Latest Obsession: Clarins Lip Comfort Oils

As a content creator, I regularly come across a heap of new products to try. While I enjoy trying as much as I can to increase my knowledge base, there is only a handful of these products that remain in the top of my favourites list and ones I continually go back to, mostly because I’m kinda fussy. If you stay up to date with my Instagram, you’d know that I had no hesitation repeatedly sharing my obsession for the new CLARINS Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Tangerine that I received at a recent MAXCONNECTORS event. From this, I’ve been given the opportunity to try the other new shades in the Lip Comfort Oils range, and I feel compelled out of my obsession to share with you my thoughts on range.

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Perform magic in your sleep: The sleeping mask trend

The concept of ‘sleeping masks’ or overnight masks are a relatively new trend born from Korean skincare that has really surged in popularity. But the idea of leaving a face mask on your skin overnight while sleeping can make some people scratch their heads. So in this post I’ll detail the reasoning behind the sleeping mask trend before giving you some options should you wish to invest in one.

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Discussing Mineral Makeup ft. Youngblood Cosmetics

To many, mineral makeup is more than just a beauty fad. It can be seen as an extension to a skincare routine, based on the perceived benefits of it being healthier for our skin than traditional makeup. Although it’s a relatively recent beauty trend, mineral makeup has been used for thousands of years, its use dating back to ancient cultures like the Egyptians (think Cleopatra eyes).

But what makes mineral makeup so different to the traditional forms of makeup, and more importantly, what makes it BETTER in the eyes of many consumers?

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Bellabox x Nourished Life ‘Natural Beauty’ Unboxing

Oh yes, it’s that time again. A new limited edition box from Bellabox! For those who are conscious about natural ingredients in their beauty products, get yourself ready because this is the box for you! The latest limited edition box from Bellabox is in collaboration with natural beauty guru and resource, Irene from Nourished Life! A specially curated box for all you natural beauty lovers, this edition features 13 items from skincare to hair care, to makeup, even items for you to improve your beauty from the inside. I was super privileged to get early access to this edition, and I am way too excited to share the items with you all!

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