What Adelaide can expect from it’s first Mecca Maxima store

I’m sure all beauty enthusiasts in Adelaide have joined me at one stage or another in lamenting over the fact that South Australia doesn’t have a Mecca Maxima store. Sure, we have three Mecca Cosmetica stores all in fairly close proximity to each other, but us Adelaidians always wanted more. A bigger store, larger product range, more store features. It begged the question, “When is South Australia going to get a Mecca Maxima store?”.

Well, gone are the days when we used to sneak in a Mecca Maxima trip whenever we were interstate, sometimes stocking up with double or even triples of our favourite products originally inaccessible to us. Because yes you saw it correctly, Mecca is delivering on their promise and Adelaide is getting it’s very first Mecca Maxima store set to open in Westfield Marion this October.

To those of you who aren’t sure what all the fuss is about, or why it would be an improvement over the current Cosmetica stores, I’ll give you a brief run down. In my experience, the range of brands offered by Cosmetica stores is more limited than what a Maxima store offers. In saying that, Cosmetica stores will generally offer more luxury-style brands and products, and I would tentatively say, targeted towards a more mature customer base. Think of brands like Perricone MD, Ellis Faas, ByTerry, Chantecaille and Diptyque – ultra high class and polished.

Whereas Maxima stores are your ideal version of a ‘beauty playground’, stocking more funky, cheerful and on-trend brands that seem to be more geared towards those who are more playful with their beauty routines, and strive to stay on top of the latest beauty fads and trends. Think of headlining beauty brands like Too Faced, NARS, Urban Decay, and Smashbox, not to mention the newly launched house range ‘Mecca Max’. Maxima is definitely more interactive and has a more buzzing atmosphere, whereas Cosmetica is more traditional. I feel as though it’s chilled, and a more relaxing yet luxurious form of beauty shopping.

Yet it really comes down to what brands you are looking for and what shopping you experience you are after. A feature coming to the Marion store is an interactive ‘play bar’ where you can test products out for yourself and a makeup tutorial bar to learn the best tips and tricks to ace your makeup routine. And because every store I’ve been to has it’s own product range and personality, I’ll be offering a sneak peek into some of the brands and products you can expect to see in the Mecca Maxima store opening, so you can better prepare your wallet (and your partner) for when it does finally make an appearance here.

Urban Decay

One of the brands I am most excited about seeing in Adelaide is Urban Decay. The Naked Eyeshadow palettes have reached legendary cult status among the global beauty community, and the setting sprays have really made their mark as being the leaders on the market in keeping your makeup in place all day (or all night as the name suggests!). Expect to see the whole range of Naked palettes and setting sprays in store, and expect to blow all your money on the Vice lipsticks, because I know I will be.


I’ve personally never tried NARS makeup before, so having the full NARS range in Adelaide will be a refreshing experience for me. I actually didn’t even realise my local Cosmetica stocks NARS because it’s well hidden in the store, but it appears to be a smaller product range. I’m excited to see a much larger range of NARS makeup in the store, and I expect All Day Luminous foundation to be a real winner. The Audacious range (Audacious Mascara pictured above) seems to be ridiculously popular, so I’m over the moon to start exploring what NARS will offer in Adelaide.

Lipstick Queen

If the name doesn’t give it away, Lipstick Queen specialise in creating unique lip products. They rose to fame quickly after the inception of the ‘Frog Prince‘ lipstick. Don’t let the emerald green bullet scare you, because it changes colour based on the pH of your lips to create a pink hue that is unique to you. Check out their whole range for other transforming makeup. Personally, being a geek myself I’m always drawn to pH dependant makeup!

Winky Lux

A beauty brand that has seen a real surge in popularity recently is Winky Lux. The Lux Flower lip balm which is also pH dependant, features real Chrysanthemum flowers in the bullet and is an absolutely stunning sight to see. Beauty lovers are now exploring their whole range, one of these being the Double Matte Whipped Liquid Lipsticks (the shade ‘Shortcake’ is swatched above). Expect to see these in store with a small but beautiful shade range!


This is a skincare brand that has seen relatively low media coverage compared to other brands, but one I’ve always wanted to try. Korean beauty brands have really erupted in Australia, especially those focused on skincare considering they make some of the best around! 16Brand is pretty cheap and cheerful, with unique packaging that really inspires you to try their products. An interesting product of theirs is the Donkey Milk Cream formulated with high amounts of glycerine which is amazing for locking in moisture in the skin, 10% Donkey Milk for it’s hydrating properties and calamine for calming itchy and irritated skin. It’s super rich, so best for me to use before bed.

Too Faced

I was originally drawn to anything Too Faced because of their excessively cute product packaging, but quickly found this to be backed up by product quality and performance too. I’m so excited to finally see Adelaide stocking Too Faced, it’s such a vibrant and fun brand with a price range that I find quite reasonable. My product pick making it’s way over here is the Melted Lipstick ranges (I am obsessive over ‘Melted Chocolate’), their new addition being the Melted Latex lipsticks with a high shine factor but comfortable texture (Love U Mean It swatched above). But I am also dead keen to try the Hangover primer finally!



