It’s that time again where I engage in some happy, positive thoughts and recap five things that put a smile on my face in the last month, to serve as a reminder that we can still find happiness in the smallest of things amongst the chaos of our daily lives.


One of the worst things we can when feeling a little off is lock ourselves inside the house and binge on Netflix on the comfort of our couches and in our loungewear. In my experience, some of the best therapy we can give ourselves during these times is to get out of the house, away from our screens, and into the serenity and purity of nature. After all, we live in such a beautiful world and it’s a shame to hide ourselves away from it.

There was a phase in June where I was quite stressed, and I was questioning my own worth in my scientific profession. I fell into a slump, but actively tried to get myself out of it by grabbing my partner and spending a day in the Adelaide Hills region to immerse ourselves in nature. We opted for visiting Morialta Falls in Morialta Conservation Park. It just so happened to be our luck that Google decided to take us to the wrong entrance, and instead of the 10-minute trip from the carpark that it should have been, it ended up being about a 2 hour hike through the mountains but it could have just been the best to happen to us that day. It was freezing, dangerous, steep and exhausting, but soon enough we were enveloped in the beaming sun and took in the clean, crisp mountain air. Before we knew it, we felt completely exhilarated, cleansed and… free. It was truly a stunning hike with some incredible sights. Following the return back from our hike we decided to treat ourselves to a late lunch at a historic pub in a tucked away town given our unexpected adventure. I knew this day was going to make me feel better, but I was really surprised by just how much. It really did feel like an instant cure for my slump and absolutely put a smile on my face and allowed me to re-evaluate my situation positively with some great outcomes (more to come soon!), hence why it made it into my top 5 moments that made me happy in June.

The reason Morialta Falls made me happy


I didn’t think I’d be saying this so early in my life, but this June marked a whole year since Sam and I bought our first home! I am still so impressed with ourselves and how far we’ve come, considering we bought our place when I was still a student earning a pittance, and was in the middle of my thesis writing stages. While I’ve lost a pet since then (RIP Honey), I’ve gained two new feather and fur babies and I have to be happy about that! We love our home and we’ve really made it our own. We know it’s not going to be permanent (we’ve called it our five-year-home), but we are so glad we’ve entered into the market and can’t wait for what we do next in the property sphere. It was definitely a moment where we reflected on what we have accomplished and we are just over the moon at what we have achieved in our lives so far.


Sam and I moved to Adelaide over four years ago once I got my PhD scholarship offer. It wasn’t really something we had planned for our future but alas, we arrived here early in 2015. We had no friends here, no family either. Being so far away from my family means visits are rare, maybe once or twice a year. It’s not a quick or easy trip back home. So it’s always a blessing when we do see each other. My brother visited for the June long weekend and we took to the city to bar hop among some of Adelaide’s best bars, and took him to his first live AFL match which was an absolute screamer. I don’t see my brother a lot at all so it was something that made me, and my Mum, happy in June.


Okay so it’s no secret that I have an obsession with birds and I am constantly showing off the talents of my feathered babies on my socials, but June saw a rollercoaster ride with Lupin. Being away for four weeks in May brought quite a lot of damage to my relationship with Lupin. Obviously, it wasn’t his fault in the sense that he would have felt abandoned by the only constant presence and comfort in his life in me. It was quite a rocky return when Lupin came home and it took a lot for him to come back to the usual state of comfort and ease with me around. BUT, he came so far in those few short weeks left in June when I tried to repair our bond and he is positively beaming now. I am so proud of him, and how clever he is. He is picking up words and phrases by the day, he never stops talking, and I just love hearing him enjoying his life and improving as a pet every day. Still, there is work to do on my side to learn what his limits are and understand his body language, but I am so proud of my little lavender baby and he makes my heart smile every day.


My final big experiment in my research role was a long and very expensive one and I worked so bloody hard on it. The thing is, with the work that I specialise in, you never really know if something worked until the very end. Which means, weeks and weeks of laboratory work, and thousands of dollars spent in research funds without knowing if you’ll get the right data back. So, given it was my last big task for my role, I was very anxious about it from the start. I mean, I’m no stranger to this since this was a constant battle throughout my whole PhD, but knowing that this was the only, and last shot I had at it, was a source of unease in my final months in my role. But, the heavens were on my side because it worked beautifully and it adds a pretty significant piece of work to be included in a paper we will publish soon. Knowing that my last major task was completed successfully was another reason to celebrate in June and was definitely a cause to be happy!

June was overall a good month for me, but with some pretty hard lows. July will be even better, just you wait and see! But I want to hear from you, what was one thing that made you happy in June?


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