Brand Spotlight: Rimmel’s New Releases

I was recently gifted some of the new release products from Rimmel to try out and I want to share with you my thoughts. I was super excited by this, because I actually don’t own many Rimmel cosmetics at all!


A list of the products I received, and their shades will be given below:

  1. The Only 1 Lipstick in 510, 700, and 800
  2. #InstaFlawless Primer/Skin Tint in Light Medium
  3. Kate Lip Conditioning Balm
  4. Wonder’full Mascara with Argan Oil in Extreme Black
  5. Magnif’eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liner in Back to Blacks and Kissed by a Rose Gold

#InstaFlawless Primer/Skin Tint

The InstaFlawless product isn’t just a primer but is also described as a skin tint which aims to provide a natural-looking, radiant glow. This product helps to perfect the skin, keeping it hydrated as well as brightening up your skin. This product can be worn alone as a sheer tint or can be worn underneath your foundation as a primer. They are available in two shades: light medium and medium dark. I received the light medium shade.

First up: The shade is definitely more medium. Now I have quite a bit of residual tan from the Summer heat and I am currently wearing medium shades in foundation but I found this to be actually a shade too dark for my skin tone! Light skin tones beware if you want to wear this alone I think!

Secondly, I wanted to wear this as a ‘BB cream’ type product and so I firstly applied my strobe cream and then the InstaFlawless over the top for a really radiant glow. This made it become really patchy and gathered on some parts of my skin. Clearly this wasn’t a winning combination so I think they really mean what they say when they say ‘wear it alone’. As a consequence, I then took off my makeup and started again using only the InstaFlawless and it turned out beautifully. It really helped to even out my skin tone and provide some sheer coverage over my imperfections. I don’t personally think it is too radiant – for me it felt more like a BB Cream. Nonetheless I think it’s a great product to slap on when you just want a really quick sheer tint, and for the price of $13.95 it’s definitely an affordable product.

Magnif’eyes Shadow + Liner

I absolutely loved these! They blew me away and I am definitely interested in purchasing the rest of the shades. They are a dual ended eye product with an eyeshadow crayon on one end, and a Kajal eyeliner on the other. I received Back to Blacks and Kissed By a Rose Gold (swatched below – please excuse my veiny hands!)


The shadows are unbelievably pigmented, only took one swipe to achieve the full opacity. Clearly, the colours are absolutely gorgeous. Back to Blacks feature a sort of midnight blue/ gun metal grey shadow with some small specks of shimmer/glitter. This would be perfect for a night out if you want to wear a smokey eye. The shadow from Kissed By A Rose Gold lives up to it’s name, it’s beautiful golden hue definitely appeals to the metallic trends in makeup at the moment. The liner is a good match up to the colours, and you can never have too many black or brown eyeliners.

The shadows are really smooth and apply really nicely, however they set really quickly. So if you want to create a super blended out look you have to be swift with your blending skills. Once they set they really do not budge.

Lasting power is pretty damn good! These hand swatches lasted through hours of housework. Even afterwards, it took a good scrub to get them off my hand. I wore the gold shade on my lids one work day without any eyeshadow primer, and it lasted through the whole day with some slight creasing. I thought this was pretty good, as having oily skin means I have oily lids and eyeshadows generally don’t last too long on my lids.

The eyeliners, I love too. Super creamy, smooth and really pigmented – it doesn’t take much to get a heavy duty line. These were slightly easier to blend out then the shadows, but you still have to be quick with your blending if you want a softened eye liner look.

Rimmel Kate Lip Conditioning Balm

I honestly didn’t know this was a lip balm until I opened it up and had a look at the shade. Having a lip balm that looks like and is packaged like a lipstick gave this product a little bit flair. Lip balms are something that I carry with me always by the dozens (I’m not joking – check my work bag and hand bag). I get really excited by balms, I’ve been a hoarder of them since I was about 8 years old! However, this lip balm left me underwhelmed. I was really expecting something really good with this balm but it fell short of my expectations. The smell is off-putting for me, I thought they would pay more attention this. To me it has a chemical sort of smell.  Although the balm feels hydrating on my lips, it wasn’t anything exciting and it was just a ‘meh’ product for me.

The Only 1 Lipstick

I received three shades of this lipstick, 510, 700 and 800. 510 is a bright red, 700 is a mauve-nude type of colour and 800 is a deep berry shade. The packaging feels light in your hands and would be a good size for stuffing into your handbag for the day. The overall packing to me feels and looks a little luxurious.

The formula is quite light and creamy and the pigmentation is initially really good. They have a slightly sheen-y finish to them that make your lips really shine. For me, the darker colours probably had the least amount of pigmentation and I had to swipe over my lips a few times to achieve the opacity I desired.

The shape of the lipstick makes it really hard to apply a clean crisp line on my lips. This is probably the worst feature of the lipstick in my opinion. I wouldn’t dare try to re-apply without a mirror (with some lipsticks I can apply without a mirror), and even when using a mirror the bullet of the lipstick was shaped so round and wide that it took me forever to get a clean look with this lipstick. I don’t think I would repurchase singularly because of this feature.

The lasting power was okay. I found I had to reapply after just one hour mainly to the inside part of my lips. I’m guessing the moisturising formula and sheen of the product lends itself to a lesser lasting power. The product also started feathering at about 2 hours so a lip liner is an absolute must for this lipstick.

I like this lipstick for a pop of the colour for daily wear, but if I was looking for a lipstick that would last me all night, or was going to a special event, I would probably not use these lipsticks. The price point is pretty good, $15.95 for a lipstick makes it pretty accessible to everyone.

Wonder’full Mascara with Argan Oil

Woohoo! Another mascara, I love mascaras!

This mascara comes in a shiny copper coloured tube – again right on point with the metallic rose gold trend at the moment. I was really excited by this mascara, mostly due to the feature of Argan Oil, I’ve never tried a mascara like this before.

The first time I used this mascara I actually didn’t like it. I felt like it didn’t really add any length or volume to my lashes, only some definition. I wasn’t too impressed by it and put it to the back of my mascara drawer. A few days later I wanted a really minimal lash look, so I opted for something that didn’t make too much of a difference to my lashes and I decided to use this mascara. This time around I was actually impressed with the length and volume it gave to my lashes, without looking spidery. I thought, surely this isn’t the same mascara I used before, it looks totally different! It didn’t hold my curl too effectively, but it didn’t smudge either which I loved.

It’s also very easy to remove. I’m guessing the addition of the Argan Oil makes it easier for oil-based makeup removers to effectively remove mascara from my lashes. I don’t really feel any sort of conditioning effect from the Argan Oil, but it didn’t have any negative effects either so it was just ‘so-so’.
I was pleased when I used the mascara, but it’s not among my favourites and I think for the price point I enjoy Maybelline mascaras a great deal more.

Have you tried any of Rimmel’s newer products? Let me know! What was your favourite? I have my eye on the new sculpting palette recently released so let me know if you think I should try it out!

Note: These products were gifted to me but did not sway my views and experiences of the products


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