Brand Spotlight: Vani-T Cosmetics

After being exposed to a number of new brands at the Bloggers United AU event (read up on my recap here ). I was blown away by a relatively small eco-glamour cosmetics and tanning company, ‘Vani-T’. Their presentation was fantastic, and they demonstrated their products well. Their products ranged from makeup brushes (absolutely stunning by the way), to cosmetics, to all things tanning (including preparation and aftercare). Vani-T pride themselves on delivering what they call ‘eco-glamour’: their company is a fusion of ethics, luxury and performance. Their products are housed within absolutely stunning recyclable packaging, they are rich in natural and organic ingredients, they DO NOT conduct animal testing, and they do not contain talc, bismuth or clay.

The gorgeous pack included in our Bloggers United AU bag, including the tanning products

We were gifted with a generous package including a mineral colour lipstick, a mineral lip glaze, mineral colour crystals, a tanning mit, bronzing custard and self-tanner. After the event, we were also given the luxury of choosing another product from their range. I was lucky enough to be colour matched for their mineral powder foundation so I chose this.

This post will focus on the makeup from the company. I haven’t tried the tanning products yet, because lucky for me I’m still naturally bronzed from the Summer (thanks for giving me your European skin tone Mum & Dad) and I don’t need to use them. But I may use them in the Winter so stay tuned for a possible tanning post!

Mineral Powder Foundation

I’ve always struggled to find a good mineral powder and recently gave up hope on them. They oxidise pretty bad on my skin, and they always gave me an itch on my face whenever wearing them. So when I was exposed to this brand and their mineral powder foundation, I saw it did not contain bismuth oxychloride. Also known as ‘synthetic pearl’ it is the main ingredient for most ‘mineral makeup’. This is because it gives a distinct shimmery, pearlescent finish and hides imperfections well. However, some people (like me) find bismuth oxychloride irritating. This is mostly due to the crystalline structure of the compound. These ‘crystals’ can poke at the skin, and can get stuck in the pores, where these pokes are sharper and can irritate the skin. So, when I heard that this powder did not contain bismuth oxychloride, I was immediately interested in trying it out. I was colour matched to ‘Almondine’, which I found to be the absolute perfect match for me. This was the product I asked to receive after the event and I was so happy with my choice!

This foundation is by far the best mineral powder foundation I’ve ever tried. Honestly, move over Nude By Nature. It blended it so well, and didn’t look patchy like some others I’ve tried. The coverage with this powder was awesome, yet the finish was so beautiful and natural; it really gave a nice glow to my skin. It does contain micro shimmer particles however so I know it’s not for everyone. I did not feel any irritation at all from using this mineral powder, which was a massive plus. This quickly became my favourite product from their range, it really exceeded my expectations and I’ll be so sad when I run out. I absolutely loved it.

 Mineral Lip Colour

*SQUEAL* Oh my, just look at that gorgeous packaging. Seriously. It looks more like an accessory than a lipstick. How beautiful is it!?


Still in awe of the packaging, it’s enough to put a smile on any woman’s face

Okay, once I settled down from the excitement over the packaging, I tried out the lipstick and really liked it. I received the shade ‘La Femme”, which means ‘The Woman’ or ‘Wife’. It’s a really beautiful and natural muted pink/rose nude shade. It’s right on trend at the moment and hits the spot for me.

The lipstick is really creamy and feels nourishing and hydrating on the lips. It is infused with coconut oil, Vitamin E and aloe extract to kick in some intense hydration. After I ate some food, I found it left a really subtle pink stain on my lips which I actually really liked. This product is definitely going to become one of everyday staples in my makeup routine.

 Mineral Lip Glaze

Once again, I received a pink/rose lip gloss at the event that complimented the shade of the lipstick. This shade is called ‘Goddess’. This one has some fine gold shimmer through it to add a bit of sparkle and glamour. It has an organic base, with some coconut oil and castor oil for some added hydration. It is on the thicker side of lip gloss consistency, but it didn’t feel sticky on my lips which is one of my pet peeves! I can’t stand sticky lipgloss.

I love the applicator on this. You can twist open or close the applicator, keeping the lipgloss packaging clean. You can also use this to adjust the amount of product that comes out so that you are not wasting any either. Very clever Vani-T. However, I’m not a huge lipgloss wearer, and when I do wear them, they are mostly natural finishes with no shimmer. I think I will have to use this a little more to get comfortable again with wearing a lipgloss with such a high shine.

 Mineral Colour Crystals

This item is another new favourite of mine already! They are pretty much similar to MAC pigments. They are ultra fine velvety minerals and are 100% pigment (this definitely shows). You can get three finishes; Pearl, Shimmer or Matte. I received the colour ‘Swiss Chocolate’ which is a pearl pigment although most others received Bronze Fine (another beautiful colour).


I absolutely love my pigment. It’s a rich, dark chocolate shade with some subtle hints of gold shimmer. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture the sparkle of this pigment, and the picture does not justify the finish. It’s so pretty! Being 100% pigment, you really don’t need a lot of product to get a really opaque finish; a little goes a looooooong way. It blends really well, and doesn’t give me a lot of fall out either. One thing I’ve read is that you can add water (or a setting spray) to your brush to use it as eyeliner. I’m going to give it a go with a bronze smokey eye I think. It’s a phenomenal product and I just want to purchase all of them!

Vani-T cosmetics have really impressed me and exceeded my expectations. My absolute favourite product though was definitely the mineral powder, I absolutely loved it, and it’s the best mineral powder I think I’ve ever used. Have you tried Vani-T? What was your favourite product?

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  1. It super hard looking up reviews on this makeup line. I live in the US and we don’t have it here😭but it super hard to guess the shade over just pictures. Do you know if the shade your using is for light skin with yellow undertone or is it more for medium skin tone?

    1. I can understand! I would say my shade is more for medium skin tones, with a neutral undertone. They do have lighter shades, but that one is too dark for me at the moment (it’s Winter here so I’m really pale!). I hope that helps!

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