My name is Felicia, I am an Australian-Romanian, a Molecular Biologist and certified nerd! I created my blog as a way for me to bridge my personal love for both science, and the beauty industry. Some of my posts will be content-heavy, thought provoking topics, whereas some will be lighthearted, fun posts that review products or talk about new releases that are launching. I review products in great detail and really get down into the specifics, like what ingredients are in there and what they can actually do for us from a science perspective. I also love to explain how a product really works in synergy (or not) with our body, with specific reference to scientific data or clinical studies that demonstrate the effects of certain ingredients. I give you a REAL take on products and ingredients and don’t sugar coat anything. I hope to not only educate my readers on issues and ingredients they want to know more about, but I also hope to encourage my readers to try something new.

How I Got Here

Growing up, I was one of those ratty, endlessly dirty girls who was always in the backyard kicking up dust or inside reading. It took me a while to really start exploring and using makeup, and when I did I was totally hooked straight away. As I started establishing myself in my studies and work, I quickly found that the world of beauty was my little slice of secluded Heaven on Earth, where I could escape the daily pressures and commitments of my scientific nerd life. As a scientist, experimenting came naturally to me, and I began to love the science behind the cosmetics industry. But behind all the ‘geekiness’, I’m a woman just like you. To put it simply, someone who just loves hair and makeup.

My Values

I believe that beauty isn’t always superficial. It’s also about the way we think, and how we treat ourselves and others around us. Beauty also isn’t all about a perfect brow game, full lashes, strong winged eyeliner or a poreless face. It’s not always so easy, some of us females deal with issues that can get in the way of our confidence, and I want to speak about them too!

I perform the research on particular issues that you either don’t know how to perform, or don’t have the time to perform. I always aim to provide ‘both sides of the story’ when it comes to speaking about contentious issues in the beauty industry, to allow you to make your own informed decision (after I encourage you to perform your own research from good quality sources of course!)

“What’s in this blog for you”, you say? Well, I want to use this platform to deliver a delicate balance of sarcasm, reality, sass, and beauty. I always aim for authenticity, integrity and honesty in my reviews and my experiences of products. I want to provide a place of service to you, with good intent and even better content! Mostly, I just want to inspire the every day woman to broaden their horizons in the world of beauty and help them love themselves just that little bit more.