Bellabox x Nourished Life ‘Natural Beauty’ Unboxing

Oh yes, it’s that time again. A new limited edition box from Bellabox! For those who are conscious about natural ingredients in their beauty products, get yourself ready because this is the box for you! The latest limited edition box from Bellabox is in collaboration with natural beauty guru and resource, Irene from Nourished Life! A specially curated box for all you natural beauty lovers, this edition features 13 items from skincare to hair care, to makeup, even items for you to improve your beauty from the inside. I was super privileged to get early access to this edition, and I am way too excited to share the items with you all!

Availability, Price and Value

This limited edition Nourished Life box is a one-off box, not your usual Bellabox monthly subscription. It’s available now on the Bellabox website until sold out, and retails for $79.95. While it may seem like a big outlay, the value of the box is over $250 (eek!) and you get a wide range of products to try so it’s well worth your money.

The Nourished Life Box


This box features items from all different beauty categories, even including matcha tea. As with most boxes from Bellabox, some brands are well known, while others not so much. It’s something I really enjoy about Bellabox, you get to discover items you usually wouldn’t know or try in store. While all items are made from ingredients that are considered naturally derived, not all products are vegan, so for those conscious about this, I’ll let you know which items aren’t!


My favourite category this edition is the makeup category! There are four makeup products in this box, although the lip balm could fall under the skincare category as well.

Inika Organic Baked Illuminator (Full size, RRP $65.00)


This has to be one of my favourite items in the box! I’ve wanted to try Inika for the longest time, so I’m absolutely thrilled to have this in the box. It’s stunning, a natural highlight that isn’t too glittery. My favourite type of illuminator, I like more of a radiant glow than a shimmer/glitter and this is the perfect candidate.


It’s not too warm or dark either so I think it will be a shade that will be universally flattering, even for those who are quite pale. Love, love love.

Inika Vegan Fan Brush (RRP $39.00)


I’ve been after a good fan brush, and this is the perfect accompaniment to the illuminator in the box as well. I like how this fan brush is denser than the others I’ve tried. It means product application is a lot easier for me and gives the illuminator more of an impact. It feels good quality and is quite soft. Both Inika products are accredited by the ‘Choose Cruelty-Free’ organisation in Australia and are vegan.

100% Pure Strawberry Pigmented Gloss (Full Size, RRP $24.95)


Super excited and interested in trying a new gloss, especially from a brand I’ve never heard or used before. There is always going be a difficulty with lip products to remain vegan and this one does contain beeswax, so not vegan. But, it contains fruit extracts (ie Strawberry and Raspberry) which have natural pigment, Vitamin E and one of my favourite products, shea butter! You know you’ll get good hydration from this whilst providing a sheer pop of pink for the lips. Made in California, this gloss is also certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny.

Salt & Glow ‘Be Still’ Lip Balm (Full size, RRP $5.80)


Lip balm is always a welcomed item! Interestingly, this balm does not contain beeswax and is cruelty-free so is fine for all of you vegan beauty junkies. It’s basically made up of botanical oils, vitamin E, as well as lavender and sweet orange oils. The idea is that this is meant to be used when you go to bed to repair your lips during sleep, the lavender and orange oils are meant to calm and soothe you. Not sure about the calming effects, but the lavender and orange oils are beautiful and this is now living on my bedside table!


You can’t have a beauty sub box without skincare now can you! Luckily, there are 5 items to make sure your skin is kept healthy this season.

RosehipPlus Organic Daily Cream Cleanser (Full size, $16.95)


This is definitely a favourite amongst those who use it, and is one of my favourite cream cleansers so I’m excited to get a backup of it! I find it to be such a gentle cleanser but doesn’t compromise on effectiveness and retains your skin’s moisture. True to its name, it contains rosehip oil, another one of my favourite skincare ingredients, as well as chamomile extract, jojoba and coconut oil, all of which help to cleanse the skin while adding moisture. Ingredients are certified organic, it’s PETA certified and is vegan.

