Battle of the 1-minute brows: Brow fibre gels

Hey guys, I’m back!! If you’ve been following me you would know that I’ve pretty much disappeared off the face of the Earth for the last 5 weeks, but I promise you I am back and there are some good reasons why I’ve been away.

I’m hitting my 1.5 year mark in my PhD project, and this is naturally the period in time amongst most PhD students when things get really crazy, you get stressed out to the max, start to think “why me?!” and life as you know it seems to become a thing of the past. Myself and my supervisor have really been pushing media publications in order to gain exposure and participants for my research, and we’ve been really successful. It’s been amazing, but it’s also created a gargantuan amount of work for me. In short, I’m creating the first historical Australian DNA database that will assist with the identification of recovered military remains from WWII battlefields in Papua New Guinea. If you’d like to take a read, you can find my newspaper article here.

Brow Fibre Gels

NOW! Let’s get to it! I’ve had a few requests for a comparison of the 3 different brush-on brow fibre gels I use for my eyebrows, pretty much the 1-minute solution to grooming your eyebrows and adding a little extra OOMFPH in your facial caterpillars.ย When it comes to doing my eyebrows for your average day, I find I am always reaching now just for an eyebrow fibre gel since getting my eyebrows tattooed and filled in (you can read my brow tattoo post here). Not only do I find them super quick and easy to use but there are also some really effective products out there that deliver on pigmentation, grooming and adding a subtle fullness to the brows. Since the popularity of Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics and the rise of the ‘Brows on fleek’ trend, brow gels have become absurdly popular! So, I’ve written up a post detailing the similarities and differences between them, and finally which one I will repurchase! Hopefully it will help you decide which one to purchase for yourself.

The three brow fibre gels up for scrutiny: Model Co ‘More Brows’, Benefit Cosmetics ‘Gimme Brow’, Essence Cosmetics ‘Make Me Brow’

The three brow gels up for this post are the Model Co ‘More Brows’, the ever so infamous Benefit Cosmetics ‘Gimme Brow’ and the Essence Cosmetics ‘Make Me Brow’. I will go over aspects like packaging, pigmentation, price, application and finish.

Packaging & Application:


Each are packaged in pretty much the same way. The only difference is the size, where Gimme Brow is teeny tiny, and the Essence Make Me Brow is the largest tube. The difference is nothing worth getting caught up over. The applicators all have some differences though. You can see that the Gimme Brow has a short wand that has a conical shape to it, and is better for extra precision. The Essence Make Me Brow is a fair bit longer, and has the most subtle tapering to its wand. The Model Co wand is slightly fatter and has no conical shape to it, its more square. While there are differences in the precision power of the wands, it really didn’t make too much of a difference to my application so it’s not really a factor in my final decision. But as this is a comparison, I might as well mention it!


Swatches of each brow gel, in order from top to bottom: Gimme Brow, More Brows, Make Me Brow

Each brow fibre gel for me delivers on pigmentation. There are some subtle differences between the colour of each gel though. Gimme Brow to me seems a more warmer brown, whereas the More Brows and Make Me Brow have a slighter cooler, almost grey toned brown. I actually prefer the cooler brown shades, as they seem to match better with my natural hair colour. It’s important to note here though that the colour payoff for Gimme Brow is slightly less because I am just at the end of the tube.

Once applied, there isn’t too much of a difference between the colour payoff. They all give me a fuller look to my brows and darken any sun bleached or faded brow hairs. I will note here though that More Brows seems to be the most pigmented, as small as the difference is.

The variety of shades available for each are all limited, no matter which brand you are looking at. Benefit only produces a Light/Medium or Medium/Deep shade of Gimme Brow, Model Co More Brows comes in two shades: Light to Medium and Medium to Dark, and the Essence Make Me Brow comes in Blondy Brows and Browny Brows.


I originally fell in love with the Gimme Brow because of its ease of use and the way it made my brows look naturally fuller and feathery. It feels incredibly light on, and doesn’t make my brows look slicked down with gel or crunched up the way that hairspray can make your brows look (yes, I used to use hairspray to tame my brows). The only thing is, the formula seems more thicker, almost like a paste and when I initially went to use it I had to be extra careful to remove any excess that would have otherwise made my brows look unnatural.

The Essence Make Me Brow and Model Co More Brows are pretty much on par with their finish. They are slightly more thinner formulas than the Gimme Brow, but the finish is still amazing. Just a little difference with these against the Gimme Brow is that they made my brows feel slightly more stiff than the Benefit counterpart. Even so, they didn’t make my brows look unnatural or loaded with product, and you can brush out this stiffness with a spoolie. Overall, there wasn’t that much of a difference between these and Gimme Brow in terms of the look they gave, and all gels kept my brow hairs in place during the day.

Price & Availability:

Up to now there hasn’t really been that much of a difference between these brow fibre gels, but I promise you this is the category that literally tears all these guys apart from each other!

The Benefit Gimme Brow comes in at the most expensive product. At $39 for a 3ml product, it does make you want to question whether there are any effective dupes for it! It is available at department stores Myer and David Jones, or you can purchase off their website. I have never seen this product on sale except for when Benefit had their anniversary sale on a few months ago, but other than that it is pretty rare to find it on sale.

The Model Co More Brows comes in at the next expensive. It retails for $18 for a 3.5ml product, so much better value for money. You can purchase it from their website, from supermarkets and even Colette. I have found that they go on sale pretty regularly so you can find them even cheaper if you wait it out.

Now the Essence Make Me Brow is by far the cheapest and the best value for money coming in at $5.10 for a 3.8ml product! I purchased mine from Priceline, but you can also get it from Target. Again, you can pick this up even cheaper when Priceline have their infamous 40% off cosmetics sale.

Final Verdict

The Benefit Gimme Brow has long been a favourite and a must-have in my makeup collection for years, but as I use it everyday (and the product size is small) I found I was having to repurchase it quite regularly which was becoming pricey. This is why I went on the hunt for more affordable alternatives, and let me tell you, I’ve found not one but two of them!

The difference between the three brow gels is in my opinion, so negligible that the differences between the application, pigmentation and finish are hardly worth considering. I honestly can’t believe how similar they all are, the Model Co and Essence brow gels deliver everything that the Gimme Brow delivers for me, so I can’t see why I would keep on repurchasing Gimme Brow when it becomes so expensive.

For me, it’s a no-brainer. I will keep on repurchasing the Essence Make Me Brow because its dirt cheap, effective and delivers on everything I want it to deliver on. If I find the Model Co More Brows on sale, I may just pick that one up too.

Have you tried these three brow fibre gels? What are your thoughts? If you’ve tried a brow fibre gel that I need to know about, please let me know!

Until my next post, you can find me on Instagram with the handle ‘thebeautyandthegeekau’


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  1. Good luck with you PHD and have fun in America!

    I think I’m going to have to give the Essence brow gel a go as my Gimme Brow is also running out! I was going to pick a new one up tomorrow so this post for me was perfect timing!!

  2. I think I might have to jump on the ‘brow gel’ train. Thanks to this lovely post I’ve now got options instead of jumping into the deep end (pricey end).

    ALSO! Good luck with your PHD! Its so incredible what you’re doing. Hope you have a blast on your road trip! xx

  3. Love the review. I followed your “eyebrow tattoo” and glad to see what you are doing to followup. My BDB brows is running low, will give your recommendations a try! Can’t believe you are doing your PHD as well. All the best with that!

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