown hairs and achieving maximum skin smoothness. It’s also really handy for preparing your skin for the next round of epilation – or for tanning lovers, it’s also great for exfoliating your body for fake tanning.

I’m also really surprised by the lack of irritation I got after using this epilator. In the past, with both my Emjoi and Babyliss, I would get tiny red bumps at every hair follicle where a hair was pulled out. It would look gross and also feel gross. It would subside after about an hour or two but I always had to make sure I wouldn’t be going anywhere afterwards or I’d have to wear pants. With this Braun epilator though – I don’t know how it does it but I don’t get those bumps and the irritation. It’s like magic honestly, I actually expect to see the bumps after epilating but for some reason, I didn’t experience it with the Braun.

The Cons

Okay, I may be slightly de-sensitised to the pain of epilation but I’m not going to lie, epilation still hurts. Although this hurts much less than the others I’ve tried – it can still be uncomfortable around the ankles and the back of the calves.

It takes much longer than other forms of hair removal. Couple that with the potential pain of epilating and it could be an unpleasant experience. It’s all down to your tolerance. For me, the pain isn’t much of an issue – it’s more the time it takes. Obviously, shaving is the fastest, waxing is faster than epilating but messy and sometimes inefficient. And laser, well I’d love to – but you know, money.

It may be far out of your financial reach. With an RRP of $299, this is the most expensive epilator I’ve owned. It’s fairly pricey – but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend it because it is actually the best system I’ve used.

It’s noisy. I would love to be able to sit in front of the TV watching a show, lazing around to music or reading a book while epilating – but it’s unrealistic (unless you have the TV blaring but then at this point your boyfriend is screaming at you to turn the TV down and suddenly he’s crying and I’m crying, the bird is screeching and the neighbour’s dog is barking and we’ve fallen into a pit of hell – Not really). The motor causes the head to spin really fast and emits a high pitched whirling type of sound – the lower the setting the less noise. So make sure you have the appropriate environment to epilate.


I really do love this system – and I’m confident in saying I would not go back to using my other epilators. It’s efficient, comfortable and easy to use, it has extra exfoliation heads and it can be used wet or dry. Not to mention the lack of irritation afterwards! It also comes with the facial cleansing brush so you’re getting three products in one here. An epilator, an exfoliator and a cleansing brush.

I would definitely recommend it – and have already to a few people. It’s a great way to get me prepped for Summer. I just remember to mention the price tag – that’s the deterrent here for some people I think!


PAGE DIVIDERHave you tried an epilator before? What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comments!

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*These products were provided for editorial consideration however the generosity of the providing party has not influenced my views and opinions of the product. All opinions expressed are genuine and mine own. As always, I am not expert so please don’t substitute my opinions for professional advice

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  1. Oh you make it sound so nice and easy, even though hair removal will always experience some type of pain…
    I do need to look into another method of hair removal, so will be checking this out!
    Thanks babe

  2. Thanks for a beaut review Felicia – I haven’t explored anything outside of shaving other than waxing, and came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to go through that much pain lol! This sounds like an excellent product though, and your opinion of your experience in this area is very much appreciated xxx

  3. I used to use my trusty old epilator for years in my 20’s because I suffered from really bad razor burn. Now I have solved that and switch between shaving and using my IPL. Looks like they have upgraded over the years, this one looks like a sure winner! 😀

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