Pure Papaya Ointment with Calendula (Full size, RRP $9.95)

Papaya ointments have a good reputation for being an all-rounder skincare wonder ingredient. I personally like to use papaya ointment on dry patches on my knees and elbows, on my cuticles as a cuticle treatment, and on my lips for extra hydration. When I have mosquito bites, I find papaya ointment helps to reduce the itch as well. The Pure Papaya Ointment does contain beeswax, so it’s not vegan. It’s NATRUE certified natural, and cruelty-free. It doesn’t contain palm oil either, which is fabulous for the environment.


Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream (Sample size, RRP $49.95 for 118ml)

I was waiting to try Egyptian Magic for the longest time! Luckily, I got to try a sample in my last monthly Bellabox subscription and loved it, so another sample is welcomed in my household! It’s somewhat akin to papaya ointments in that it’s a miracle all-rounder skincare wonder. It’s a moisturiser, soothes rashes and cuts, fades scars, and can even be used as an overnight hair treatment. It’s preservative-free and contains only 6 ingredients: Olive Oil, Beeswax, Bee Propolis, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Honey. Obviously, it’s not a vegan product but it is PETA cruelty-free certified.

Mukti Organics Age Defiance Vital Elixir (Sample size, RRP $109.95 for 30ml)


I’ve seen Mukti before on other natural beauty retailers, but have never tried them before. This particular elixir is a Vitamin C rich serum with antioxidants. You all know how much I advocate for the use of Vitamin C and antioxidants in our skincare (read up here if you want to know more), so I was really excited by this. The Vitamin C is a combination of Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and naturally derived from sources like Kakadu plum and finger lime caviar. It also contains aloe vera and vegetarian glycerin. Most ingredients are certified organic by the Organic Food Chain, the product itself is certified as cruelty-free and is a vegan product.

Happy Skincare Good Vibes (Sample size, RRP $38.95 for 30ml)


A new brand and product for me! Facial oils are such a necessity for me, I don’t go a day without using some. It contains omega fatty acids 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 as well as watermelon seed, acai and sea buckthorn oils to help balance sebum. I like the addition of sandalwood and blue cypress to naturally fragrance this facial oil, and it has a lightweight texture so it doesn’t feel heavy on my oily skin which is welcomed! It’s 100% natural, certified vegan and PETA certified cruelty-free.

Body Care

The range of body care included in this box is sure to keep you in check this Winter!

Life Basics by Nourished Life Activated Charcoal Body Soap w/ Lemongrass (Full size, RRP $9.95)


A Nourished Life product, and my first ever charcoal body soap. How interesting, I like their approach taking charcoal from skincare and applying it to body care. The addition of lemongrass gives it a nice subtle citrus scent. Usually, I don’t go for soap bars because I find them to be quite drying, there are only a few soap bars I like and I am quite fussy. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d like this bar but it really surprised me. I didn’t get that stripped and dry feeling I usually get from most soap bars yet the acitvated charcoal definitely gave my skin a good cleanse. It also contains a bunch of oils (olive, coconut, sunflower seed, castor) to retain moisture and also shea butter. It’s vegan, palm oil free, and cruelty-free.

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste (Sample size, RRP $18.50 for 75g)


This is a totally new field for me, I suffer from hyperhydrosis and find only really strong anti-perspirants work for me and not so much deodorants. So while originally having doubts, I became optimistic for this product. It’s a paste, so application is a little strange. I just swirl my fingers in it and rub it into my arm pits after my anti-perspirant has fully dried. It has a nice, fresh scent and helps to add an extra defence to my body odour. I really like it so far, but only for neutralising any odour! It’s vegan, gluten- free, and cruelty-free.

