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This blog post was incredibly exciting to explore and write, as I was reviewing one of America’s most loved drugstore brands, Milani Cosmetics. Milani Cosmetics is definitely hard to come by in Australia, and while some online cosmetics boutiques do stock some Milani there is a very limited product and shade range and stock levels are always low.

I’ll be giving short reviews on each of these items:

  • Conceal and Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer
  • Rose Blush in Romantic Rose
  • Tantastic Face and Body Bronzer in Gold
  • Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow in Copper
  • Easyliner For Lips Retractable Pencil in Most Natural
  • Easybrow Tinted Brow Fibre Gel in Dark Brown (not pictured)
  • Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black (not pictured)



Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer


This is the latest foundation from Milani, and I’ve heard quite some mixed opinions on this so I really wanted to try it out for myself before passing judgement. I actually really like this foundation!


I chose 04 Medium Beige, a neutral tone medium shade. With this foundation, I actually found it performed better without a primer – it was easier to blend and had a better finish. However, maybe I was using a primer that wasn’t super compatible with it so I might explore others. It offers really good coverage, and is buildable if you want, however best apply layers with a beauty blender or sponge otherwise it could look caked on. Lasting power was A+! I can see myself using this foundation for nights out in the Summer.

Tantastic Face and Body Bronzer


I received this in the shade ‘Gold’ and my gosh this is actually incredible. It’s so so pigmented and really packs a highlighting punch. I think it’s too shimmery to be a bronzer, at least for me anyway since I prefer matte bronzers. This swept over my cheekbones and collarbones is absolutely stunning. It’s a little more on the darker side (swatched below) for a highlight so maybe not great for those with pale skin, unless you get one with a lot of white marbling. It gives an almost ‘wet look’ to your highlight. This is now my go-to highlight. It never disappoints. Love Love Love.

Rose Blush


My choice for this product was Romantic Rose and I am officially obsessed. Hands down, the most gorgeously packaged blush I’ve ever owned. I love it when a brand really makes the effort in their packaging, it shows that they really care about their products! It’s a muted, neutral tone rose-nude blush shade (swatched below). I’m not too much a blush fiend in terms of bright colours, so this shade is pretty much made for me. It’s so natural on the skin, but still gives such a nice rose hue to the skin without appearing too pink or unnatural. And just look at it. Perfection.

Baked Blush


This blush, I actually purchased myself while in the US, and rightly so. Luminoso is often sold out on every single website that ships to Australia. And it was so hard to find even in the US, I found it on my last day in a Walmart in the middle of nowhere! It barely needs an introduction, because it’s so popular that everyone knows about it. This shade (swatched below) is absolutely the perfect hue for Spring makeup. I love natural peachy tones in the Spring time. It’s quite pigmented on the cheeks, so go easy on the hand. It works with pretty much every single makeup look and gives the most gorgeous lit from within glow to your cheeks. I’ve been rotating this with the Rose Blush above, but lately I’ve found that mixing them together is absolute perfection as a blush. I’ve also tried using this as an eyeshadow because I don’t currently own any peachy-orange shadows and it doubles up well too.

Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow


I chose this in the shade Copper based on some swatches and reviews online. There are so many beautiful shades in this range that it became a hard decision to choose one! But after using this shadow, I’ll definitely look into purchasing more. When you see the swatch below you’ll understand why. It’s insanely pigmented!! I’ve used this do a bronze halo eye with this shade in the centre of my eyelid and it worked so well. It blends well, and is very shimmery with some glitter particles through it. If you want to make a statement with a ‘wet look’ shimmery eye look, these eyeshadows are for you. I haven’t used with water or fix + yet but I’m sure it will intensify it so much more.

From L to R: Tantastic, Rose blush, Luminoso, Bella Eyes Copper eyeshadow.

Easyliner For Lips Retractable Pencil

I love rose-nude lip colours, so I just had to choose this product in the shade Most Natural (also known as All Natural). It’s quite comparable to MAC’s Whirl lip liner, so it’s a great cruelty-free alternative. Plus, its retractable, which I love. I hate sharpening makeup pencils!


This is really good to team up with Wet n Wild’s Bare It All matte lipstick for that cruelty-free ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip look. It glides on well and is quite pigmented. The head is quite small as well so it’s really good for getting that precise lip line.

Easybrow Tinted Brow Fibre Gel in Dark Brown


If you’ve read my previous post comparing brow fibre gels, you would know I’m addicted to them, so I just had to try this out! I got this in the shade Dark Brown. It’s a little warmer than I would have liked for my hair colour, but it still works well. The head is slightly bigger and longer than other fibre gels I’ve tried, but is still precise enough. This product is really opaque so some days brushing through my brows with this product is enough for me to head out for the day. It doesn’t leave my brow hairs crunchy or hard like using hairspray would be, but it still has great ability to keep my stray brow hairs in place. I found it a little weird that the formula has tiny shimmer particles through it, but it doesn’t show once on your brows.

Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black


Perhaps one of my top picks from the bunch is this liquid eyeliner in Blackest Black. It’s incredibly precise, just look at how thin that line is! I must say, my Holy Grail liquid eyeliner is Napoleon Matte Eye Ink but I think this has surpassed that. I am obssessed with this liner!! I wore it for a formal event which went for about 6 hours which included lots of dancing, wine and sweating and it held up all night! Usually I struggle with liquid eyeliners rubbing off after a few hours especially because of my slightly hooded eyelids, but this eyeliner really impressed me. They mean what they say when they call it Blackest Black, its very opaque and has a high impact. I’m really impressed with this eyeliner.


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And that’s a wrap! I don’t really have that many bad things to say about the products I received, but if was to pick my least favourite product, it would have to be the Conceal and Perfect foundation. With it being a high coverage foundation, you have to be careful with it’s application to avoid it looking cakey. Nonetheless, Milani’s reputation for being a good quality yet affordable brand has held up in my opinion.

Have you used any other impressive Milani Cosmetics products? Let me know! I am really interested in widening my product range.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try Milani makeup for ages, it’s always highly recommended by the US v/bloggers when they look at drugstore and cheap brands. Going to check out their website right now.

    1. I’d recommend anyone to try them out. I am really excited at the prospect of Milani being more accessible to Australians. I really do love their makeup and I can’t wait to try more. Let me know if you do end up purchasing something!

  2. This is such good news Fel! I have quite a few of their lipsticks (fabulous formula and colours) and eye shadows (amazing pigmentation) and adore them all, but I’m busting to try their blushes – those ones you reviewed are so pretty xxx

  3. I’ve always wanted to try their blushes. The pink rose one looks stunning and romantic and must be perfect for lighter skin tones. When it comes to baked blushes, I love peachy blushes too, but I would be scared of the pigmentation. 😀 And that precise eyeliner? Very impressive.
    I own some of their lipstick and I can totally recommend them. You should try sone out. 🙂

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