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Girlactik has always been one of those US brands I’ve been dying to try, yet are really hard to come by in Australia. Well, things are about to get a whole lot of easier. Introducing one of the latest new cosmetics retailers to hit Aussie shores, The Beauty Drawers. I was incredibly flattered to be selected as a brand ambassador for The Beauty Drawers, who will be making it more accessible to find some hard-to-aquire brands in Australia like Pixi Beauty, Viseart, Ere Perez, Girlactik, Milani Cosmetics, and so many more.

To celebrate the launch of the online store, I’ll be reviewing two product ranges from Girlactik Cosmetics, including their Matte Lip Paints and the Metallic Shadow Sticks.

Matte Lip Paints ($37.95AUD)


I have three shades in this range, but their whole shade range is completely drool worthy. They have such stunning colours from natural nudes to bright pinks and bold dark shades.

Demure – a rich mauve berry shade, the perfect deep Kylie Jenner shade

Seductive – a cranberry wine that is quite literally a very seductive shade

Rustik – a unique warm rust, burnt orange shade

From L to R: Demure, Rustik, Seductive


I love the girly vibe of the packaging. It has a vintage feel to the branding and I love the colour of the metal lids. Interestingly, Girlactik Matte Lip Paints contain 7.5ml of product, that’s huge! You get more in these then you do say, in your Revlon matte lip creams or Jeffree Star, which sit around 5.5ml. The only ones in my collection that are comparable are the NYX Matte Lip Creams which hold about 8ml. In any case, they are good bang for your buck!


These are among the softest, most pillowy liquid lipstick formulas I’ve tried in a matte lip cream. They glide on like nothing else, seriously. They dry down completely matte and pretty quickly as well. Also, they are super pigmented, a little bit really goes a long way and is super opaque with one swipe. The scent is also freaking delicious, I get vanilla and caramel from it. Because of the velvet formula, your technique for application needs to be impeccable as it’s hard to get a clean crisp line around your lip line. But concealer and a lip brush afterwards should do the trick.

Lasting power was pretty good. I can wear these for a whole day if I’m not eating oily foods. However I did go for a pasta and movie night recently and the oil in the pasta made it wear off by the end of the night. Nonetheless I can promise you the only way you’ll get these off is with an oil-based cleanser.

The only thing I will say about these is just applicable for Demure really. It dried down a lot darker than I was expecting after my swatch and the colour of it in the tube. I have a feeling this will be one of those shades that look completely different on everyone. It’s not that I didn’t love the shade, it is still stunning, it just appears darker on my lips than expected.


Overall, I’m such a fan of these lip paints. The formula and how it applies on the lips feels like pillows. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and don’t feel dry or crack on the lips either. The shade range is one of the best I’ve seen around for liquid lipsticks, particularly the deeper and more bolder shades. I’d definitely recommend you try them out, and I can’t wait for them to be more readily accessible to Australians. Try one, and you’ll want them all like I do now.

Metallic Shadow Sticks ($32.95AUD)


I’ve really been trying to get into more shadow sticks, and the fact that Girlactik has retractable metallic eyeshadow sticks pulled me in almost instantly. These are a relatively new addition to the product range from Grilactik, the full range only being released this year. I have six shades from this range, and they are all wearable shimmery shades.

Tuxedo – a true black with specks of silver shimmer

Stone – a grey-brown with fine gold shimmer

Cashmere – a warm bronze with gold shimmer

Poise – a khaki green with gold shimmer

Sateen – a deep champagne/taupe shade with silver shimmer

Dazzle – a sheer white with gold glitter specks

From L to R: Poise, Stone, Dazzle, Tuxedo, Sateen, Cashmere


These are housed within the same signature purple/pink metallic canisters. Something about these which I absolutely adore is the fact that they are retractable and you don’t need to sharpen them. Despite the metal packaging, these are incredibly lightweight and compact so won’t take up too much space or weight, ideal for travelling.



Akin to the matte lip paints, these are incredibly pigmented and creamy.  There is no drag to the application of these, they are just so smooth! They don’t apply patchy at all and again, are fully opaque with one swipe.

