Natura Siberica is a brand that has featured on my blog multiple times, mostly because I am drawn to their products that contain unusual ingredients sourced from unique and largely unblemished parts of Siberia and Russia. Although you can find a product for literally any aspect of your beauty routine under the Natura Siberica brand umbrella (they have 12 different collections!), their body products are what pull me in time and time again. After being an admirer of the brand for so long, I am so honoured and excited to be a part of their NS Crew program, so this post will help me in my initiation by talking about three of my most favourite Natura Siberica products that keep my body in top shape all year round. At the end of the post, you may just find special offer you can take advantage of too – so keep on reading!

Natura Siberica Bath Salts

I say bring back the humble bath salt with this relaxing and calming (and incredibly scented) blend of Siberian harvested botanicals. It’s no secret I love these bath salts, I am on my third tub of it! These bath salts feature calendula, ginseng and rose oils, giving these a beautifully calming and floral ambience. Unlike the Oblepikha range, this doesn’t feature the Altai Sea Buckthorn so comes with a completely different aroma that I prefer over the latter.

Contrary to popular opinion, I prefer bath salts to bubble baths. Bubble baths can be fun, but I feel like bath salts are what I really need when I desire some quality relaxation time. Bubble baths and bath bombs can leave your skin feeling hydrated, especially those with cocoa or shea butter in their formulas, but these bath salts won’t do that for you. Instead, I feel like the aromatheraphy afforded by these salts help to relax and care for my mind rather than my skin. I am not saying they are bad for your skin, rather that they don’t really feel hydrating. But sometimes I prefer to treat my mind than my skin, because I feel that is just as important and these bath salts help me to achieve that. One long relaxing dip in this and you’ll be hooked like I am!

Oblepikha Siberica Body Scrub

Out of all the Natura Siberica products I’ve been able to try, this remains in my number one position. In fact, I think out of all the body scrubs I’ve tried this has to be my favourite one. This one has a jelly-like consistency that seems to feed the skin with hydration and nourishment while removing the dead skin cells from the surface of our skin. While I am using this, I can literally see my dead skin pile up into tiny balls. It’s coarse, featuring sodium chloride (salt) as it’s buffing agent, but gentle enough on the skin with the addition of honey and botanical oils. As with the whole Oblepikha range, Altai Sea Buckthorn is the star ingredient which has been regarded by Siberian locals to be one of the most beneficial and pure ingredients for health and beauty.

Sea buckthorn has been shown by some studies to contain valuable chemicals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, organic acids, and carotene which are all good antioxidants. A study in 2012 reported improvements in skin mechanical parameters such as skin elasticity, skin hydration, expression of cell surface integrins which promote collagen synthesis, and barrier function. Another study found a significant reduction in sebum activity from using a sea buckthorn emulsion over 8 weeks. So sea buckthorn seems to be a pretty powerful ingredient for our skin, even better for those who are conscious that it’s natural and organic. So not only are you helping to keep your skin healthy and soft with the mechanical action of this scrub, you are also benefiting from using Sea Buckthorn on your skin to maintain skin health. It’s a winner!

Oblepikha Siberica Travel Set

Thanks to my partner, we are both frequent jet-setters so having travel size versions of my favourite beauty products is really important to me. This one from the Oblepikha Siberica range features four products to care for you from head to toe while you’re away, again the star ingredient being Oblepikha (Altai Sea Buckthorn). It includes the Nutrition and Repair Shampoo, Nutrition and Repair Conditioner, Energising Freshness Shower Gel and the Body Milk, all in 50ml bottles. The set is super handy for us, because of the attractive herbal earthy scent both of us get good use out of this.

My favourite product from the lot is the body milk. Toiletries supplied by hotels rarely include a body lotion that actually hydrates the skin, (let alone good quality shampoo and conditioner), so this body milk is an absolute essential! I took the whole set oversea with us recently and didn’t take a second look at the hotel toiletries! The body milk is actually an exclusive product to this set, you won’t be able to purchase it on it’s own. But, I’d happily repurchase the whole set because of it’s value and convenience. It’s a necessity in my travel arsenal.

This is just a small range of my favourite products from the brand. If you want to hear more my Natura Siberica story and learn what other products have made my top product picks, then check out my NS Crew page.

As a reward for all my lovely readers, Natura Siberica is giving you all 15% off your orders with no minimum spend using my code ‘BEAUTYGEEK‘ (you also get free shipping above $75). Let me know if you do decide to pick something up because I’d really love to hear your experiences with the brand as well! Happy Shopping!

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*These products were provided for editorial consideration however has not influenced opinions presented. This post contains affiliate links. The Beauty and the Geek AU is no expert so please do not substitute material for professional advice.

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    1. The blue and orange are just a match made in heaven! Love the bright and earthy style of the packaging. And thank you for your compliment!

    1. I have tried a fair few of their products now, safe to say I do really like all of them! Their hair products are beautiful too. Well worth checking out!

    1. You should go into Chemist Warehouse if you want to explore their range a bit more as well. Thr scrub is my absolute first and favourite recommendation!

  1. Well their you go. I thought this brand only did hair products lol! The bath salts sound so lovely. I loving anything that’s relaxing and good for the mind.

    Bec | Beauty With Bec

    1. Another great thing about beauty, is that it has a lot to do with personal care but a lot of the processes are therapeutic too.I love how taking a good hot bath with some relaxing bath salts eases your mind and relaxes tension.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the body scrub would be my first recommendation for anyone wanting to try out Natura Siberica.

    1. Oh yes I can kind of see that actually! The brand is a beautiful brand, they do sell internationally, but I am not sure if they are avaiable in Indonesia. It might be worth asking!

  2. I’m an absolute sucker for anything with pretty packaging in the bathroom but these products look like they also back up the pretty with a damn good product too. I’m definitely keen to try out this brand and I’ll start with that travel pack, I think!

    1. Ooohh I would love to know if you do try them out, I’d be keen to hear what you think! You can also pop in a Chemist Warehouse store and check them out in person if you prefer. Thanks for stopping by!

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