Sister brand to 16Brand, this K-beauty brand focuses more on cosmetics and was founded by Korea’s celebrity makeup artist, Chosungah. Think funky packaging, unorthodox delivery systems and futuristic vibes. The Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker is a brow product unlike any other I’ve tried, featuring a wand that has a dual applicators: one for filling and defining, and a spoolie for the application of brow gel to hold in place. It’s hard one to describe unless you use it yourself, but well worth the experimentation.

The Dual Lip Tint & Gloss is also worth a look for a versatile lip product on the go, and comes in some beautiful colour combos.

Mecca Max

Recent hype surrounding Mecca has focused on the release of the in-house Mecca range, Mecca Max which has 206 products in it’s lineup. The range is an affordable line boasting high end quality for reasonable prices. From beauty tools, to false lashes to eyeshadow and foundation, Mecca Max literally has every product to satisfy your desires. Keep a look out for the gorgeous and eye catching packaging, personally I’m already a fan of the Triple Threat Face Shaper Cream palette which gives me a super illuminated complexion.


Are you keen on exploring the Mecca Maxima store as it opens in Adelaide? Join the party, I’m incredibly excited for a refreshing experience in beauty shopping in little Adelaide. Perhaps I’ll see you at the opening? Let me know in the comments!

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*Products were provided for editorial purposes. The generosity of the providing party has not influenced material presented. The Beauty & the Geek AU is no expert so please do not substitute material for professional advice.

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    1. My previous experience with a pH dependant lipstick didn’t go down too well (it was a cheapy that left a horribly bitter taste in my mouth), so this was so satisfying. I love the feel of it on my lips too!

    1. Well worth a visit into Mecca Maxima to check these out. I love affordable some of these are too!

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I’ve only been here for nearly 3 years and even that was enough to make me go a little crazy from withdrawals. Poor locals who have lived here their whole life though!

      It’s a totally exciting thing happening in Adelaide at the moment, I can’t wait to check the store out!

    1. Yet people have been screaming through their phone screens to open one for so long! Finally they have delivered on their promise now, it will make so many people happy!

      NT apparently doesn’t even have a Cosmetica, poor guys! I thought we were the worst off out of all the states.

    1. Yes! The time is over when I would get upset walking passed a Maxima store interstate. So many products I wanted to see in person but never could in Adelaide. It’s such an exciting thing happening in the Adelaide beauty world.

    1. The list is literally endless, and with the arrival of Mecca Max with 206 more products, it expands the product range heaps! I’m happy to see more Korean brands surface in Mecca Maxima, they have some of the best beauty products out there!

    1. I’m the same, I feel like I have to be able to see the products in person before I buy them. I’m too scared to buy online for base products, but everything else is fine. I appreciate that I can now test them out in store and try some samples!

    1. Thank you! This is my first time trying Lipstick Queen products, and I really like the Frog Prince so far!

    1. It’s such a cool product! And yes, stay tuned on my Instagram for a swatch post! It’s subtle but pretty!

    1. It’s soooo exciting, people have been aching for one for years! Can’t wait to the see the store features and the bigger product range. Eeek!

    1. Finallly! I’m so excited for it! I’m keen to see what these ‘play bars’ look like, I think I’d spend hours there! Haha

  1. Wow I can’t believe you guys are only just getting a Mecca Maxima! Better late than never I suppose! The biggest ever one recently opened here in Brisbane and it is gooorgeous! I can imagine the Adelaide one will be just as nice. The Play Bar is such a cool idea and I’ve seen gals getting taught how to do stuff and it’s so cute!

    Tasha // http://shiwashiful.blogspot.com.au/

    1. Was that Wintergarden? It looked so amazing! I am soooo excited to see what this store will be like! So good to hear they are opening 3 more stores as well before the end of the year, they are expanding like crazy now! I can’t wait to see what the Play Bars are like, I reckon I’ll spend hours there.

    1. To me Marion is perfect! I’m South of the city so it’s not too far for me to travel to, and they generally have a really good public transport system to the shopping centre. Adelaide CBD would be nice, but I can’t think of a store big enough to accommodate the product range and all the store features coming as well. From the looks of it, the store is going to be pretty big!

    1. It’s such a cute and bright soft bubblegum shade. I didn’t think I would like it but once I put it on the shade complemented my skin tone beautifully, I was really surprised. The formula feels lovely too, I was expecting a heavy thick and sticky consistency but it feels more like a hydrating gloss, it’s beautiful! I’ll be picking up more shades!

    1. All their products are so cool, they are the leaders in colour changing makeup I reckon. Well worth looking at the range, their makeup is so fun!

  2. About freakin’ time you guys got a Mecca Maxima! I enjoy going into their stores (even if all I do is browse, not buy) because the girls are always friendly & welcoming, unlike other places where you tend to get ignored *cough*Sephora*/cough*. They also have a great product range & they’re more than happy to give you samples of stuff if you ask for them. I felt like a kid in a lolly shop trying out the Mecca Max range when I first clapped eyes on it.

    Shell // The Novice Life

  3. So excited for this – I have spent a lot of time lamenting to anyone who will listen about our lack of Maxima! I am, however, less excited about it being at bloody Marion!! Fingers crossed for a city and/or TTP location soon.

    1. Yes haha tell me about it, we’ve cried for so long! So happy that our wishes are being granted though. The store looks like it’s going to be pretty big! Such an exciting thing coming for Adelaidian beauty lovers!

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