The shimmer that features in these shadows are super finely milled so you won’t feel any scratch or weird texture to them like I have with others. The only exception to the finely milled shimmer is Dazzle, which has chunkier glitters but works well as a shadow topper.

With applying these shadows, it’s important to work quickly as they set in stone almost instantly. So blending has to be performed immediately and for me works best with blending out with my finger to warm up the formula. But once they are set, they do not move. There’s no slipping, sliding, creasing or breakdown of these cream shadows once they are set which is a problem I’ve faced before with cream eyeshadows.


I’m so happy I came across these Girlactik cream eyeshadow sticks, they are totally fulfilling my desire for a good shadow stick and are a good change up to the traditional eyeshadows. Super pigmented, comfortable + easy application, and amazing lasting power makes these shadow sticks an ideal addition to my cream eyeshadow collection. The only thing I will comment on is the shade range, being a relatively new range the shades are limited, I’d love to see some cranberry, purple and gold shades, and perhaps some matte cream eyeshadows!

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That completes this post! Just remember you can purchase all these products direct from The Beauty Drawers. Check out the incredible product range from some really interesting brands! I can’t wait to see what else they will bring to Australia in the future.

In the meantime, you can catch up with me on InstagramFacebook, or on Pinterest! Or, subscribe to my blog via email to ensure you never miss a post from me!

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*These products have been sent to me as a part of a brand ambassadorship for The Beauty Drawers. This has in no way affected my judgement and opinions expressed however, all material presented is genuine and my own. 


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    1. Thanks Rachel! Girlactik is pretty popular in the US and hasn’t really made its way to Australia until now. The shades and quality are really beautiful, I’m so happy I’ve gotten to try them!

    1. Yes these are really creamy but set quickly. The shades are really pretty and versatile too. Thank you!

    1. I’d highly recommend the shadow sticks for ease of use and lasting power. I want them to release more shades though!

  1. I love the look of those eyeshadow sticks. I would love to start using something similar for daily use. They just seen like a time friendly alternative.

    Bec | Beauty With Bec

    1. I love the packaging too! It’s quite different – I love the vintage feel of the lip paints.

      Demure is so pretty but does appear darker on my lips. The whole shade range is gorgeous I was so caught up as to which ones I should get!

  2. Congrats on your appointment as ambassador ♥ I’m especially interested in the eyeshadow sticks if they set for the day – I have hooded eyes, and cream shadows are usually a no-no because they transfer. Thanks for a beaut review, and the introduction to a new source of quality makeup ♥

    1. Thanks Kat! I have to say the same, I have hooded eyes and struggle to create nice eyeshadow looks that last because of transfer and creasing. Honestly these took so long to wash off and stayed so long on my eyes! They may be a little more on the expensive side for an eyeshadow but are well worth it for me

  3. I’ve heard a few little rumblings about this brand but I hadn’t looked into swatches or reviews. It’s great to read your post and get some more insight into them.

    1. Thanks! I’m fairly excited that we can get it more easily now in Australia. I want to try their highlighters!

    1. I should have done some lip swatches in all honesty! DEMURE runs dark on my skin for some reason but it’s still a beautiful shade! And the texture of these lip paints is just amazing!

  4. First of all, congrats on becoming a brand ambassador, how exciting! I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I like the look of Demure & Seductive from the lip paints & the Metallic Shadow Sticks look well pigmented too. They’d be great if you just want a wash of colour without having to work too hard….which would be right up my alley as an eyeshadow numpty!

    1. Ohhhh thank you! It was pretty exciting to be one of three ambassadors chosen! The shadow sticks are great, really easy to use and the colour payoff is fantastic. I think the only issue would be the blending but it shouldn’t be that hard if you blend straight away!

    1. Aren’t they soo pretty! The shadow sticks are really beautiful and I think I’ll get a lot of use of them!

  5. I need to try Girlactik, all the products look amazing. I am also so excited for Beauty Drawers, she has so many amazing products that are hard to get in Australia.

    1. I know right! I am impressed with the range she’s been able to bring. They’ve been working so hard to get everything up and running too, I’m so glad it will pay off!

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