A stand-up that opens with uncouth umbrella dancing, includes cute dog pictures and involves Dido tunes and jokes about sharing dirty bath water? That’s so ‘Fringe-like’, and it’s what you can expect from Alex Ward’s new comedy show, ‘No Flirting’.

I consider myself somewhat of an experienced comedy-show goer, especially when it comes to the Fringe. And even though I haven’t yet heard of Alex Ward, I was pretty keen to see her style of comedy. Alex Ward has been on the comedy scene for about 5 years now, and boasts a CV that includes performances at The Brisbane and Melbourne Comedy Festival, appearances on ABC and Triple J, and is in fact a writer by day for Network Ten’s ‘The Project’. She’s back in 2019 kicking it off with a run of shows at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and she wants your company to speak about awkward moments, relationship insecurities and the trials and tribulations of being a ‘Mother of Dog’.

Alex Ward No Flirting
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The venue- Drama Llama in the Rhino Room- is like an underground comedy den that creates an intimate atmosphere where Alex can give the audience some personal insights into her life. Alex is a good story teller, however her show does have an air of ‘rehearse-ness’ that will just get better with time and experience. But it’s this aspect that made me feel like she was super relatable to her audience. No one is perfect, especially a young 20-something woman just trying to make it through life battling with relationship paranoia, trying to be a good ‘Dog Mum’ and navigating the world as a stand-up comic. Her awkwardness and vulnerability only add to her humour and becomes an element the audience appreciate by the end of the show. As a result, it ends up feeling she is your mate sharing funny anecdotes of her day-to-day life.

Did I laugh? Yeah, I did. Her humour is the kind of thing I’d try and attempt if I was to ever try my hand at stand-up comedy. Honestly, I just can’t get past how she welcomed her audience with her ‘unique’ style of dancing with an umbrella, and I love her for it. The title of the show doesn’t really reflect the ‘plot’ of the show, but again this is just something that is authentic to the persona of Alex Ward. You never really know what is going to come. You can’t expect the big crowds and the rigour of the big names in the Australian comedy industry from Alex yet, but you can expect intimate, relatable and Melbourne-esque humour (yep, I’m coining that term. If we can have the Melbourne shuffle and Melbourne sound, we can have Melbourne comedy). I’m excited to see her continue to develop as a stand-up comedian and will look out for her when I attend any more comedy events in the future.

Alex is performing in the Drama Llama venue at Rhino Room from Feb 19-23.




Drama Llama at Rhino Room

131 Pirie St, Adelaide, SA


Full Price: $25.00

Concession: $20.00

BankSA Customer: $19.50


50 minutes


February 19th– 23rd

*Invited for review. Words and opinions are genuine and my own.

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  1. Oh this sounds like such a fun show!! Dave is a big comedy fan and tries to take me along to shows, but it’s also never been my thing. However, we went to a show at the Canberra Comedy festival last year and I loved it (I think the guys name was Daniel O’Doherty?) so we are going back this year. Hopefully I enjoy this one too!

    Laura ||

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