Ethique Sampler (RRP $20)


I think after the Inika illuminisor this was the next product I was most excited about! I love Bellabox for including it in this edition! I think sampler boxes are one of the smartest things a company can do to generate interest in their products. It features five different beauty bars from Ethique, which are actually quite generous in size despite being samples. You’ll find a Friss Wrangler Shampoo, Damage Control Shampoo, The Guardian Conditioner, Bliss Bar Face Cleanser, and a Body Wash bar. This box is for Normal-Dry types, I’m oily so I’m not sure how they will go but I am damn excited to try these out anyway! I love the company ethos of reducing the waste burden of cosmetics and personal care, even the chocolate box-like packaging is compostable. These are vegan and palm oil free. It’s also certified ‘Climate Friendly’ and PETA certified cruelty-free.

From the Inside

Bellabox and Nourished Life don’t forget that our outer beauty is influenced by what we put inside our body, so they’ve added something to help keep you beautiful on the inside.

Zen Matcha Green Tea Powder (Sample size, RRP $29.95 for 60g)


I usually struggle with matcha because it’s interesting taste but I have found a good way to drink it. I make it cold with almond milk, honey and cocoa powder and it’s actually really tasty, let me know if you want my recipe! This will most likely be used in the same way. Matcha is an incredibly concentrated form of green tea which is known for it’s health benefits like giving you energy, boosting metabolism, promoting good focus and concentration whilst also supporting your immune system.

I personally think this is the best limited edition box I’ve seen from Bellabox yet, I felt so spoiled when I opened the box! I love this collaboration between Bellabox and Nourised Life, one of the best resources for natural and environmentally friendly resources. I love the range of products included and love that the focus is on environmentally-friendly products and brands.

Are you planning on getting this box? Let me know! What is the product you are most excited about?

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*This box was gifted to me for editorial consideration, where I was under no obligation to publish a blog post. The generosity of the providing party has not influenced my views or opinions presented.

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    1. The highlighter is so natural and gorgeous. It gives a ‘lit from within’ look without it being obvious it’s a highlighter. I love it!

    1. Yep! That’s why it was my favourite category. I’ve always wanted to try INIKA so I was so chuffed to see it in this edition.

    1. Yes it was good to get a backup up of the cream cleanser! I am yet to try the Papaya Ointment but I know I’ll enjoy it because who doesn’t love papaya ointment!

    1. It’s totally gorgeous! My kind of highlighter as I tend to look for more radiant ones rather than ‘bang in your face’ highlighters.

  1. This is a pretty good box! There’s not 1 item in it that I wouldn’t be willing to at least try (even the highlighter would get a whirl & I don’t even wear it). Even though I think I’ll pass on this due to costs, its reminded me that I need to use up my Egyptian Magic cream samples (I’ve got about 4 or 5 of them).

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. That’s the only thing I’ll comment on as a deterrent, I think the accessibility might be am issue to some because of the price. But it’s probably my favourite limited edition box they’ve brought out!

    1. The highlighter is beautiful!! I’ve used it everytime I’ve done my makeup since I got it 😊

    1. It’s one of the best LE boxes I’ve seen from them honestly! I was like a kid in a candy shop when I opened it up for the first time!

    1. Thanks Marisa!! It’s probably my favourite product in the box! It’s sooo gorgeous! And the RRP is nearly the price of the box!

  2. You got all these products in one little subscription box !!! Wow talk about amazing value!!! And the wide range of variety of products. Amazing I’ll be checking out to see if they have any of these left ….

    1. Yep! It is a one off box from them so it’s not your average Beauty sub box but it’s taking beauty boxes to the next level!

    1. Thanks lovely! We did get so spoiled in this edition! Lots of things I’ve never tried before which is why I love services like these.

    1. There isn’t many sub boxes left in AUS but Bellabox always pushes through! Their limited edition boxes really spoil their customers

    1. Thank you so much! I work hard on it so it’s good to know you feel that way! The box was amazing! I really got spoiled!

    1. Yes! It really appeals to so many audiences, and I love that the range of products offered can be used by the whole family as well, not just the girls who love to do themselves up 🙂 They’ve nailed this edit!

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