Honey immortalised as a fine line bird tattoo

She was one of the first to teach me real, hard lessons in perseverance and the enduring rewards of patience. She would brighten my morning with her welcoming chirp every day without fail. She offered hours of companionship and comfort during my most stressful and loneliest times…

My partner used to say to me that he would hate the day that Honey would leave our lives, because he was scared of just how broken I’d be and how long it would take me to recover. And even though I would laugh it off, my throat would always close up at that moment because even I knew how hard his truth was. Safe to say, when the day came, I truly did feel like my soul was ripped apart. It took me a few weeks to return to my daily duties without spontaneously crying.

Honey is immortalised as a fine line tattoo

For people who have never been blessed with a bond to a pet bird, it’s very hard for them to understand how we can form such an emotional connection to such an animal. Sure, understanding relationships to cats and dogs comes easier because they are more common and relatable (or, easier to cuddle haha). But the amount of times I’ve heard, ‘it’s just a bird’ is truly surprising, especially when trying to communicate how heartbroken I was when Honey flew over the rainbow bridge. But she managed to make me smile more than a lot of people in my life, and for that I cannot thank her enough. The bond I had with Honey deserves just as much weight to another’s with their dog or cat. She’s even written in my doctorate thesis acknowledgements! She is just as important.

Of course, I didn’t need a tattoo to remind me of that. However, as soon as she passed I knew I wanted one to serve as a tribute to her presence in my life. Nine months later, I immortalised Honey into my skin to symbolise the lasting impact she had on me, and my life. I knew I wanted a fine line tattoo design from the start, and I wasn’t after something overly realistic either. I also knew I wanted a botanical aspect to the design. Just something simple, small, and beautiful. Just like Honey was.

I had my tattoo done with Kat Clarke at The Tattoo Gallery. I sourced her out on Instagram after trying to find someone in Adelaide who had experience in fine line tattoo work. The tattoo is placed on my inner left arm up towards my armpit. A discreet location close to my heart, and humble size (about a 20 cent coin). 2 weeks on, I really could not be happier with my decision. I am so in love with the tattoo, Kat captured my concept beautifully and I have absolutely no regrets about it whatsoever. Even when I am 80 and have saggy skin it will remain the same, I can promise you that.

I am comforted knowing she will be with me forever, both in my heart and on my skin.

Fine Line Tattoo of a bird

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful bird! I can totally understand the bond people have with their pets, regardless of what species they are (I know this because my last pet – a greyhound – was literally the 3rd child my parents never had). It upsets me to hear that people have been dismissive of your heartbreak – Honey wasn’t “just a bird” to you, she was clearly a treasured friend.

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