It don’t matter if it’s 10 or 40 degrees outside, I enjoy a good bath all year-round. And if you’re like me and fancy yourself a bit of a bath connoisseur, you’d always be looking for the next best product that will take your experience to the next level, whether it’d be upping the fun factor or slowing it down for some blissful relaxation. As part of my quest to find the best bath products, I’m sharing some of my latest obsessions in this post covering bubble bath, bath salts and bath milks.

LUSH Cosmetics ‘The Comforter’ Bubble Bath Bar

Note: The bubble bar has been re-modelled and looks slightly different in store now!

‘Berry’ yourself under a fruity blanket with this bubble bath bar from one of the best in the industry, LUSH Cosmetics. The Comforter scent family is perhaps my favourite from LUSH, closely followed by the Twilight family. Cassis and bergamot are among my all-time favourite scents so it makes The Comforter live up to it’s name for me.  There is nothing more comforting than burying yourself in a bath where your favourite scents are wafting around, am I right? Not to mention, you’ll get the rich bubbling action of this bar so you can dip yourself in a cloud of bubbles over soft pink bath water. An added bonus is the reusable nature of these bars, just crumble half or less under a running tap and leave the rest in a dry place for another session. Apart from the smell, I love how long the bubbles actually last in the tub. If you bath like I do and spend, like, 45 minutes in one, you want the bubbles to stick around for longer than 5 minutes and it does that just that.

Natura Siberica Bath Salts

A product that has surfaced quite a few times on my socials is these blissful bath salts from Siberian-focused natural beauty superstore, Natura Siberica. The thing I love most about these salts is that they have packed a whole lot in such a simple product, there are so many herbal extracts and plant oils in this formula. The smell is absolutely divine. It’s not the fruity sweet scent I usually go for, but it’s a very calming herbal blend that doesn’t have that ‘earthy’ scent a lot of herbal products can, which can sometimes put me off products being the sweet tooth that I am. These salts are in high turnover in our household, seeing as Mr Beauty & the Geek loves them just as much as I do. If you’re not feeling the whole bubble bath vibe, these are perfect for making your bath time a seriously calming, relaxing and sensual experience.

If you’re keen on trying some products from Natura Siberica, use my code ‘BEAUTYGEEK‘ at the check out for 15% off any order. Hot tip: the Oblepikha Body Scrub is one of my all-time favourite body scrubs!

Harvest Garden Epsom Bath Salts

Sticking with the bath salt category, another jar I cannot put down is the Epsom Bath Salts from Harvest Garden. They have four scents in this range: Lavender, Chamomile & Oatmeal; Lemongrass, Patchouli & Calendula; Peppermint & Green Tea; Rose Geranium & Passionflower. They come in beautiful 800g jars that can be upcycled and the salts last for ages. The Geranium and Passionflower contains dried rose petals that float through the water to make your bath one of the most relaxing and visually appealing soaks you’ll have in a long time. The scent of these is so beautiful too: soft, feminine and floral.

I’m not a true believer that Epsom salts relieve muscle fatigue, mainly due to the lack of scientific studies that support the transdermal absorption of magnesium into the body. And even if, we’d need prolonged baths pretty much everyday to start seeing or feeling some benefits. I put more stock into the belief that the hot temperatures of the bath water promotes blood flow which in turns relaxes the muscle fibres and helps in the recovery process. However, I’m okay with this because it’s not the main reason why I love bath salts, so no real disappointment there. Because let’s face it, the best thing about bath salts is the smell, and these are right up my alley.

COCOLUME Oasis Milk Soak

There were two things I discovered and fell in love with through this product: the Cocolume brand and bath milk! Both were new to me, but I’m totally glad I found them. Cocolume is a small-batch company in NSW producing hand-made, tropical bath and body products. If you want your home to smell like the South Pacific, you’ll want to dabble in some of their products.

Bathing in milk for beauty purposes has been dated back to Cleopatra times, but admittedly that was unpasteurised milk which has all of the beneficial ingredients intact. Nonetheless, powdered milk still has lactic acid, a class of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), and a great exfoliator to slough off dead skin. Milk also contains carbohydrates that act as humectants as well, protecting the outer surface of skin from water loss. Additionally, Vitamins A and D exist in milk which are well known antioxidants to protect you from free radical damage. So it seems milk is one of those lesser known ingredients that could have a whole range of benefits for our beauty routines.

The Cocolume bath soak contains three versions of powdered milk: whole cows milk, goats milk and coconut milk. It has a whole bunch of other additions like rose petals (my favourite), lavender, oat powder, manuka honey, coconut oil, frangipani oil and shea oil etc. The smell of this is so creamy and comforting, and quite floral as well from the rose and frangipani. Honestly it just makes me want to have a cup of tea and eat it because it so closely resembles cake, so it’s already a winner in my eyes. Adding in about a quarter of the jar each time, it makes my bath super creamy with a sugary sweet aroma wafting around. Again, the rose petals drifting through the water add such a luxurious touch. I wouldn’t feel uneasy saying that my skin is softer, because I really do feel like it coats my skin in a very light layer of product that sometimes I don’t feel the need to moisturise my skin afterwards. Overall, grabbing a piece of cake, a cup of tea and soaking in this creamy bath milk will make for one of the best baths you’ve ever had. Trust me, I’ve done it…


Have you tried any of these products? Or have any other notable bath product recommendations? Hit me up by leaving a comment below.

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Until then,

Love Felicia x


*Products were provided for editorial consideration. All opinions expressed are genuine and my own. The Beauty & the Geek AU is no expert so please do not substitute my opinions for professional advice. 

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    1. I’m going through a hard obsession at the moment with Cocolume haha. Their products are so soft, simple and satisfying (no alliteration intended!).

      I don’t know why I didn’t get into bath milk sooner, I had one from Alpha Keri too but didn’t even realise it could be used as a bath milk haha. I also loved the Butterbear from LUSH Christmas for this reason too, I felt like even though it was a bath bomb, it dissolved into more of a bath milk and I just fell so in love with the creaminess of a bath milk after that. The Cocolume has a few more surprises though, with the lavender buds and rose petals in it too. Super gorgeous!

  1. I absolutely love bath salts and milk baths but never tried the ones that you mentioned! The Natural Siberica is one that is a must try on my list! Cannot wait to soak in a bath soon!

    1. You absolutely must try the Natura Siberica bath salts!! We are on our third tub and I’ve even sent my Mum a tub. Best salts!

      Bath milk soaks are a new thing for me over the last 2 months but I am totally enamoured by them! Do you have any milk bath recommendations? I need to try more!

  2. I definitely want to take more ‘me time’ in 2018 and soaking in the tub is top of my list! I love the Harvest Garden Epsom Bath Salts and who doesn’t love a good LUSH bath bomb! I have just tried a bath bomb from SOWKH and it is incredible! x

    1. OH EM GEE. So much lust for the SOWKH products, how do they make them so freaking beautiful?! I need to try them out, so thank you for the reminder!

    1. Absolutely agree with you. And you can always add in a cup of tea and piece of cake. Just my suggestion!

    1. I think if you have regular baths the epsom salts might help. But if you only do it here and there you probably won’t see the benefits of epsom because of the impermeability of our skin barrier to absorb magnesium. But it can’t hurt, so why not! Thankfully it’s not the real reason I love using bath salts, I’m just in it for the scent and the beautiful floating petals! That’s the best thing about them!

    1. Oh Di, you totally deserve it being a Mum! Mum’s need more baths than they currently get I think. That’s what I tell my Mum all the time anyway haha. And that body scrub, best one out there that I’ve tried yet!

    1. I think if you use it nearly every day and take long dips in them you MIGHT feel a difference, but that doesn’t really seem that practical. I love anything from the Comforter range, pure bliss for me!

  3. You can never go wrong with Lush but I will have to investigate some of those other brands because they all look lovely. I am definitely having a bath tonight :p

  4. You can never go wrong with Lush but I will have to investigate some of those other brands because they all look lovely. I am definitely having a bath tonight :p

    1. Girl, so did I. Went a little nuts. My bath product stocks are very very plentiful now haha.

      The Comforter shower cream is one of my favourite LUSH products ever!

  5. Oh gosh Felicia, you had me at “smell like the South Pacific”! Now I think I’ll end up with a hardcore obsession to Cocolume products, judging by the brief browse of their website! I’m a sucker for tropical & fruity scents, so their products sound wonderful. I don’t tend to use anything in the bath (aside from good ol’ Epsom salts occasionally), but I like the sound of the Bath Milk.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. Oh, you will LOVE their stuff trust me. I squealed so hard and kept dancing when I received my first package from them. So much tropical goodness to use up! Their body balmes are amazing too. Really thick and rich so you get a good oily hydration from them. I like them best before bed.

      Oh oh, and you MUST try their lip scrub too if you like that sort of thing. The passionfruit rose flavour is insaneeeeee!! Just everything, try everything haha.

  6. I’m not usually one to stop and relax in a bath, but after reading your reviews you’ve made me feel like I instantly want one! Perhaps I’ll need to pour a glass of wine and give some of these products a try!

  7. I’ve told you this a hundred times already but I adore how informative your posts are! The Cocolume products have got to be what I want to try the most, they sound right up my street!
    Jess xx

    1. Naww thanks so much Jess. That’s just who I am, throwing out all the information I can. I hope you enjoyed the post 🙂

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